Pokemon X and Y Pokebank feelings after one month

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2014

It has now been officially one month since the delay of Pokebank for US and UK Pokemon X and Y gamers. It looked like we would see the content released at some point last week along with the Japanese release, but for some reason Nintendo has decided against this and Pokebank is still unavailable to the masses.

To say that gamers are unhappy about the delay is an understatement. Fans have been flooding Nintendo’s Twitter channel with desperate pleas for the missing content, but Nintendo has remained true to their initial stance and have not gone public with the reasons for why it is taking so long.

If Pokebank was simply not ready, gamers would understand. But now it is available in Japan so fans have started to question why the same content cannot be released in the UK and US. Worst of all, it appears to be the lack of communication that is killing most fans.

On top of all this, social media is going crazy and all sorts of potential Pokebank release dates in February are being thrown around and treated as fact.

It’s a bit of a mess truth be told, when in reality one official statement from Nintendo or a community manager could make everything alrite.

Despite that, silence appears to be anything but golden at the moment. It’s been one month since the delay of Pokebank – let us know how you’re feeling below.

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  • Danielle Leslie Sara Clayton

    This is tiring waiting for something that’s not hard to say!!!!! They will lose lots of people, this is not going to be helping them after there wii u thing!!! WAKE UP NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!

    • T70LL

      Release date is Feb 4 listed on pokemon site

      • T70LL

        Called it. Came out in Europe.

        • T70LL

          Bam and the US release on the 5th. You people should learn to read.

  • Angry

    Respect for Nintendo grow to level 0!

    Respect wants to learn “Hate Nintendo” should a move be deleted?

    -Love Nintendo
    -Burn them down
    -Give death threat
    -Stop supporting them

    1..2 Tada.. Love Nintendo was forgotten 🙂

  • Dan Hallberg

    With all the IV breeding possibilities in X and Y I’ve pretty much started from scratch on my team. I’m just waiting to get my Swampert so I can breed down some Aquatail.

  • Kage

    I’ve loved Pokemon since I was five, and I’ve fallen in love with X and Y. I already completed the main story and really want my level 100 team to join me. :/ I’ve had my level 100 Charizard for years, and I just want to see what he’ll do in X and Y

  • Erin

    I just really want all my Pokemon to be in one game and Nintendo is really being hard on me and all the other US and European trainers. but I think Nintendo is only doing this so that we have to pay for the service.

    • Josh

      No. The 30 day trial is based on when you first sign-up with PokeBank. When it finally comes to US and UK we’ll get our 30 days still.

  • Oh Well

    Honestly, I understand that all this complaining can become very annoying, but at the same time please try to understand that it’s just as annoying if not more so, getting on Pokemon X or Y and going into WiFi battles only to get matched up with Asians (no racism intended) or other trainers who have legendaries or Pokemon that you can’t even get yet. Also, please don’t be the type to say “Well you could always just breed valuable Pokemon and trade for them.” because 99.99% of the people I see who are trading their legendaries or other uncommon Pokemon are trading for other legendaries or uncommon Pokemon.

    • Alex

      I can see that it is annoying, and I too am upset that it wasn’t released on time as I was looking forward to it for months. I’m just saying that death threats to Nintendo and people arguing about it is pathetic. Its not out yet, It sucks. And that is as far as it needs to go. There are bigger things in life that need worrying about,.

      • Oh WellOh Well

        I completely agree, I guess in that in so many words I was just trying to say that it’s really people just letting off steam to an audience that shares the same feelings. Although, people who do things like send death threats to Nintendo or it’s employees are, in my opinion, nutjobs. Anyways, have a good day and thanks for the input. It’s nice to know people understand, and know how far to go before it becomes ridiculously unnecessary. To clarify, it’s Oh Well but I’m on my phone and don’t really want to bother signing in haha.

  • Alex

    C’mon guys, really? Making judgements on people’s inability to understand grammer? Death threats to Nintendo? Why is everyone so angry? I love Pokemon, I’ve grown up with it and have never disliked a single part. But guys, Its a game. Seriously it’s just a game. Yes it got delayed, what a shame. Their dealing with it. You think they released it in Japan only just to spite us? No, of course not. They’ll have their reasons. They’re a business, if the US and the UK don’t have Pokemon Bank yet, it’s less revenue for them. Leave them alone to do their job and focus on your own life. It’s a game. That’s it. It’s not needed for survival, it’s not like Nintendo have rid this world of bread and water. It’s a bit of fun to ease the stress of life. Calm down.

  • Sage

    Nintendo released a statement the other day…

  • Tiamat247

    All that Nintendo is doing by ignoring the fans questions and postponing the release of the poke bank is disenfranchising customers who will be less willing to part with money to purchase their next Pokemon product. I feel bothered that the Japanese are being given so much grace on this issue but thats the deal with Japan, when it comes to games they pick and chose the extent of the service they are willing to provide to the western world, because like evryone else, they are selfish.

  • lopylopy1

    I agree with Josh everyone should calm there mind since when did we ever need to buy some stupid bank when we can fairly trade each other I was giving out free shiny requazas but only because I have well had a japanese version of the 3DS but I never cared about what I got in return I remember in the old days I were playing some pokemon red and when I finally collected151 pokemon iI restarted my game and did it over and over and over my point is just have fun with what games game freak gave us as well as Nintendo just have fun

    • Jason

      I’ve had a ton of fun rebuilding my team with the new mechanics in X and Y. It only takes about 3 days to IV breed, EV build and max level a Pokémon as oppose to the old system where it could take weeks. I can understand wanting to transfer your favorites from old games, but if you plan on entering actual league play I think most of it will have the Kalos limitation anyways. Why else would they create a clause in their tournament guidelines for it.

  • lopylopy1

    I love pokemon and all but I feel violated that I battle online with japanese and other people who use modes pokemon such as darkrai’s and other pokemon that come from other region Nintendo we all waited long and hard just send us info on your progress to me us more measured

  • Ben

    there should be a one year free trial as compensation for the delay, and if they don’t release it soon it’s really going to come back to bite them because if pokecheck can become available before pokebank it will leave it obsolete.

  • John

    I believe the reason of the lack of communication, is to prevent tens of thousands of players going on at the same time, but instead, on a random time, to allow the server to steadily build up.

    • Josh

      Servers don’t work like that. They don’t build up. The truth is that Nintendo underestimated the US and UK market and was not prepared with adequate hardware needed to support the customer base. The fix was easy for Japan because that is where the servers are housed. It’s taking a long time because Nintendo is trying to fix this without the cost of having to build server farms in Europe to handle the UK and US pool. I imagine they know how to fix it but haven’t finished the set-up. They will let us know when they are confident that they have what’s needed to handle everything at once. They either have enough servers for it or they don’t and that is what they are trying to fix.

  • Beztruken

    We all have to come down, yes we were all promise Pokebank to come out on Dec. 27, 2013 and it has been one month since that day. Well what can we do, we just have to sit back and wait, there are other games out there to play while we all wait. I myself was disappointed when the app was delayed but what can you do. Nintendo is doing there best to get the pokemon bank to the uk and us, If any programs out there can help out Nintendo give them a call there number is on the back of your 3Ds.

  • Person

    What pisses me off the most is that now Japan has had extra time on the trial period! It’s one thing to have released it there so abruptly but as of January 27th, 2014 it become a kick in the shin. There really is no reason for this there’s been plenty of time to prepare this downloadable content and plus they REALLY should have been prepared/foresaw some connection issues with the Nintendo ID system being added so close to Christmas.

  • Angry

    NO! I refuse to calm down and patiently wait for them. They had 4 MONTHS to make sure everything is working, there is absolutely no excuse for these delays. People didn’t buy x and y just for the shiny new graphics and animations, we bought it so we can transfer our pokemon from the gba games and up. There is alot of people here, myself included that has ev, iv trained all our pokemon and breed for the right nature, egg moves etc for hours so all you noobs stfu. How dare you defend this useless company’s excuses because we (as customers) deserve the right to complain and get a feature we were promised. Atleast in my case it feels like I only bought half the game but I’m sure many fans feel the same way. Yes there is other company’s that delay things and what not but just because gta 5 online mode was delayed etc doesn’t give this company the right or excuse to delay a simple storage app, in fact they should lead by example and show other company’s how it’s done. Instead they release it to the ping pongs and leave us all the dark watching them have all the fun. It’s true Nintendo was an amazing company and released some of the best games of all time but over the years they lost that respect so it’s ether time for a new person to take control (and start making awesome games like the 90’s, or time for them to become the next saga.

    • Josh

      I don’t remember PokeBank being part of the agreement for the purchase of X and Y. They delivered a full game. PokeBank is a perk that you can get to enhance your experience. Servers are far more difficult then a lot of people think. What do you want them to do. They didn’t have the server capacity needed to handle UK, US, and Japan all at once. They are fixing it at their cost not yours. When they start asking for money in order to fix the servers for PokeBank then you can get mad. You still received a complete game for your money. Sorry but your furry is unwarranted. I have an idea. Master the use and maintenance of servers and apply for a Job at Nintendo and fix it for them.

      • Daniel Wright

        “I don’t remember PokeBank being part of the agreement for the purchase of X and Y. They delivered a full game.”

        Even if pokebank wasn’t part of the “agreement”, it would not have sold as many copies if people knew before hand that there was no way to transfer their pokemon from earlier games onto this one. (at least for a long while) Fact is, the pokemon bank was on the pokemon x and y site before the game launched so yes, it was promised.

        They are fixing it at their cost not yours.

        when you say “they are fixing it a their cost”, well, their money is (surprise, surprise) the money WE gave them when we purchased the game with said promises.

        “Servers are far more difficult then a lot of people think. What do you want them to do. They didn’t have the server capacity needed to handle UK, US, and Japan all at once”

        I work at a company that uses a massive server, actually a few, and they are actually, believe it or not, very straight forward and fairly easy. Second, they should have had bigger servers in the first place.

        You still received a complete game for your money. Sorry but your furry is unwarranted

        Every pokemon game had a trade function to transfer pokemon from your old games There is non in this one, there for, no, the game is NOT complete. A promise was made and broken so, yea, furry is warranted

        I myself am not mad, but I understand others complaints and sympathize. Hang in there.

        • Angry

          Thanks for the backup bro. Josh is a noob and your points should be enough to keep him silent.

        • Daniel Wright

          After reading your reply Josh, you do have some good points. Thanks for clarifying you “furry” point. I agree with that much.

        • Josh

          Not a problem Daniel. I can see how some of what I said may have been taken as an attack against the general populace of Pokefans but like many things said it did not carry the meaning originally intended.

        • Josh

          You don’t know much about business do you. The money you paid for the game goes towards the cost associated with making the game. So delaying PokeBank and paying employees to focus their attention on getting it up comes as an unexpected cost and so drains from the profits earned. So no, the maintenance and repair of PokeBank isn’t apart of the initial payment for the game. Also when you talk about international servers there goes into that a lot more than one would think. The serves don’t communicate over land line or short distance satellite or radio wave as they would normally when providing server support locally or even within your own nation. If any part of the communication cannot handle the load then you will have severe lag or disconnect issues This is why information is stored in separate data centers. The game is still complete without the ability to transfer Pokémon from past games. Not having the PokeBank does not make the game unplayable or unenjoyable. Now I agree they did underestimate the needed capacity to handle the US and UK market. This is a common mistake being made by several companies EA and Microsoft both being severely guilty of this issue in recent months. Now maybe some people are upset but when I speak of unwarranted furry I’m talking about the thousands that have actually posted death threats against Nintendo and even Japan as a whole. For those that are just hurt or wish they could hear more I apologize for offending you. But those who are talking about people deserving to die or receive injury they are just ignorant morons.

        • Chris

          Yes, everyone here is an ignorant moron. It’s quite funny and ironic that someone who doesn’t even know how to correctly use grammar is bestowing such insults against those who do.

          “You don’t know much about business do you.”

          You don’t know much about anything, do you? Stop being such a moron yourself, and try to let people vent about something that aggravates them. How does that sound?

        • Joshua

          Sounds like you can’t read. I didn’t say everyone here is a moron. Here I’ll quote the full sentence for you “But those who are talking about people deserving to die or receive injury they are just ignorant morons.” Talking about people dying and getting hurt over PokeBank is beyond venting.

  • Luneth

    I enjoy Pokemon as much as the next person and I’m patiently waiting for Pokebank to come out, but come on people, calm down. Don’t get all worked up over the Pokebank, or go as far to threaten people. I mean, instead of wasting your time complaining and ranting, go do something else. No matter how much you bug Nintendo, or lash out at them, or whatever it is everyone has been doing, it’s not going to make the Pokebank come out any sooner. If anything, it will make them want to delay the app further or not want to release it at all. Honestly, everyone is acting like spoiled little brats who get upset when something doesn’t go their way. Grow up. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. We’re not always going to get what we want. That’s just life.

    Speaking of which, while you’re waiting for Pokebank to come out, go out and do something constructive or just find something to preoccupy your time. I don’t know if anyone here remembers the whole Golden Sun 3 deal (Favorite Series, lol), but the fanbase had to wait seven years before we finally received the much awaited third installment. Now, if we could have patiently waited seven years for that, surely everyone can just chill out and wait for pokebank to come out.

    Remember everyone, its just a game. Calm down.

    • Chris

      Yeah I do agree that threats are a bit much, but in reality, nobody actually means it. I’m aggravated that I don’t have PokeBank and so are a lot of people, and most of us just want to vent our aggravations on a news site. Who cares? 😛 Let it go, man. 🙂

  • anom

    I hope Nintendo knows that the people behind Pokegen are (slowly) starting to crack the code of X/Y. If they keep delaying they’ll have competition for transferring pokes from gen 5 to gen 6. Worst part about that is since it’s already sketchy enough as is, if a program were released by anyone other than Nintendo they’ll do it with as little evidence pointing back to them as possible. Then try and upload it to a file share site. Once it gets there no form of lawsuit will stop that thing from spreading like wildfire. I’d even wager most people who actually used this program properly will use it not for the hacking/other purposes but just to spite Nintendo.

  • Angry

    Lol funny reading some peoples comments saying Japan needs to get nuked again for not giving bank. I’m the most pissed off person here but the country doesn’t deserve to get nuked other wise innocent people would get hurt. Only the people who won’t release bank to the world deserve to die not the country. Oh and also the developer who thought it was a great idea to scrap the in-game trade for black/white and try make a few bucks for bank should burn. Rant over 🙂

  • Levantou

    Nintendo just screwed over their fans and in the end it will screw them. Losing fans is never a good thing. And if they wait much longer, someone else will just figure out how to get old pokemon into X and Y and no one will pay for their monthly service, and all this will have been for nothing. So, wait longer Nintendo – I’d rather have it for free. 🙂

    • Richard Haslam

      The only reason why they’re ignoring fans is two things.
      1: They’re pushing out all the older fans since the 80s, 90s and 2000s, so that the newer generation (Children in which is it’s rightful target audience) would take our place.
      2: They have a very tight policy when it comes to listening to new ideas and advice from outside their walls, let alone their country in which makes me feel that Nintendo is doing a Sakoku.
      All what Nintendo is doing is just like Herb Powell’s car company in one episode of The Simpsons.
      Herb – Instead of asking people of what they want, you tell them of what they want!

      • TheSupreme

        Regarding your #1, the irony of this is that children ARE NOT the target audience for the Pokémon Bank service. It’s us older fans of Pokémon who want it so we can use our old Pokémon that we have trained and loved so dearly. The “newer” generation don’t care because they don’t even know what pokémon is #26 on the National Dex let alone EVERY pokémon of prior generations.

        And, a major flaw, Nintendo wouldn’t push away any profit. They are not stupid. They have released a statement saying they are watching the Japanese/Asian usage of Pokémon Bank, most likely to make sure it doesn’t hit the fan again.

        • Richard Haslam

          Well they want it for children! Why else would they not allow any good third party games that are more for the older audience?

        • TheSupreme

          They as in Nintendo? Resident Evil and Silent Hill are but two examples of mature third party games that have been released on their consoles. And those were exclusives (for a while) as well.

          I’m not saying mature games are their expertise, but it’s more accurate to say “family friendly” games than games for children. They aim for the broader demographic, or else titles like Wii Fit wouldn’t exist.

        • Daniel Wright

          Don’t forget about Madworld either. That game was nutso violent XP

  • David

    We should keep in mind that Nintendo is a Japanese company unlike Sony and Microsoft.

    • Richard Haslam

      Actually, Sony IS a Japanese company as well! But I agree with you of Nintendo and Pokémon being made in Japan, and wouldn’t be surprised if the bank ended up becoming scrapped over here, and become a ‘Japan Only’ feature.

      • Josh

        I mean, I always understood why the games came out in Japan first, since they were made there. Movies made in the US typically take some time to make it officially to other countries. BUT.. the whole “thing” with X and Y was the “worldwide release” and how everyone would be able to play Pokemon on the same day, together. Uniting all Pokemon trainers of the world or something. Then they went ahead and gave Japan a 2-day head start for Bank. Okay, whatever. Kinda broke that “unity” thing, but no big deal, only 2 days. Now, because of the delay, they’re getting over a week head start. How much longer before the rest of the world gets in on Bank? 2 weeks? A month? Months?? This destroyed the whole “all together now” feeling they were going for with this game,

        • Richard Haslam

          Well it is MEANT for Japan, seeing that it’s where it came from. If a game from there is too difficult and undemanding (So they think!) It’ll become only a Japan released exclusive, like the Platinum exclusive for My Pokémon Ranch.

        • fsjal

          While that’s fine, this has nothing to do with the fact pokebank is in demand. If it wasn’t in demand, maybe you wouldn’t look as though you were grasping for straws to be right all the way down this editorial.

          Also, if it was meant for Japan, it’d never be here in the US/UK countries. Go ahead and release pokemon in just Japan. It’s been said a few times that the US/UK has more people in them than Japan folded over twice. Sink the company, that’d be a great idea.

    • Guest
  • Nighcrom

    I see some people commenting that they’d be fine with a March release as long as Nintendo actually said something. Personally, I would be pissed if it was delayed until March. Not just because that’s more time than they’d ever need to get their act together, but because Japan was already given the bank several days ago. Why should we have to wait several months longer than they do for something that we were supposed to have two days after them? It’s already a slap to the face that they gave it to Japan and have continued to ignore the rest of us as if we don’t matter.

    • Richard Haslam

      Don’t forget! Before X and Y, the previous generations of the Pokémon games were released to Japan in September or October. Whilst we had to wait until the next year in March or May.

      • Oh Well

        While that is true, this time around we were told by Nintendo themselves that we were to receive the Pokebank application two days after Japan.

      • well done

        This game was supposed to be about unifying the lot of us.
        It advertises itself under a quote, in paraphrase, that it is a game of unification. Now it’s stonewalled 3/4ths of these “unified” players be it through claims of racism, general discontempt, hate to the point of the aforementioned and ridiculous death threats.

        But sure, Nintendo, you still have that 1/4th.

  • Libby

    I was so excited Dec 27 and even stayed up til midnight watching the eshop. 2am came around and I passed out. In the morning I checked the eshop again and found it still listed as unreleased. That’s when I googled it and found the news. While I checked the pokebanks status weekly it wasn’t until the second japan release that’s now getting me on edge.
    The lack of communication is what drives me insane. If they’re not ready to release in the us until march that’d be okay as long as they tell me. I want to know when I will be able get my favorite Pokemon that I played with when I was 10 in my new game.

  • Josh

    Wow. I’m just as upset about this delay as the next guy but some of you are more dramatic than a high school girl going through a breakup. Comparing Nintendo to a sleazy scamming company? Vowing to never buy from Nintendo again? Threatening to file law suits?? Calm down, put down your 3DS, and breathe.

    It’s extremely frustrating that Nintendo chooses to remain silent on the issue. I could possibly understand if they had a lot of work and had no idea when the Bank would be back, but it has returned in “certain Asian countries” and has remained active for what.. a week now? No reason as to why it’s being withheld from the rest of the world and not even an estimate of when it will return. It makes no sense.

    The whole “cloud” bank concept is frustrating in the first place. All these game companies are trying to transition to the “cloud” which they are NOT ready for, and causes these upsets. Remember GTA V’s online mode? Cloud servers became overwhelmed and I couldn’t play a multiplayer match for 2 weeks after (plus an additional 2 weeks that Rockstar had from the game’s actual release date). What about EA and their SimCity mess? My point is, these companies are all trying new cloud-based gaming when they really don’t seem to completely understand how it should work. They then use our games to test it and when it fails, we suffer by having to wait. But, at least in GTA V’s case, Rockstar was much more communicative.

    Anyway, it really frustrates me that this new cloud service is being forced upon on in order to get us to transfer our Pokemon over. And yes, it is being forced. There’s no alternative (even though everyone knows there could have been) and Nintendo damn well knows that many dedicated players want to bring their pokemon over from the previous generation. Not only that, but we’re going to have to pay for it, too. Seeing all the trouble and delays and lack of communication Nintendo has had… why on Earth would I want to PAY them for a clearly unreliable, unpredictable service where my hard work could potentially get lost or “locked” away from me, should the Bank ever go down again? “Oh come on $5 a year is NOTHING.” But that’s not the point. They don’t deserve a single penny until they can prove that this service is reliable and trustworthy.

    All I want (and I’m sure many others do to) is an update. Some words. A 140-character tweet. SOMETHING so that we know they are making progress and we will see the Bank soon. I’ll be patient, if you communicate with me.

    Oh, and for those of you saying “GOODBYE NINTENDO” or “NEVER BUYING NINTENDO AGAIN” or, my favorite: “CONGRATS NINTUNDO YOU LOST A CUSTOMER TO SONY/MICROSOFT” please shut up. We all know that as soon as Bank is released, you’re going to sprint on over to the eShop and download it, and forget all about your little protest.

    /rant. or whatever this was.

    • Leh Go

      Refunded my 3ds and all my games I got from Christmas, what chu talking about

    • Well done

      I’m going to vote you our spokesperson. In fact, on every media-grasping poke bank blog comment, your comment should appear. Not even puling your leg mate. This is a well said, well summarized statement and I think it maybe was the most empowering rant I’ve heard for the cause of them just telling us what’s up.

      Not only but they could have ‘tested’ their services in US/UK because what happens when they get to us now? Will it be yanked? I have a feeling it may be. They “tested” Japan at Christmas, and are what, re-testing on a small populous? I understand other games are trying to make money on the server, but they had to know this was a possibility. What genius that should no longer be working there decided it would be smart to ignore this possibility?

      Anyway, before I blow a gasket, I’m going to put down my 3Ds and breathe. Thanks for this, once more.

      • Josh

        Well, I’m very glad it caught someone’s attention, seriously. I tried to base a rant by looking at both points of view– and still get flamed off of various Nintendo/Pokemon forums for not re-re-re-re-agreeing with the over abundance of posts that Nintendo should refund all Pokemon games and give everyone a free Wii U (or something equally as ridiculous).

        Anyway, we are now going on week 2 of Pokemon Bank being in the hands of “certain Aisan countries” with literally NO update since then. That is completely unacceptable.

        Nintendo first allowed Japan to have a 2-day head start on the Bank so that the servers wouldn’t overload and that they could monitor the traffic for about 48 hours before releasing to the rest of the world. Okay, that was a smart move, considering it DID crash rather quickly. So they had about 2 extra weeks to prepare it, and then they’ve released it to select Asian countries. now, 2 MORE weeks later, they should have a pretty good grasp on how to handle their servers and how much traffic they expect to see. There is NO excuse for the Bank not to be out this week, unless we REALLY overestimated Nintendo and their servers are more pathetic than there Wii U sales. (that might have been a little mean, but oh well)

        On a more serious note, there is not a single, logical, understandable reason as to why Nintendo has kept us in the dark. None. Zip. That is what makes me angrier than anything else about the Bank. WHY can’t we get an update? WHY can’t we know what’s wrong? WHY can’t we get an estimate of a new release date? Hell, a statement once a week from Nintendo saying, “Sorry not ready yet” would be 10x better than the way they’re communicating now. Unbelievable and unacceptable. We should NOT feel like lost, hopeless, desperate sheep in this situation. With a company as big as Nintendo, with a game as popular as Pokemon, you would expect the utmost quality, haste, and communication in fixing this problem. Instead nobody has any clue when and IF this service will ever be released again, and that’s extremely disrespectful to the fans.

        I literally cannot form the words to explain my anger at the lack of communication, so instead of continuing I’m just going to follow my own advice and take a breather. One thing’s for sure though, Nintendo will never receive a cent from me toward the Bank service, or any other online service from now on for that matter.

  • Sinnii Armzendlegz

    This delay truly would would not bother me if we could just get some communication.

    The delay doesn’t seem to be the problem for most since it is clear that the Bank needed to be taken down and tweeked, otherwise the crashes would have been an ongoing problem. But their blatant refusal to communicate is just inexcusable. This is how they treat the fans of their games? They hyped the **** out of these apps even before X and Y were released. And now it is as if they are determined to make people just forget about it.

    And there is really no excuse at this point. They’ve released it in Japan and other Asian regions. So what is the hold up? Why are they making the rest of fans and players wait and speculate over this when they could just come forward and give us some information!? Because aside from wanting to Bank to be released, fans wants some communication, and this whole ****-storm could have been reduced or avoided if they’d stop keeping the rest of their fan-base in the dark.

  • Abel Tinajero

    Personally, I don’t care about it being delayed so long. the delay is not the problem. The problem is their silence. They should be tellling us what’s wrong, projected time for release, why it was released to certain countries only, etc. This sounds like when Derrick Rose wouldn’t rule out his return last season. The front office kept saying “maybe he will return, idk” and he never returned. So Nintendo is just like “umm just keep waiting and we won’t say why” Sigh

  • Heromedic

    I think the thing that irritates me the most besides the goddamned waiting with no news is the fact that we now have to pay to transfer our previous gen Pokemon. I swear if there’s no major news or the actual release of the poke bank in the next two weeks, i don’t think i’ll be paying for any new products anytime soon. if this is how they wanna treat they’re customers and fans, the customers and fans should take they’re business elsewhere.

    • Tim Klein

      I know you’re upset, but would it really kill you to use the proper “their”. My gosh.

  • Mike Wright

    You would think that Nintendo would read all of these dissatisfied posts and comments and try to actually put some effort in..yet they wonder why they lose gamers to Sony and Microsoft …Sony PS4 XBOX ONE Wii U ok you dont like Wii U?…HOW ABOUT POKEBANK *crowd slowly comes back WHAT ICAN TRANSFER MY POKEMON? ! * Crashes …

  • Steve Willis

    I just want to know the reason of the delay between the Japanese and World release.
    Originally the two would have had a two day gap. I want to know why there was that gap. It would let me understand the delays more.

    • Adam S

      Unlike the games themselves, a worldwide release of a popular app would potentially be too much for the servers to handle. Heck, just Japan alone took down the eshop, thats not even including Europe and UK. Yes, The rest of the world could have had an effect as it was Christmas day and a lot of people got brand new 3ds to play.

      The point of the two day gap was to test servers in a smaller market before going global. Ever play betas? Other than the tweaking and game mechanics they want to test, they also want to test server loads. Obviously Nintendo’s servers didnt succeed, which is why they took the app down.

      • Steve Willis

        Ok, thank you.

        People are strange. Down voting admitting-ignorance? What elitist world do they live in?

  • Charlie

    Yes I’m a patient person I have other game systems but seriously this makes me mad on so many levels. When Apple, Microsoft, or Sony have problems they INFORM them what’s wrong they try to promise a release date and don’t keep on saying “we will release more information” it’s been a month and we have the exact same info we did in December. Second Pokemon x and y were worldwide games all released on the same exact day, was Pokemon bank? No. It’s unfair because you guys are just pretty much saying”hey are country is better so were gunna benefit everyone in we country first to test this out and all you us and uk people can just wait for an unknown amount of time.” Its unfair that other regions besides japan are given the opprunities for this feature when it was a worldwide game.

    • Matt Kiss

      Nintendo couldn’t care less about our issues. They know that most people only are going to use it for the 1 free month and then they will still be loaded with money without pokebank. It’s not a big issue for them. As long as the country they live in is happy, they’re happy.

      • Charlie

        Then they shouldn’t offer it in other countries if that’s how they feel. Easy as that. There are games that are strictly made in one country,

  • E.Snowden

    im one of the fans that is disgusted by the way nintendo is treating their fans. there are in my opinion alot of reasons why this shouldnt, couldnt and wouldnt have happened if they just had the rocketscientist they lack for intelligence.

    – more servers to handle traffic…. the fact that we already knew for 2 months pokemon bank was coming means YOU nintendo did too, so you had the oppertunity to open more server to handle traffic.
    – stop ignoring the fans… all you say is “stay tuned”. you almost sound like porky pig at the end of a looney tunes episode… never any usefull or valuable information and you ask yourself: boy why are all these people so mad?
    – stop posting any end dates as to when the event is gonna end if you dont even have a release date for us… are you trying to make us leave nintendo and stay with microsoft and or sony only? because that is what will happen

    these are just 3 reason i wanna wright down because i dont want more people to think the same way as me.. but seeing this you have to ask yourself….if i have to tell you this because you couldnt think of all of this, how come im still not a employee at nintnedo?.because i didnt need a rocketscientist to figure this out… but you clearly do… if it ever happens to be released unless its passed 27th of february, i will send over everything from previous gens, delete the app again and buy a Ps4.. services like this dont deserve a fee of 5 cent let alone 5 dollar…

    • Ben

      agreed. the worst possible thing a company could say regarding a release date or a time period for new information is “soon”, “in the future” or “stay tuned”

  • Fox Kevin

    Look a release date should be finale, shame on you nintendo

    • Leh Go


  • Psaro

    I’m alright with waiting for Bank. I’m sure it’ll be out soon and it’s giving me chance to prepare. And when it DOES come, I’ll be happy. Also, someone posted that Bank isn’t implemented in game but instead as an app to make cash. That isn’t so. It’s hard to trade from 3DS to DS cartridge, and anyway, having an app eliminates the need two own two consoles. And that’d be more costly than £5 a year.

  • NOA


  • Junebug

    Nintendo is giving Japan and the few other countries a headstart.Personally,I dont care because that basically says that every country thats enjoying the Pokemon bank probably needed it anyway,with all the lack of skill.Even with those hacked legends and a headstart,Japan players are no competition to American players.So yeah,yall keep the pokemon bank away,when it does come,yall shall see my fury.

  • Pickle

    I’m a bit frustrated with Nintendo not giving any news, but I really don’t mind waiting. I would like to use Pokemon from previous generations in battle, sure, but I’m still having lots of fun breeding the available Pokemon and EV training them. Honestly, I’ve had such good customer service in the past with Nintendo, I can’t really get mad at them. They’ve always been super friendly, very helpful, and really do go the extra mile when it comes to support. The lower screen of my 3ds had some odd coloration issues that occurred at one point, so I sent it in and got it back in about a week’s time, shipping time included. The people I spoke with were very patient and kind about it and, since my 3DS was under the one-year warranty they provide, I got it completely fixed without paying a single cent, not even for shipping. It does bother me that Pokebank isn’t out, but I can easily manage.

  • Ricky

    Well I’m wondering how long till riots start

    • Leh Go

      Is it worth a riot bro…

      • TagT

        Yes it is!!!

  • Shawn White

    I am really dissapointed in Nintendo. i have spent thousands on them over the years and frankly i’m sick of all these acts of unfairness. so until i get pokemon bank i’m not buying a single new thing from them. i’m sure konami and playstation will thank you for sending business their way.

    • kole hale

      i agree

    • Admir Karalic

      I work as a Customer Service Rep at a Call Center, and I’m sick and tiered of customers like your self. Yes you gave 1000’s of $ to a company but this company gave you services according to what you bought from them. Stop asking for more when you actually get what you pay for, same for my Customers who claims to be ShareHolders of the company xD make me laugh, they think because they have a CellPhone and pay for it, that the company owes them something, Duck No 🙂

      • Shawn White

        don’t get me wrong. i’m not trying to be immature about it or anything but if you promise someone (or in this case half the world) something its your obligation to follow through with that promise. all we devoted fans have asked for is information to go on. and we can’t even get that much.

        • Admir Karalic

          But like with every company, when you Buy a product, you’re tied somehow to a Temporary, No monetary obligated contract. The company deserves the Right to change, modify or even remove a service without notice, cause they can. In the first place they don’t actually need to release the service in US and UK, but they will cause they care about people, but keep in mind, it’s a little difficult, when your Games Market is mostly Targeting Kids and then you release something such as a Paying Systeme to allow them Trades and Purchases to be done, the Japanese law and the American law are alot different, just like when you try to cross the Border between Canada and the USA, you can’t bring Stupid KinderSuprises to the States from Canada haha 😛 cause the regulation and the law is a little different.

        • Shadowmeire

          Not to mention the fact that you can go on the Online Battles on the game and a person has half of his Pokemon Black team waiting to stomp on you. I would love to transfer over some of my pokemon so that i could start enjoying the game more. In later generations, it would have already happen with Pal Park. Honestly, if I had known that it would be such a pain in the ass to transfer, I may have not bought Pokemon Y. What seems to be happening here, are some people are spoiling the damn game for the rest of us in the regions that Poke Bank has been made available by transfering in a Level 1 Gengar and Shiny Mew and the like…

        • Shawn White

          right! thank you. i’m not asking for much, just some information to go on until it comes out. and i mean REAL info not just vague statements.

        • Leh Go

          Now we can just take pokemon and impede it into our own new game once the pokemon company crashes. If you know what I mean.

      • hahno

        Except that the promise on release of this game was that Pokemon Bank would be out on December 25 in Japan, and 27 in the US. I for one bought the game because of this promise. They have *not* provided the services I bought into. This whole debacle has me ready to never buy another Nintendo product, and in the past I spent a lot of money on their systems. Absolutely disgraceful how poor the PR has been for this delay, with five messages posted by the company in a month.

        • Shawn White

          exactly, you understand what i’m trying to say here

      • Ninten2

        Pokémon X and Y was marketed with the Pokémon Bank feature and Nintendo didn’t release it. That’s false advertising

      • Master

        No buddy don’t try that bs with me I know the law and personally I want people to file a complaint against nintendo of America & the pokemon company for not complying with us the gamers of America class action will be coming your way what’s worse is that you all lied to kids what a letdown can’t trust backstabbers who bs us about a simple release date how childish class action people don’t sit here and take this gamer abuse take it to the judge and fine them both hope it happens 🙂

        • Master

          You people think it’s a joke not by far funny at all robbing little kids of their money then promise a release date then not telling anything policy or not it’s dead wrong to so many aspects class action lawsuit will make you have a change of heart I want people to do it because greedy greedy greedy for cash will make you hungry hungry hungry for more well parents sue them personally don’t take this bias approach to it American gamers it’s always a excuses real immature for a company making millions & going

      • E.Snowden

        i smell, i smell, no ligit employee… youll be the first to be this unproffessional to act like this on a forum as an employee of ANY respected gaming company.

      • Charlie

        With that grammar and the use of XD and 🙂 you’re clearly no customer service rep. Last time I checked you have to be WAY over the age of 12.

        • Admir Karalic

          What does that have to do with anything. At work I’m a professional and I have to act like that, outside work I can do what I want since I have no more obligations, and just so you know in Canada, working for a Call Center is all about fun.

  • Damion Pritchard

    And I want to thank you all for being such positive and patient Pokemon fans. I think we all can gain some kinda respect towards each other from all of this. ^-^

  • Damion Pritchard

    I could truly understand if they told us it would take longer for us, but they haven’t and that is what has us all in our “fury”. I have seen a good portion of the comments, and i agree with some of them. I love Pokemon Products, i still play dating back to RED, but when will they lift the fog and give us some light on this matter?

  • Damion Pritchard

    I still want it, but others have the impatient kinda nature and wont wait any longer. To them I say stand your ground and do what you think is right for you.

  • blueflamingo

    Personally, I’m okay with waiting, but I am NOT okay with silence. Nintendo why have you forsaken us!? If Nintendo at least said “Sorry, It will be relesed in March” I would be fine.

    • Luke

      This is how I feel as well, it sucks to wait but I could deal if they just told us why it’s delayed or when we could expect it.

  • Damion Pritchard

    I’m honestly tired of the wait. I was up past midnight for bank’s release and was so disappointed when i couldn’t get it! Please Nintendo, I think you’re losing money from the masses that are willing to hand it to you just to have this great piece of software!

  • Liera Antionette

    Personally…I am still downloading this if it comes out because I am a fan and want to send my pokemon from black and white and part 2…I just wish they would say we’re having xyz difficulties with the above mentioned because of whatever…Or something. I just don’t like the silence thing even if it is a usual business practice. If they found bugs fine ok…no big deal I can wait…it’s the not saying anything like said above that annoys me.

  • Joe

    Maybe we should nuke them again if they don’t release it by tomorrow

    • Ricky

      I second this

    • Luke

      You are a terrible person

    • Leh Go

      Come on bro, we’re all mature fans here, if your acting like a kid than get off this. You’re making us, the U.S. and fans look bad here.

  • TheInspired Wolf

    Nintendo is starting to piss us off.’

  • Evermest

    The silence is typical business practice in the west. Even companies in the East are often mums the word on delays. But if you think the ‘outrage’ for the lack of release is going to truly effect their bottom line, you’re deluding yourself. As soon as it comes out 99% will download it immediately and its delayed release will be forgotten. The internet is fickle that way.

    • Leh Go

      Refund all my stuff already 🙂

  • Samantha Romero

    I hate that we haven’t gotten pokemon bank yet…. I’ve been wanting to get my pokemon of my pokemon black cartridge for forever now and it seems as though it’s now died… if i would have gotten pokemon bank sooner I could have saved my pokemon from pokemon sapphire forward…

    • reidethe

      Same… miss my emerald legendaries…

  • Asian with no poke bank here

    After reading the comments,i’m actually quite happy that most of you are still waiting and have not given up hope! I know i’m not the only one,i wanna have as many friends as possible in pokemon and i’m in my mid 20s,glad to see that there are many out there who are still waiting! Some of them have already given up! I’m also very impatient about the pokebank but we all have no choice but to wait. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in wifi battle when the pokemon bank is out! Don’t give up hope and keep waiting! I’m sure they’ll release it really soon true pokemon fans! I have a feeling that it’s gonna be within this month! Cheer up guys! 😀 PS. sorry for my bad english.

    • Liera Antionette

      At least there is someone positive. ^^ Hope to see you in wifi battles as well.

  • Josh

    I dont understand why it HAD to be an app downloaded instead of just simply implumenting it into the game, and if they wanted to restrict the hacked pokemon, they could still do it IN the game, I mean its bad enough X and Y had like 0 after game, might as well put a transfer thing in

    • Jordan

      It’s so they can make more long-term profit from people paying for pokebank.

      • AmberLemuer

        Well it’s an online feature, not something that can be a part of the game. If you could store 3000 pokemon on the actual game it would be alright, but they only give you around 25 boxes for a reason: it takes up too much space on the game.

        Also the pokemon are sent to this cloud storage on the internet, internet cloud storage requires storage, storage requires maintenance, and people that do maintenance require money or they’d be doing it for free which I’m sure no one would want to do sadly :/

        Also $5/£4 a year is a pittance for a single person, so I wouldn’t say it’s anything to complain about.

  • disqus_bii4uda3SK

    I encourage people to forget about pokemon bank and train for the global competition in feb with the pokemon we have already trained. if u need pokemon from previous generations of games then youre weak and have lost sight of what every pokemon game is about: training your pokemon.

    • Jakeremix

      What about the BANK part? Personally, my PC is almost filled and I need the extra storage NOW.

    • Rival

      Personally I want the pokemon bank to release because I want to be able to play with some of my previous pokemon. I’ve had most of my pokemon from Sapphire, so for me it’s a sentimental thing. I like having my previous mons from previous games because as crazy as it seems I actually care for my pokemon. Don’t get me wrong there are pokemon in X that I adore, but I can’t just let all the time I’ve spent raising and trying those pokemon over the year just go down the drain. That’s just me though…

    • Admir Karalic

      When I start a new Pokemon Game, I try it out till the END, then start completely over and get First Gen or Second gen Pokemon’s and train them as hard as I can, cause I’m a Johto/Kanto Trainer, you will always have trainer’s all over the World, and just like in the real world, with Pokemon is the same thing, some people Come From Kanto, Some others from Hoenn, that’s what makes Pokemon So incredible. 🙂

  • Ambrose Howard


  • The Lego Sorcerer

    The lack of information about pokemon bank is what gets everyone agitated. Our biggest fear is that Nintendo will ditch the project and the will be no pokemon bank.

  • Richard Haslam

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Pokémon Bank to the rest of the world would be scrapped, and would end up becoming a ‘Japan Only’ feature, just like the Platinum upgrade for My Pokémon Ranch. Let’s face it! They helped us with the Video Game Crash of 1983, now it’s becoming too stressful for them to handle in the rest of the world, as well as their home country. Just let them be self contained as a ‘Japan only’ console, that’s the only way out for them, considering of what they’ve produced recently!

  • Angry

    I hope that “pokecheck” is legit so I can finally transfer. They won’t get there yearly fee so it’s almost a middle finger to Nintendo 🙂 I hope they feel so bad once everyone uses that and maybe start treating the world as equals. Damn them all to hell.

  • Firegecko

    Don’t worry guys! I’m SURE Nintendo will announce a release date for bank at E3 2014!

  • Aku

    I don’t understand why they can’t just give us a reason. Silence is only making people angrier..

  • nicedayfeint

    It’s the silence that’s so frustating thing about this. Since it wasn’t
    explained what they were doing during the initial delay a lot of us
    thought it could be released at any given moment. Especially since the
    only official comments have said ‘patience’ ‘soon as possible’ and ‘stay
    tuned’. They’ve got a global social media team and for some reason a
    ‘not this week’ was too much of a stretch.
    It’s not like some guy in
    development was suddenly going to sprint out of a room with a USB
    shouting ‘Bank’s ready!’ There had to have been estimates and we’ve been
    kept in the dark because we’ve already given them our money.

  • Boyo

    I think it funny that all the American are getting angry because they aren’t getting something first. Nintendo and Gamefreak are Japanese of course their going to get the the product first, and so they should. There are plenty of products, tv shows, movies and other things that comes very late consistently to other parts of the world so suck it up and get over it

    • Bsd616xd

      No ones getting mad that they’re not getting it first…its the fact that originally it was supposed to come out 2 days after Japan and now that it finally is out in Japan, we’re sitting here with no info at all. That’s just a fraction, though, because it’s the fact that if it was supposed to be ready a month ago, why wasn’t it.

    • Jack Spore

      That’s racist lol

    • Thomas Ragan

      No not first just like you Japanese to think we get thing’s first Pokemon bank right now is Asian only.

    • Jakeremix

      IT WAS ORIGINALLY PLANNED TO COME OUT TWO DAYS AFTER JAPAN. We weren’t complaining then, and obviously you don’t understand the reason we’re complaining now.

    • Sinnii Armzendlegz

      I think it’s funny that you think we are getting mad for that reason when we AREN’T. I think comments on this article alone prove that people are mad because the rest of their fan-base and customers are being kept in the dark for NO REASON.

      SO what if we aren’t getting it first. the rest of the world was scheduled to get the Bank two days after Japan. Now its be re-released and it has been nearly a week, with no communication whatsoever. It is the lack of communication that has their international fans angry.

  • Nash

    Boycott Nintendo they’re biased with the US and the rest of the world. Just like with Monster Hunter 4 all the japanese players will be overpowered by the time it reaches the US.

  • Joel MH

    Nintendo is heavily biased, they only give the best things to Japan and always will. Nintendo doesn’t give 2 shits about the rest of the world and maybe it’s time we do the same to them, because from now I am refusing to buy any Nintendo products until the bank is released and I encourage others to do the same.

  • tyke5140

    While we’re at it, flipnote.

  • Kaiba

    Just face the facts America and the other country’s are not going to get the luxury of the pokemon bank nintendo has been quiet for a month about it looks like all of our pokemon are stuck in the unova region

    • A Grumpy Fan

      And Unova sucks…so it’s a bit like Pokemon Purgatory.

      • Jakeremix

        No, you suck.

      • Rival

        Still better than the Kalos region. At least the Elite for knew how to battle.

        • Spelling Nazi


  • jbee02

    Even if it was just and general loose release date that would be better than nothing

  • Sam

    So tired of waiting. Losing pacience and have not played since December because I can’t beat the Asians with the hacked Pokemon on Rated.

  • tez

    Japan always come first Smdh

  • ~FloppyNoodle~

    I know Nintendo not announcing the date is obviously annoying many, but perhaps they’re doing this to avoid server overload because there will be a flood of players getting this if they knew the date. But on the other hand, they should have prepared for (or at least be close to being prepared for) this by now.

    • Tom

      True. I also believe Ninetendo will not inform us about the release date, but rather just release it “randomly”. I believe they also did so in Japan, so they probably won’t tell the rest of the world the date of release either.

  • JellyWobbles101

    Once again, majority of the world gets the short end of the stick.


    this sucks more then ever, nintento u suck, and gamefreak rise to our challenge, we all need pokemon bank.

  • atamisk

    I get that things happen and games and apps get delayed. I have no problem with the app delay. But gamefreak not paying a single word about it far the worst thing I’ve seen out of a gaming company in a long time. most will give a little update even if hit is to say they have made little to no progress on what is going on. releasing it in Japan without so much as a coming soon or let’s see how it does is also bad because at the moment a lot of fans are missing out on something that should have been ready with the game launch.

    • Leh Go

      They got their money, they don’t care much about us pass the money. X and Y made profit already, bank won’t make much, it’s just side money, view this from a business standpoint. But why is it that only Asia gets bank? See I’m not trying to say nothing, but that’s bogus work right there, might stop supporting Nintendo if something simple takes this long, they got a big company, compare to Nintendo I seen smaller company fix stuff in an instances ranging from a week to two… because why else delay when it’s fine and working.

      • Kat

        You contradicted yourself though.

        “might stop supporting Nintendo if something simple takes this long”

        From a business standpoint, this is much more important than what money Pokemon raked in, especially while Nintendo is behind the competition.

      • Bsd616xd

        Actually the majority of people who have Pokemon X and/or Y want Pokemon Bank to transfer their pokemon and to have more storage. Also, it’s said to be used with future title’s, so the annual fee will add up over the years… its not a very expensive app or one to make.

  • Trevor Blaze

    Don’t lose hope peoples. If pokebank doesn’t come out, there is a new program in the making called ‘Pokecheck’. You can Google it, it works exactly like Pokemon Bank. If Nintendo doesn’t smarten up, they will be on the losing end when this new program comes out and lose their monthly wages on their Pokemon Bank. I hope they release this new program soon and give Nintendo a rude awakening and stick it in their asses. They deserve everything that’s coming.

    • Leh Go

      Yo, good ups, but please remove this doe, you don’t want Nintendo seeing this do you? It’s like you’re back stabbing your back up plan bra.

      • Alex Fletcher

        better thank be waiting for pokemon bank where all the asians on the other side of the world have their 5th and 4th gen hacked

      • Trevor Blaze

        That’s the point lol, if nintendo reads it then maybe it will get themselves in gear. Either way, Pokecheck will still be released regardless, but at least they can release pokemon bank and make some income off it.. If they were smart about it

        • Leh Go

          If they see this, they’ll delay bank, to first get the system in check, I read it on serebii I think.

      • CM Funk

        Pretty sure Nintendo knows about Pokecheck at this point since it’s been around for years.

    • asdfasfa

      i love how mad you people get when software experiences a delayed release

      • Leh Go

        Yeah, that’s why your name is asdfasfa.

    • Annoying_Customer

      and this is why people quit playing online rankings and why nintendo ups their security every generation of pokemon….

      • Trevor Blaze

        Yeah and there will always, ALWAYS be someone who will bypass their security. There’s only so much security they can put on a pokemon game lol, so get used to it or quit like you said 🙂

  • Kai

    This is getting so silly. Like many other gamers, I’m getting tired of my X game because I can’t build my real team. So, there’s no reason to continue playing it at this point seeing as I’ve already beat the game… I’m disappointed with Nintendo.

    • Emil

      I myself have already stopped playing since the Pokebank delay. It’s not because I hate Pokemon now or something, it’s just because the game is getting pretty boring. I just hope they’ll release it within the next couple of weeks…

    • Jakeremix

      Obviously you’re not a competitive battler, so you don’t need a “real team”.

      • Matt

        Not everyone gets lucky enough to get the right friend safaris to be competitive.

  • Adam Gutierrez Jr.

    Who needs poke bank? My mother holds my money… she even spends it to get me items at times!

  • Some Dude

    I don’t get it… From what I’ve heard they haven’t released it in the us due to the back check not working, but now that it’s up and running in Japan without so much as a thought to release it elsewhere… It kinda makes me wonder what they’re playing at.

    I understand they want the product to be nice and clean, but the fact is they haven’t so much as tweeted what’s going on. All we want is a date, and we don’t care if that means it’s twelve months from now. At this point, it’s just become disrespectful.

    • Kat

      What? Who says there’s “not so much of a thought to release it elsewhere”? Definitely not Nintendo.

    • HyruleKing

      “The back check not working”?

      They originally hadn’t released it anywhere because the original version of Bank ran through multiple connecting servers and that’s why the eShop crashed.

      They patched app to only connect through 2 servers, re-released it in Japan/certain parts of Asia, and are using the Asian release to test and make sure it’s working properly before releasing it in the rest of the world.

      Considering they can’t know if another problem is going to arise, and if it does, they can’t really know how long it would take to fix, they can’t really give a date as to when it will be released.

      It’s not disrespectful, it’s literally because of factors that can’t be predicted leading to an impossibility to predict a release date.

      That being said, since there hasn’t been any news regarding any new issues, and it’s still up on the Japanese eShop, I would go out on a limb and say that it may very well be released this Thursday in the North American eShop.

  • DarkWolf

    I’m beginning to lose hope on this because I’ve been waiting a long time for this and I’m getting bored fast without my old mons from Gen V in Gen VI. If they don’t plan to release this soon, then I’ll regret getting a Gen VI game if there’s no way to transfer and just play my Gen V games and forget that Gen VI exist.

    • Gringo

      I’m playing Gen IV games myself now just for that reason.

  • Gringo

    Silence is not a good thing when it comes to broken promises. I’ve about given up on it, because I’m tired of checking for something that seems like it won’t ever be out. I give it til tomorrow(January 28/ 2 1/2 hours from now) Before I find something else not nintendo related to pass my time for a good while. I don’t feel entitled to this app, I don’t even expect any kind of compensation. I do however expect an Apology for being kept in the dark about something a week after it’s gone live in Japan without incident. A Fan can only be kept loyal if the promises are kept or an explanation is given to some extent as to why the promise was broken.

    • Leh Go

      Yeah, Nintendo feels like a dying console, if pokemon fails, it’s only the Mario and Zelda series that’s going to keep it going, from my standpoint.

      • gringo

        Nintendo has plenty of good games but none of them really compare to the popularity Pokémon has the last decade or so. So when they promise anything to do with it and then shaft anyone not in Japan, people lose faith and interest in a company that doesn’t seem to care enough to even say “we’re working on the issue. It’s slow going. Please bear with us.” If we got that every week, it wouldn’t be so hard. Fans are fans and they should be treated equally. Doesn’t matter what country you come from.