iPod touch 6th generation traditional release still on

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 27, 2014

Apple will most likely launch the iPod touch 6th generation during a traditional release date window of September to October, even though a recent earnings call revealed how much sales are dropping for this product line.

Product Reviews readers might remember our expectation that a cheap iPhone could replace the need for a 6th generation iPod touch and feedback we received pointed to a need still for a device that lacks cellular costs. It was also very clear that a new iPod touch 6G wouldn’t release in 2013 and Apple had moved to a 2-yearly launch cycle since 2010.

During the earnings call, Peter Oppenheimer made it clear that iPod sales had dropped in half when compared to the previous year. It is worth noting that Apple also confirm that units sold will continue to decline into the next quarter, so this is a trend expected but it’s not clear what Apple will do about it?

iPod touch 6G need vs. demand – there is no doubt that users love the idea of an iPod touch, thanks to a cheaper product without additional costs seen with iPhones, but the trend of falling sales reveals demand in dropping year-over-year.


The iPod touch 6th generation will release in 2014 – we have seen a few articles published online explaining that the next iPod won’t launch in the first half of this year, which is pretty obvious to anyone that knows the launch history.

In a nutshell, the last yearly release was the iPod touch 4G unveiled on September 1, 2010. Two years later the iPod touch 5G launched on September 12, 2012, so it’s pretty clear that any new iPod touch 6th generation would see a release date around September again in 2014.

While Apple confirmed a 52 percent drop in units sold for iPod touch, the demand is still enough for the 6th generation to generate enough sales but change will be needed and we expect the product line to either discontinue, or change rapidly by 2016.

What do you think Apple should do with the 6th generation iPod touch? Would you still welcome its release?

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  • Emily

    hurry up apple i really want an ipod 6g for my birthday and its basically now or never to get one!!!!

  • nm9277

    The iPod touch 6g will probably get a lot of sales because a lot of people are eagerly waiting for it! The iPod 5 was almost exactly like the iPhone 5 but without a SIM card slot! I think that’s why the iPod 5 didn’t get many sales because it was almost exactly like the iPhone, I like it myself that it’s like the iPhone but other people probably don’t! Please release iPod touch 6g as soon as possible Apple! PLZ!!!

  • MnMunka

    If apple puts touch id and security key upgrade, apple will see their iPod touch sales going back up again, a lot of People want iPod touch 6g.

  • MnMunka

    I’m waiting for the iPod 6g, I have a iPod touch 4g currently and I’m waiting for the iPod touch 6g. I don’t want to buy the 5g because there’s a chance the 6g will come out. My b-day is in October too so when the iPod 6g comes out, I’ll get it. I’m desperately waiting for iPod touch 6g, PLZ hurry apple

  • QueenBella

    plz Hurry Up Apple!!! I Have An 4g But Its Goinq Really Slow Now And Sum times It Don’t Let Mee Go On Facebook Or On The Internet Also Some Apps Works!! I Get Really Mad Wen It Don’t Work I Was Goinq To Buy An IPod 5g But I Heard Tha The IPod 6g So I Hopee It Comee Out Quickly HURRY UP APPLE!!!!!!

  • Vicki

    I currently have a 3rd gen IPod touch. Even though I do have an ipad and a smart phone (Not an iphone this time around), I still would like an updated iPod touch. But since the 5th gen has been out for a while, I would rather wait a little longer, IF there really is a new one around the corner. Please, Apple, update the iPod touch

  • Josh

    I’m hoping that there will be a 6th gen, I’m planning to upgrade from 4G to 6G. I reckon if Apple really ups their gain, and gives the iPod Touch 6 a full on upgrade, then we could see iPod Touch sales go back up, but I have this feeling that Apple is stopping production. But we’ll have to see in September I guess :/

  • mr happy

    it should have the same features as iphone 6 but i must come out earlier as it would make so many people terribly sad as the new iphone might be coming out earlier like august

  • UrbanCyclist666

    I like the iPod Touch. I have a 4G and a 5G. I take the 5G with me to the office, the library, and on walks. I keep the 4G at home. It’s still works great, and I can keep it on the coffee table or nightstand to listen to music while reading, and to check emails quickly. I like that I get most of the functionality of an iPhone, but don’t have to pay for a data plan.

    I would probably buy a 6G iPod Touch as well. With a faster chip, it would be worth consideration.

  • Lindsay

    mood changing ipod and can glow in the dark at night

  • lucretius

    I need a 128Gb+ music player with solid state memory — perhaps that should be the goal of a 6th gen iPod Touch? Improved DAC would be nice! Except for music, I don’t care about phone apps.

  • Yolo

    I’d like to see Touch ID, a sapphire crystal screen, a compass/level like what iPhones have, maybe a true tone flash and take away the loop, no one uses that.

  • fufdfsrsgdg

    personally I love my ipod touch, still got a 2nd gen one used daily its brilliantly sadly starting to die on me but hoping it can hang in there until the new ones are out. They are just nice things to have, I have a smart phone but never use it for music & won’t ever use it for music and wouldn’t replace having smart phone & ipod with the iphone (mainly as I don’t do contract phones and they are a ludicrous price on pay as u go.
    do think of my ipod as almost a much smaller (& cheaper) ipad as for me they do pretty much exactly the same job one is just smaller.

  • Dimitris Fouryotis

    Just lower the price! People are no more interested in iPods because they are overpriced. Lowering the price will make many people consider bying an iPod instead of a cheaper smartphone or tablet. You must also add features that no other device has, and which will make people want to buy your products. Just think of something… anything…

    • Josh

      I agree! I tell my parents to get an Apple product, but (as you said) they are too overpriced to be interested in purchasing one!

  • Jose noyola

    I love my ipod touch and I wish a ipod touch with higher specs would come out, it’s not that I don’t have a smart phone I prefer the best hardware so I always trade in like know I have the note 3 and I have an asus transformer pad and looking to replace that the the asus book TX or that ever it’s called it’s a tablet with a quad core i7. But I don’t go any where without my ipod touch I love it I just wish it had 128gb and some higher specs

  • MacD

    Best idea for the iPod Touch 6th gen, is for Apple to take the 3+ Million or more, iPhone 5C models that it has discontinued and warehoused, and that aren’t selling well …. and slightly modify the internal software …. and sell them as the new iPod Touch 6.

  • Brooklyn NY

    They need to keep iPod touch update at all times & let them more durable meaning (torn,malfunction) last long…I had my iPod touch for less than 3 months and my power button just stop working….and last when I’m on Internet the page won’t load & I get kick back to the home screen….please fix the freezing too.

  • Victor C

    iPod Touch is for people like me who still prefers a basic phone to an iPhone, which lacks even some of the most basic functionalities of a basic phone. Not that any other “smart” phones are any better. They are just a bunch of copycats of iPhone.

    • Hello

      Actually you cant say that the rest re copycats high tech is for all if they stopped the other smartphones the 3G for the iPhones will drop just like that.
      Since the phones have better connection it probably means they have there own satellite so that means “smartphones” have ther own and well iPhones aren’t smartphones there iPhones!

    • Jose noyola

      Haha they aren’t all copy cats apple still used mediocre specs for their hardware and companies like Sony use shatter proof glass and scratch resistant something the iPhone 4 should have had. They are not even close to copy cat if they where apple would have won the law suit they had against Samsung and poof they wouldn’t be being sold in the us right now

  • keepiPod touch

    I would get my mom iPod touch with A7 chip, but the only option that was available was A5 chip….. Apple should keep iPod touch focus on people who do not have high speed smartphones yet and who are learning how to use them….

  • bluedragon14

    It’s not a 52% drop in iPod touch sales, but overall iPod sales, including the shuffle, nano and classic. Judging by how $950 million was made on 6 million sales, this makes the average revenue on each ipod sold around $158. Who knows how many shuffles and classics they are selling right now.

    • Jose noyola

      Apple stated a 52 mill drop year for year

      • bluedragon14

        the most ipods apple has ever sold in a year is 54 million in 2009.

  • Alex H

    I still think the iPod touch is very important. Its for kids not old enough to get or to have a phone yet, but it still is very fun and makes them feel important. Its an iPhone without a phone.

    • Tony D

      iPod Touch is clearly for lots of people not just young gamers (pre phone), or old. I can’t live without my Touch but don’t want to pay for an IPhone as my employer gives me a blackberry (for work email) and I can use it for the personal calls that I need. The Touch gives me everything else that I need. Touch with cellular would be perfect but please hurry with a 6gen as I updated my 1gen to a 3, got my son a 4gen and holding out for a 6 but may need to bite the bullet and buy a 5gen to replace this 3. Would rather hold for a 6 tho, hurry up Apple please.