Far Cry 4 news expected in June, setting debated

Even though it’s been little over a year since the release of Far Cry 3, fans of the series are hoping that they will hear news on Far Cry 4 soon because they are eager to see what the developer can bring to the franchise on new generation consoles. Thankfully, you might not have that long to wait if what is being reported is true.

According to latest reports, Ubisoft Shanghai has been helping out on the development of far Cry 4 and we should know more in June, which is when E3 2014 opens its doors. This isn’t the first time that we have heard rumors of the fourth installment of Far Cry, as hints were made in July of last year, as well as October.

However, a recent CV leak has it that Xavier Plagnal has been working on the content of the next Far Cry game since September 2013, which means Far Cry 4 is pretty much all but confirmed, although it was a done deal anyway.

Even before this news there has been a huge debate as to the setting of Far Cry 4. Some fans wouldn’t mind returning to another island, while others believe revisiting Africa would be a nice touch.

However, most Far Cry fans would rather a complete change of scenery and so somewhere with a lot of snow could be just what the game needs to bring a new challenge. Where would you like the setting to be?



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