COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC release time

By Alan Ng - Feb 26, 2014

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally time to enjoy the first COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC Map Pack 1. The download is going to be live in a matter of hours and we have a heads-up on what the potential Onslaught release time could be.

This is the first DLC add-on content for Call of Duty Ghosts and once again it is going to be available first on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Just as a reminder, the Onslaught DLC map pack is going to include four new multiplayer maps, as well as a brand new Extinction map.

These are Fog, Bayview, Containment, and Ignition, while the Extinction map is going to be Nightfall. Fog deserves special mention as it will allow you to play as iconic horror character Michael Myers – believe it or not.

As for the release time, we have no official statement from Infinity Ward yet. However, we do know that the developer follows a pattern with every single release and with that in mind these could be the release times for your region.

If we follow previous trends, Onslaught could appear on the US store at 2am Pacific Time, or 5am on Eastern Time. For those of you in UK time, that could mean an Onslaught release at 10am.

Once again, these are not confirmed, but just a very likely heads-up.

Feel free to head to the store now and keep us informed on when you see the download available in your area. Are you pumped up for the release of Onslaught? Michael Myers time!

UPDATE: Those looking for Onslaught on PS4, PS3 and PC should go here.

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  • Matt Weech

    Available now on the store for season pass holders as well now

  • David Najera

    Where is it. It own download the theme…..but the maps didn’t download…dose anyone know what i have to do? Got a ps3

  • fabeloco

    still no onslought.

  • Lefo Lopez

    where’s Onslaught ?????

  • Scott Calabrese

    might have to wait for a game patch

  • Scott Calabrese

    its available at the ps3 store but wont let us season pass holders download it

  • Robert Galligan

    Im in new york and there is no way to download it just yet idk why but its 7:09am im thinking 9:00am but still not sure the one thing i cant stand about PlayStation they get the dlc’s late

  • will

    Hey anyone in Australia with season pass able to download