Avengers Alliance Playdom anger after PVP blunder

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2014

Playdom are once again hitting the headlines, for the wrong reasons. The developers of the immensely popular Avengers Alliance game have come under fire, for pulling the plug on their monthly PVP tournament due a bug, with just minutes to spare on the countdown.

The developers have become infamous for introducing new features to the game, whilst also managing to break another aspect of the game at the same time.

It happens time and time again and this time players are really frustrated. We would like to extend a helping hand to Playdom on this occasion, but unfortunately this is the same developer that refuses to acknowledge our messages to them about bug fixing.

Our messages are ignored each time without fail and it looks like most of you have had enough with the current state of the game.

Winning prizes in this PVP tournament requires a lot of effort. Players not only have to give up hours of their time to continuously fight battles, but they also have to contend with those who use hacks in the game to gain an unfair advantage.

We can tell you that Playdom knew about the bug involving Deadpool on Saturday, this is confirmed in a Tweet below by Mr Woods:


Despite that, Playdom decided to let their loyal players waste their time on Monday evening/Tuesday morning. With less than 10 minutes to go until the end of the tournament, the game went offline and a message appeared to say that the tournament had been extended by 7 days.

You won’t need us to tell you that common sense would have been to let players know a bit sooner. A message via the game’s official Facebook channel over the weekend would have done the trick – but they chose not to.

ProducerWoods has since left the following messages on his Twitter account and still refuses to acknowledge our requests for contact regarding re-selling broken premium weapons to consumers for $15.

What is your reaction to the way Playdom has handled the situation? Is this the worst thing that Playdom has done since you started playing the game?

UPDATE: It seems as if Producer Woods has deleted evidence admitting that the team knew about the problem on Saturday June 25, but still left it until the following Monday to end PVP at the last minute. Added screenshot for clarification.

UPDATE 2: A statement from Playdom reads below:

“We received your feedback regarding this decision and we understand that this caused a high amount of frustration. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve the issue that lead to this decision and we will be awarding all players the rewards associated with the League they had achieved on 1/27/2014 5:15pm PST if this League was higher than their final placement on 2/3/2014.”

What league were you placed in at that particular moment – can you remember? Let us know your thoughts on this change.

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  • Zantetsuken FSN

    I got to start over and was at almost level 300 all that hard work all the gold weapons all the farming all the money and all the cp all gone to waste so i got to be a noob on ios all over again. Disadvantage ppl wont keep you on the list and its a pain to having to. Advantage is i can sandbag and now just spend gold and make adamantium like ppl use to do to me. But i guess instead of spending only 700 bucks in my yr and 6 months of gameplay ill make it 1000. But i learned a Lesson playdom yall not worth the time and couldnt own up to reinburse the ppl so anygame they come to make now aint getting no attention and i will spread this like wild fire on the net under many names and places. Owe me 700 bucks in gold and cp is rediculous and my silver was in the 20 millions this is just crazy. I had al lthe scrolls the synthetic cube everything. This must be how a empire feel when it falls.

  • guest

    People should just walk away form any playdom and not spend money on or play their games.

  • Sean Caintic’s World Projects

    I really hate things like this

  • shay

    Woods is nothing more then a foc’n moron. PD is only concerned about taking your hard earned cash anyone that actually pays real money on this game is pathetic.

  • Bankai Bleach

    I think they did the right things. Thank you Playdom 🙂

  • Deadpool

    I still don’t believe this is enough. They should make “the highest prize you hit” the prize you get. That should be the way it always is regardless of mistakes. Rating should still be the same but you should never have to worry about losing a prize. This decision rewards the exploiters who were knocking down those people (like me) just below adamantium when the extension happened. I don’t have a cube,mystic, or warbringer and use my skill to be that high. Apparently the way to be rewarded by Playdom is to be a hacker or wallet warrior. No respect for the ones who work hard. Again, “the highest prize you hit” should be the new PvP. Less stress, more fair.

  • agentKILLJOY

    the decision to reward all players their deserved ada league spots at the end of the original season end time (well 45 minutes short) is the best decision they could have made. to many players and customers were pissed as they should have been plain and simple. there was no need to extend the season with so little time left and no warning they were going to do so so late in the season.

    • moe

      how are we supposed to know what our rank was with 45mins to go? i was being attacked relentlessly and was in and out of addy a bit

      • agentKILLJOY

        well the only thing you can check is your activity log. for example i know i last placed in ada league a couple of hours before the season ended after i lost 200pts in 20 minutes, lol. thats where i stayed until the original time was up. unfortunately the app will not let you know when you drop a league only when you gain one. so if you were in and out then you would need to check the your last ada league achievement and try to remember how long you were there for. best you can do in this situation

        go to your home page and click on achievements in your banner. then on the left click on apps then scroll down to see what you can find

  • Benjamin Antao

    Venom for alll hahahahhah killed it

  • Player

    implore all of you that had max status as of the proper end date, put
    in your funny teams and your crap gear, let your rank drop and let the
    people who never make it out of silver or gold get a little higher in
    this next week, a show of camaraderie to
    the rest of the players that are trying to get up there with you. PD
    screwed alot of us with this extension, now they are promising you
    rewards for what you had achieved. You are safe, you will get your
    prize. Let some others get it too.

    • moe

      although i agree, i really doubt you’re going to see much of this
      even when the season ends players don’t adjust their teams to allow easier incursions when losses mean nothing
      the fact is
      1. there was a bug and
      2. thousands of people exploited that bug to increase their standings
      it’s a bit “dog eat dog” in this community i’m afraid

    • agentKILLJOY

      i also agree with this

  • moe

    well, the latest news is they’ve fixed the bug (confirmed) and decided that when the season ends (again) you will maintain the highest rank between the original season’s end and the new seasons end. ‘
    so, if you were in the top 0.5% you get all the prizes and if you weren’t you can attempt again without the bug.
    well done playdom! you got it right!
    i can’t think of a better way to resolve the situation

  • chris

    PD also needs to stop this bait-and-switch crap as well.

  • Christian Gonzalez Torres

    It’s totally the worst thing so far, i played 6 hours (Until the huge 7 days revelation) till 4am in the morning. Used all my challenge points i had saved till the last day of the tournament. Seriously thinking is this game worth it?

    Don’t know if i will continue playing, allthough been playing it from the beginning.

    Playdom SUCKS BIG TIME!

  • stickman2005

    The bottom line is money. Who benefits from this extension? Certainly some players now have another chance to get to Adamantium by choosing a different team, farming for more PVP bonus items, or leveling up their heroes. However, IMHO none of this is the real reason, because fairness is not part of Playdom’s marketing strategy. Face it, this was done so more people can frantically spend more gold on items and rapid leveling. Playdom is a business and doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of their heart. Everything they do is geared SOLELY to enrich the bottom line. This extension puts more money in Playdom’s bank account period. Unfortunately, the ONLY way this attitude will change is if people stop spending real cash for gold. As soon as it becomes more profitable to have a better game than what exists now that is when change will occur. Face it, what motivation is there for Playdom to improve their product if people will still pay real money to play the broken one?

  • chris

    Update: every post last night relating to pvp on Woods’ twitter was deleted.

    • NgTurbo

      I took a screenshot just in case that happened.

      • chris

        welcome for discovering it and helping out. 🙂

  • Thunderaxe

    Not only do they break something everytime they add another, but they fail time and time again to fix what was broken before! So we are wallowing in hundreds of glitches and errors, and more are added each (stealthy) patch! In stead of new content every two weeks (which is heartily appreciated, but this is not the point) I for one would like them to spend the time necessary to root out all the errors and fix them. I prefer a good working game to a broken one.

  • thatguy

    As they mentioned above every time they add something they break something else. I submitted several tickets over several pvp seasons asking for them to finally grow some balls and hand out the bans they once did for this kind of thing. Now I just use the bugs like everyone else does.

  • wadafak

    wake up at 3 am in the morning at my timezone, workin my ass off for the last 5 hours of pvp, burning challenge points i farm at the incursion for weeks, tryin so hard to get my hand of recently heavily nerfed agent venom,
    and then after 5 hours strungling againts cheaters that attacked my team defense and losing tons of challenge points, at 1600ish rating, just waiting for the countdown, and then BOOOOM, pvp extended,
    all that effort is a waste,
    never before im soooooo mad at game developers after years of gaming experiences, mmo, web browser and other games,
    pd just keep getting better and better at screwing up this game,
    why wait till 20 mins before the pvp ended to fix it ?
    why is it so urgent to fix it now, what bout another tons of bug u hav left unfix ??
    not to mention the cheaters,
    dam u pd, just dam u

    • Trust me, real life is also unfair and cruel and nobody is going to fix it.

  • John Bradbury

    Well for me its knowing that since PVP 1 I have never got out of silver even after all the fights and lvling I did back then they should take all the caps off and just after 200 fights toss everyone in ada and in two wks end PVP no longer making it 30 days and then toss in new heros that related to the new Spec Ops and sell them for 2 to 5 cp and stop over pricing the extreme lame ones for 200 and 135… ex Cable 135 not worth more then 13 x-23 25 thats how you save command points ……. So its time to do what we did with Spec OPS 9 and release all of it to everyone again……..

  • Guest

    the challenge points was nothing,what about the precious hours we all wasted,im sure we all had other important things to do,which we postponed just because it was the final day of PVP!deadpool was just an excuse,i can think of many reasons y they extended the PVP but they don’t make public and perhaps they even did the deadpool bug on purpose so that they would be “justified” to extend the PVP.But even if it wasn’t on purpose,it still was totally their fault,not the player’s,as a compromise,the LEAST they can do is give all the players the PVP rewards and tell the players before so that we know this time what’s going to happen.If they don’t,they are definitely going to lose much of their “income”

    • Chris Stenström

      Indeed the big issue is not the red energy spend, its the real life time. With the horrible system that it is its bascily cost you almost 2 days of workdays to get adamantium.

    • Joel

      Why PD Nerf or Buff characters and weapons? I was very mad when they change War-bringer Axe.

  • Lucianoxexeu Marcondes

    how about fixing the rate people can get challenged while you play one match i beleive you should be able to get challenged only once while you play not 2 or 3 times one time at the end of the domino pvp i got challenged 15 times while playing one match 15 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that praticallly costed me the chance of having domino because i finished at 1501 … how about making pvp fair?? making it where you can no longer put 64 gold items in to armory to me that would be balancing things out

    • MassHole

      PvP will never be fair in this game unless they re-design PvP mechanics completely. idk why it’s called PvP anyways it’s Player vs AI and has been from day one only thing that makes it PvP is fact you fight a team of player setup foes. 2ndly They couldn’t make as much money with a fair system. Think about it here lil johnny spends $4k dollars overpowers himself so lil jimmy free to play but has money to toss lil jimmy gets frustrated feels that he is weak as hell (this is an illusion that playdom uses to make $$$$) even though his anger blinds him that he’s fighting a group of foes 4 levels higher and completly over powered out the butt not only in weapons but heros and armory. So lil jimmy buys him $4K dollars worth of junk just to find out he still losing to lil johnny because he didnt notice that lil johnny was 4 levels higher=Playdom win in the pockets which in turn makes lil jimmy continue to play because he spent $4K dollars and wants to get his money’s worth out of the game another win for playdom. All these social network and flash games are rigged this is why it’s such a good business to get into why 90% of all games be it flash or PC/console based fully 3D games are switching to the free to play cash shop route more money in it for them then a $15/month games. It’s all about control over your mind and your wallet. Playdom has been master of that since myspace mobsters.

  • Chris Stenström

    I really think people should stop writing to Playdoom and woods and write to people at Disney and Marvel instead. tell them their are ruining the franchise of marvel brand name.

  • MassHole

    Boo whoo Don’t screw up on important things to your customers/players and you wont get blasted & flamed simple as that. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect but you have made one of the worst decisions with this game that anyone could have possibly made not only did you piss off free players (possible future profits) you pissed of you’re paying customers/players. Playdom is a business and making $$$ is your primary goal. Pissing off the money spenders is bad business practice good way to insure an early bankruptcy. Hope you learn from this mistake and never repeat it again. Just remember if it wasn’t for the paying players you wouldn’t be getting a pay check from playdom…….

  • Arch-Demon Nicolae

    I’ve been playing this game since the AvX (Avengers V Xmen) special operation was online which is a lot of time, and this is not the worst thing they have done but it is the straw that broke the camel’s back… they issued out a series of “fixes” 3 days before the end, which broke Deadpool’s buff and mixed the coding with that of another character, Sabretooth… Not only that, they reduced attacking power on characters that no one really uses except in the lower levels AND BROKE the most important aspect of one of their newly released characters, Nico Minoru, which normally after being killed she gets back full health and cannot be damaged during her resurrection phase… Now you can just wipe her out with regular attacks. Playdom and its developers continue to live up to my expectations of disappointment and i also WASTED 6 HOURS of sleep just to maintain the league i was in just for them to throw that half assed announcement in our faces. That’s really taking care of your customers/players/fans…

  • Stupid Playdom

    They better give all of the rewards to every player then, or at least take the highest league that you made it to at any point in the tournament. I REALLY feel like your highest league should be safe and secure once you hit it. Regardless of how much the shitty AI loses for you.

  • Annonymous

    pretty much worst call ever.. Woods just became 2nd most hated Justin in the world.. and he deserves it 100%.. the reason for extension is pure B**lS**t .. we had bugs forever in this game.. its just his wish that Deadpool is bugged so lets piss off the players
    Far too long people, far too long has Playdumb tested the patience.. they ignore requests of people who keeps them running.. its time we throw a few moltovs in their HQ

    • shwag

      it’s immature people like you who make this world more ignorant. congrats sir

  • steve

    and this is why i dont pvp lol

  • asdas

    mother…. PVP finishes 3 am my country, they knew about bugfrom friday no action

  • William Morris

    Waste of time…woke up to plus 16 rating and i could have got 10 gold

  • Fabian Alonso Juarez

    mmm that is why i only do the normal crap, and do not get any other uniforms or weapons, casue people with their hacks and the difficulty in going higher,

  • Brittany Aaron Kent Tewey

    one great big waste of time today 🙁 wasted a good 8 hours and for what nothing?? not to mention all the challenge points i wasted too…… i feel sorry for the people who used all there challenge points today now they are screwed out of there ratings ….. i expect to be compensated for my wasted time as well as reimbursed the challenge points i used today by doing this all they are doing is punishing honest players that worked hard trying to earn something and wasting our time

  • Innoto Achumi Kitskha

    Will Playdom compensate me for the rating points I lose during the extended 7 days of PVP?

    • NgTurbo

      Christmas is over my friend.

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone notice that the Deadpool bug is still in the game, despite PVP being back online?

    • Morlock

      its funny that you think playdom would actually be working after 3pm on a weekday

      • NgTurbo

        Too cold, too cold.

  • Gabriel

    Spend money on this game , but it’s getting worst. I will stop playing anymore!


    I’ve considered buying gold for this game, but after tonight I’m glad that I haven’t put any money down. Sure, it’s fun, but I have a feeling I will regret ever doing so for fear that something happens like this again.

    • Xobai

      The price of regret is higher than the price of gold. Well restrained.

  • steve

    Playdom should reward its players with gold and give us all the PVP rewards. They really dropped the ball this time.

    • Potato

      If they will do that, it will be the second time they do it. The first one was during the Angel PVP Season.

      • Deo446

        technically angel was a glitch

    • Morlock

      Angelpocolypse 2: electric venomoo

  • Peter Minos

    we have been sick of taken for fools every pvp season spending our hard earned time and money to relax not stress shame on pd for what they did and they should give everyone as compensation all the prizes as for myself next week i will be travelling so all my hard efforts to get to vibranium were for nothing i

  • steve

    Playdom always screws the players. They have the worst bugs and customer service,

  • agentAzazel

    there was literally minutes left in the PVP season…. why not just let it finish and fix the bug after? makes absolutely no sense

  • Martin B

    PVP will never be fair, there will always be cheaters, armoury, hero bonuses do not matter.. Even if you buy the newest limited edition PVP items to get a very high ATK/DEF ratio it will be very hard to keep up with all the ones that have 60+ LE items in Armoury or somehow there agents/hero take 10-20min per fight and you only get 20 rating points but in that time you would get 3-6 Defense fights in that time and lose 50 points so until they fix this the PVP problems will always be the same …. I really think they should do a point system for PVP, you get a certian amount of points you can exchange those points for prizes which would be fair at least I think it would…

  • Crab

    This will always be in the forefront of my mind any time I consider giving Playdom money for their product. Bug or not, closing down an event like PvP at its competitive height without warning was a very ill thought out decision.

    • agentKILLJOY

      agree and in my eyes the season was pretty much over. no need for it to be extended. those of us that made ada league still did it dealing with the deadpool issue so i dont see why it needed to be extended

      • MassHole

        I’m not gonna say you are very stupid person but $4k on a flash game? You coulda gained more pleasure from helping the needy. I hope you own big fancy cars and your house else you may skip a payment and lose both lol. I mean I’ve put $25 in MAA that’s it gold and items in this game are so overly priced that it’s a shame really…. But $25 and I’m sitting in ada only 20% of the heroes Using items/weapons/heroes that I earned for free without exploiting or bottling. Hows that make you feel Mr.Big money spender? There will come a day MAA is shut down i say withing next 3 years and your investment of 4K is gone in a blink of an eye. I feel sorry for rich people who spend without thinking.

        • agentKILLJOY

          if something brings one entertainment then spend and support it. i was an original beta tester so i have had plenty of time to spend on a game i enjoy or enjoyed. its players or customers like me that keep the game going and dont forget that. just because you can only afford to spend $25 dollars says something about you and your life style. go to school and get an education, then maybe you could have the cool items like RP, CC, CR, and what not. if you are still in school go get a part time job instead of relying on your allowance and if you can spend more but dont then you are just a cheap skate who has no right to complain about a product you get for free…. or well $25, the price of going to a movie these days. i have already gotten countless hours of entertainment out of the game to make my $$$$ spent worth while.

        • agentKILLJOY

          and ask around the maa community what i have done first before assuming i am some greedy a hole. i have given away plenty of fb gift cards paid for out of my own pocket 🙂 i have also donated to charities and help in fund raisers…..

  • Lewis Ewbank

    They pretty much GAVE us Dr.Doom for Christmas and people are crying over a couple of “lost” minutes in PVP…a game I remind you is free. If only people showed as much contempt for their government. Pitiful. Thanks Playdom for Avengers Alliance…”bugs” or not, it’s a great game.

    • MassHole

      No alotta people bought pvp energy points caculate 100×5 energy refills up they could bought 5 dr dooms lol. I personally didn’t spend a dime this tourny but i did face massive loads of anger fighting people overpowered out the butt Every single day to reach 1670 rating do you know how hard that is to accomplish as a free to play player? If not then quit making yourself look like a fool.

  • Adalberto Delgado

    lets stop buying gold for a while i have not bougth any gold in months please join me and do not give any more since al they do is take take and no give

    • agentKILLJOY

      i have spent over $4000 us dollars on this game in the past but stopped a while ago after i realized they werent going to do anything about the hackers, havent spent a dime since

      • toddimus144

        Really? You need your head examined.

        • agentKILLJOY

          another so called hater of the so called “wallet warrior” get a job sir or get a real education so you can spend money on the things you enjoy and if you are to cheap to spend any money on a product you use and enjoy then just quit and go play bingo.

        • toddimus144

          I do not hate. I only have common sense. I have a real job, a house, a car, a family and children to feed. Digital artist, tech support college degree. video editor.. but I should not have to explain myself to a an irresponsible dumbass.. People like you just disgust me with all the kids starving out there. Its easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven..

        • agentKILLJOY

          you know nothing about me but what i have stated. ask others in the MAA community what i have done and do. i donate to charities and fund raisers and hand out fb giftcards out of my own pocket all the time…what sir do you do besides belittle others for how they choose to spend their own $$$$

        • agentKILLJOY

          here is someone who talks like he is mans best friend but belittles a complete stranger without knowing anything about him except he spent some of his $$$$ on a game. ask around the MAA community and you will see that i donate to charities and fund raisers as well as help organize them. i give out fb giftcards that are purchased with $$$$ out of my pocket? what sir do you do???

    • artfuldodger

      i can’t understand y anyone would spend money on pd. all they have ever done is lie to people. all u can expect them to do is lie. it’s like going to a car dealership, ordering a cadillac n they give u a ford focus. y would u go back? If u spend money on this game, u need to get ur head examined.

  • Kratos Creed

    He asks for people being more respectful but what they did shows clearly NO respect to us (the players).

    • Christian Gonzalez Torres

      well said 🙂

  • Jeka

    I quit playing MAA a couple months ago for the very reasons many of you have listed. After spending countless hours for more than a year I just walked away. In all honesty, I haven’t regretted it once. I loved the game and all, but it was becoming painfully obvious that nothing would change and (IMHO) I feel like the Marvel characters I love deserve better handling, as does my money and time. I hate using my limited free time to feel disrespected.

    • Water

      I may be following you out the door shortly.

  • Kaewin

    I don’t care, I hate PvP and if this screws this for those people who spend their time whining about every little thing so stuff in PvE gets nerfed then I am very happy. Feels a bit like karma.

    • T

      I’m in Adamantium (& have finished as such for 10/12 previous tournaments) & even I agree.

  • moe

    what’s even more frustrating to me now is they’ve extended the season but while checking in practice mode, it appears they haven’t fixed the deadpool bug

    • agentKILLJOY

      well remember the indonesian gold exploit. people were being banned for their mistake days after it was available and they didnt fix the problem for two weeks

      • Rocket

        Ah, the Indonesian Gold exploit, the one which you got banned for.

        • agentKILLJOY

          oh that was so so low, lol. yes i did. it was their mistake and so did plenty of other players like the great Gareth Scott aka Lee Deweyze aka Kaizer Allen aka oh yeah tired of this already.

        • agentKILLJOY

          funny how your only comment is a personal attack against me for using an exploit. whahahaha. AL douche bag


    I completely agree with KILLJOY. This is very frustrated. MAA is a good game with a lot of potential (because of Marvel’s heroes) but it has the worst developer. Plenty of cheaters and they do nothing.

    • Patric Opitz

      They do a lot, but people only see/acknowledge the bad stuff, rarely the good stuff.

      • agentKILLJOY

        they have added the Eiso’s which were a great addition to the game play. the gold sales is a nice feature even though i still believe their prices are way to high especially since everything gets nerfed to make way for new content. the sound effects and the background music for season 2 was awesome also. i wouldnt be playing still if i thought it was total crap but they make some huge mistakes and never even try to make it right with their customers. i am sure we will get a medium challenge point for our troubles today….

        • agentKILLJOY

          and they jump on exploiters but cant do a single thing to ban the hackers. look at the indonesion gold exploit. players were banned three days after that took place and they were still being banned even though the exploit wasnt patched, lol. thats pretty bad right there. i mean i have sent concrete proof of several hackers and they are still playing to this day….thats my biggest dislike with this company. i know it must be hard to prove that certain players are hacking but then again like i said i know they know some are and do nothing

        • Patric Opitz

          They do make mistakes, but they may. They get better, its obvious. They learn from mistakes, but they cant just magically do everything right all of a sudden.
          Also, they did do a lot of stuff against cheaters, as for example Leethax is close to useless now.

        • agentKILLJOY

          PD showed that they themselves use LH, whahaha. only reason those features were patched were because it screwed with potential loss of $$$. the reason they havent banned any hackers since the first bans long ago is that it drives up their sales. joe shmo is losing a lot of afk matches so he thinks to himself “hey those two gold items look nice and will help me win more matches or this new 64 gold item will make me kick some ass” when in reality nothing you can do will help you against a hacker

        • Morlock

          that screener with them using leethax was the most amazing thing. i laughed about that for days.

      • Morlock

        they do a lot of good stuff but then its almost completely undone by the bad. the season 2 launch, the botched giveaways from the iOS game, the constant introduction of new elements as the game approaches the end of PvP, which invariable breaks other things… there are bugs that are still being worked out, making some character choices and therefore some entire teams unplayable.

        its sad that they always find out about problems with PvP on the last day; at times the last hour. but i also am not going to just let something like that slide. if there is a problem, they should say “yo i’ll solve it” and then we can check out the fix while their programmers revolve it.

        • agentKILLJOY

          yeah tell us something like “hey there is this bug we are working on and we may need to extend the season” or something. anything is better then nothing

        • Morlock

          i doubt that would even lose them sales – if anything people would increase their spending because hey, i have more time to level more heroes and modify my armory more.

        • NgTurbo

          Ice Ice baby.

        • Morlock

          their mod team seriously has to stop with this crap, collaborate on new code, and listen to their fans.

          will they ever stop this stuff? i don’t know.

        • NgTurbo

          Now you’re reciting Vanilla Ice lines on purpose..

        • Morlock

          you’re implying i didn’t do that on purpose in the first place.

        • Morlock

          i’m just trying to stay on the scene, you know what i mean?

    • agentKILLJOY

      it has such potential even as a simple flash game, sad really

  • Lyl Torres

    The maddening thing out of all of this is the fact they don’t even care about their fans outside of the US. PVP ends at 2am GMT for me and even later around other countries and it always ends on a monday/tuesday night. Then they pull this crap today with cancelling it at the last damn minute.

  • jimmy fitz

    Just another way to extort players even more. now the high rollers have more time to buy premium items and the people who struggle lose all Bp and time……….

  • agentKILLJOY

    Mr. Opitz must be a PD employee to say they did the right thing, i mean seriously. The right thing would have been to let us all know there was an issue as soon as they knew about it, not waiting ten minutes before the end of the season. The bug wasnt even fixed by the time they acknowledged it and it wasn’t even a big deal to begin with. So Deadpool had an extra turn and what not, so who cares besides those who have to blame their failure on something. We have had to deal with much bigger bugs that effected everyone not just a few who ran into one character.

    Remember a few seasons back when the vast majority of players received Angel who didnt deserve to. Did PD ever fix this issue, no. I don’t think anyone will argue that when there are bugs, exploits, or what nots that the game needs to go down so these problems can be fixed. The issue here is the lack of communication which PD has been known for since day one.

    Look at the top F2P games like WOW or TOR and you will see why PD isnt anywhere near the top. There are so many issues with this game besides just bugs like over pricing of content and what not. you pay $15 for an item and a week later PD nerfs it. Again if an item is OP and needs to be nerfed it shouldn’t have been released in the first place. If a company in the real world sold an item that turned out not to deliver what it said it would you would get your money back and perhaps there would be a lawsuit brought against the company for false advertising. How PD manages to get away with this is beyond me.

    My suggestion would be for Disney or Marvel to fire the whole staff and contract the game out to competent company but thats just my two cents

    • Bruj

      Except WoW is not a F2P game. (you can play to like level 20 for free but thats it). its still more a subscription based game. But otherwise, I am with you on the rest of what you said

      • agentKILLJOY

        Never played it, lol. I have just heard a few people talk about it from time to time haha. I have played Tor though and they handle the game great. i mean thats a huge freaking game and when something goes wrong they are on it and communicate a week or even further in advance to let players know when exactly the servers will be down. Customer service with them is also awesome from my experience unlike the cut and paste responses you receive from PD. Half of those responses dont even have anything to do with your original ticket, lol. This is a cheap (if you dont buy golds) game and fairly entertaining game but honestly i am surprised its lasted this long. I am very sad to say that i have spent over $4000 us dollars on this game but a few months back i decided never to spend another dime until they did something about the hackers, which to me is the biggest letdown of the game

    • Patric Opitz

      People like you are exactly the ones that have NO insight into how a developers team, programming and so on works and rather complain and whine. I fully understand the way they did it, even though it isnt the most favorable way for myself

      • agentKILLJOY

        You know absolutely nothing about me sir. Also i have made my point about how a real team of devs (TOR) handles these types of situations.

        • T

          Apples & oranges.

          TOR was an MMO w/ a cost of $200 million to build up by a top, leading game developer while WoW (as you said previously) is a game that, while still the only successful MMO to maintain a subscription-based system, manages to bring in millions upon millions after its initial release that was also supported by years & years & years of quality games from another top, leading game developer.

          Playdom maintains multiple flash games & MAA, their best product, doesn’t even get into the Top 40 FB games measured by Monthly Access Users (MAU, this is public info). & before you start touting how big PD must really be (presumably using Wiki), note that much of the big pizzazz info on PD out there hasn’t been updated since years before MAA came out. PD has shrunk & their dev team on MAA would surprise me if it passed 5 personnel; PD is nowhere comparable to the other companies.

        • agentKILLJOY

          lmao, man some people just read what they want to. they are all companies that basically provide the same product, online gaming. yes there are big differences but the structure of all these companies will pretty much be the same. devs, support, producers, advertising, etc. the issue here is the way they handled their mistake (bug) is it not. just because one company is huge and established and one is small doesnt mean they should handle these kind of issues differently now does it?

      • Morlock

        its not a question of if they did the right thing – its the fact that they have consistently been horrifying at customer service and timing. things don’t get fixed for weeks only to be fixed down to the wire, and then if there was something wrong that affected you they acknowledge it days later.

        if they knew about it two days ago, then they should have extended the pvp at LEAST during their normal workday.

        programming is hard, and bugs show up all the time. i get that. but their communication and the way they go about trying to fix things has much to be desired. and i bet they’ll be sending out “apology” emails with 10 battle points or something laughable.

    • MassHole

      Read the terms policy and you will see how they get away with the con work soon as u agree to terms pretty much screw yourself when you spend money in this game your paying to use the stuff you dont own it. They still own it all cash shop games are based on these terms. Also To help you understand the cash shop mechanics compared to a real life object in real world if you spend money to buy something unless you sign a contract, you own the item and can do what ever you wish including sue for false advertisement and/or ask for refund legitimately. If you sell/buy your maa facebook account you break terms of agreement and could be banned or the buyer get banned unlike the sell of the real world object. Do you understand now? If not read the playdom terms and user policies for how they get away with the scam work.

      • agentKILLJOY

        yes i am aware of the TOS, lol. i was being facetious

        • MassHole

          Yeah lie some more lmao You maybe aware of it but have you ever read it? If you had you wouldn’t even said i dont know how they get away with it. I think you just don’t like getting ripped by some one you think is a kid lmao.

        • agentKILLJOY

          um yeah thats it dude. you rock 🙂

  • Bruj

    sry typo.

  • guest

    30 minutes, not 10 btw. Still last minute, but that extra 20 min is still something.

    • Morlock

      as i was playing the game froze me out at :56

      so for some of us it was less than 10

  • Bruj

    They knew about this bug/glitch on Saturday. They had 2 days to extend pvp, yet waited until the last minute. By 6 hours away from pvp end, they should have done/said something then, not 10 minutes after people have wasted loads of challenge points.

    • moe

      i’m not sure what time this happened for anyone else but there were less than 3 mins on my countdown when the system shut down.

  • Bruj

    well, as a boycott, withhold money and even playing. if nobody did ANYTHING for a week, it would be a massive blow to their projected numbers. i have all the heroes and gear to win as well, but its that kind of mindset, that proves, we can never do a full boycott. people like you and me and others, feel we are cheating ourselves when we dont play.

    • kleon mike

      exactly. I spent to much time building it all up, just to sit back and try and protest something that will not change. Especially when i would be the minority doing it. most people will just suck it up and grind again in a week.

  • Patric Opitz

    This may not have been the best thing to do, but by far the most reasonable and understandable thing, if you can see it from their perspective. If they would have acted immediately, the game most likely would have been down for one or several days. If none of these a$$holes would use/exploit bugs or hack the game, we wouldnt have a problem like this

    • Morlock

      if this was due to a hack or crazy exploit they didn’t notice until it was too late, then thats one thing. but they found out because one of the dev’s team was getting beaten over the weekend. its just bad coding on their part. no one elses fault.

      just because there are cheaters out there doesn’t mean they are complete angels who can do no wrong. problems with code? thats not my problem, not your problem. people using cheats suck, but that doesn’t forgive them for having holes in the code in the first place.

  • moe

    the problem with a “boycott” is what do you withhold? i’ve been playing for more than a year, i’ve invested a lot of time into the game. i’ve finally reached the top lvl and been able to finish the pvp tourneys in the top 0.5% only recently. now that i have all the heroes and all the right gear to win, i should quit? i don’t think so.

  • Xobai

    Despite developing a great game, Playdom has consistently demonstrated a maddening inability to relate to, and work with, their player base. Even after two years of copy/paste responses to tickets, of unannounced patches and undeclared character changes, of running a forum very poorly until they shut it down altogether, this is the pinnacle of their customer disservice ineptitude to-date.

    • NgTurbo

      It’s hard to disagree with this, really. Alarm bells were ringing from my end when I saw them re-release the GG Prototype, advertise it with a new ability (I.Bleeding) and don’t even put that ability on… can’t imagine how many $15 purchases Playdom racked up on that weapon alone.

      Scary thing is, that’s just one weapon out of countless that are still broken!

  • Bruj

    I think as a whole, the entire playerbase needs to boycott the game. sadly, not all will. but if enough of us do…then they would be FORCED to do something to make it up to us and such

  • llcoolray3000

    They had to know handling it this way would be a disaster. If they didn’t, that’s a problem.

  • Chad W

    Despite a very impressive number of screw-ups, this is indeed the worst thing they’ve ever done. I started playing the game a couple weeks after it opened up, and I’ve spent around $1,000, which even I think is crazy.Today, I used up ALL of the challenge points I had left, and even bought some using gold, something I always preach against, but I was right at the Adamantium line. Now….that was all for nothing. Needless to say, this gives me a good reason to walk away.

    • NgTurbo

      Chad.. if you are feeling charitable, there’s a few poor MAA players who could do with some gold 🙂

    • agentKILLJOY

      i also am thinking of walking away yet again. i will stick around to see how they handle the outcry from their customers first, well and i love Apocalypse so i will play the next Spec Ops also, lol

      • Rocket

        How many times are you going to walk away from the game, only to come back in a day or two?

        • agentKILLJOY

          excuse me?? you know me?? and if so you know i left for around two months at one point and i didnt spend a dime on the game during that time or since. i play now only when i am bored……

    • Dj94

      Erm… you do realize that some people works their way into Adamantium just fine w/o spending anything right?

      • MassHole

        DJ is right i mean i spent $25 and was over a 2 year period in maa wasn’t entirely for PvP usage. I hit ada 1692 rating as a free to play pretty much all my heroes except sif because she was bad ass back in old days I got for free all my weapons and armory items i got for free. I see and have annihilated pay to winners I laugh every time at the big money wasters 1.000$ I could buy me some real world stuff and have some serious fun with in 3 years they shut MAA down and i’ll get the enjoyment of seeing the money wasters boo whoo. As I’m saying told ya you’d regret it.

        • agentKILLJOY

          hahahaha, sounds like flipping burgers isnt doing it for you man. you have contributed a whopping $25 to the game in 2 years and here you are complaining about spenders, lol. they are the ones who keep the game going or do you not know how a company works.

  • Patric Opitz

    Perfect, they did just the right thing. Even if they knew about that stuff for some time, the programming and so on takes time. This is to the advantage of players, people should appreciate it, not whine and complain

  • reaper420

    i really respect ur way but i dont like total waste 7 days instead of free away to everyone cuz long days couples in pvp bugs that huge mess up but now u just keep up add up days bah bah cuz we accpet n not care about rank pointless

  • Guyface


  • Peter Minos

    they should recompensate all players and try to be as loyal to the players as the players have been to the game

  • Brandon Paul-Allen Simpson

    I think he sucks and should delete his account

    • Chad W

      He loves to threaten to take his ball and go home. I unfollowed him tonight.