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8 percent Xbox One GPU speed boost for FPS

It is a known fact that the Xbox One lacks GPU speed, which means that it struggles to keep up with the PS4 for FPS, unless you have been living under a rock that is. Microsoft is looking to get an extra 8 percent from its GPU to try and close the gap on the frame rate war, one that the Xbox One seems to be losing at the moment.

The Xbox One currently manages around 60 frames per second, compared to 30 FPS for the Xbox One on certain titles, one of which is the latest Tomb Raider title, although it has managed to increase to around 40 FPS on less demanding parts of the game.

How Microsoft will achieve this increase – According to an article on HotHardware, Microsoft is to unlock the 10 percent of GPU speed for the Kinect and then decrease its limit to just 2 percent, meaning the other 8% will be made available to the graphical processor unit.

What’s more, this Xbox One speed improvement can be done via an update, although Microsoft has yet to announce when this will go live.

One has to wonder if the Kinect doesn’t really need that amount of GPU speed or if Microsoft has been forced to make the changes seeing as though the PS4 is thrashing it in FPS?



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