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Waze Android app shines in visual review

If you enjoy using GPS apps and are looking for something to replace Google Maps or iOS Maps, you may want to give the Waze Android app a try if you haven’t already. Waze offers maps in an entirely different format, mixing in social elements and a heavy emphasis on community input to give you your daily GPS fix.

We have a quick heads-up Waze Android app review for you to check out now, giving you an exact lowdown on what Waze is all about and what everyone is talking about as we’re sure you’ve seen it discussed on places like Twitter and Facebook.

It’s a rather ingenious idea and it looks like Waze is growing into something massive with 70 million users at this stage already.

The idea of earning points as you drive around locates appears to have become an addiction for many drivers, while the addition of voice turn-by-turn navigation ensures that it remains a serious option for those looking for the Google Maps switch as well.

The beauty about being community driven and actually ‘building’ the maps yourself offers an experience like no other app. Add to that the ability to chat with other ‘wazers’ nearby and warn users about potential traffic issues or hazards.

As good as it is though, do you wish that there was some sort of Waze points reward system in place, other than ‘bragging status’ on the app?

Check out some reviews below and let us know if you are a big fan of Waze, or if you don’t see what the fuss is about.



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