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Showbox Android app not working, say users

One of the new apps that is sweeping across Android devices at the moment is Showbox. The Showbox Android app claims to offer users the chance to earn money by simply viewing ads that are fixed onto your device’s lock screen.

It sounds suspect at first, but this new method of points reward system could turn out to be massive if another developer in the west catches on.

The Showbox app for Android has been designed for use in Hong Kong, but unfortunately there’s already some teething problems with many users saying that the Showbox Android app is not working for them.

The general concept of the app allows you to unlock your phone to earn points from a particular ad that flashes across your lock screen. Accumulating these points will allow you to redeem them for cash, or convert into other payment systems such as Paypal.

Unlock your phone, view this Disney ad and make money..
Unlock your phone, view this Disney ad and make money..

It’s a very creative idea and could be an interesting way for consumers to earn a bit of money on the side, whilst not being too obtrusive on their daily smartphone schedule.

Head to the app listing on the Google Play store though and you’ll see that many users are having problems. It appears that Showbox has launched with many bugs, one example of which prevents the alarm clock from ringing properly with this new ad system in place.

Have you tried out Showbox on Android yet and encountered problems? Give us your feedback on this app below.



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