GTA V invincibility glitch with max wanted level

As GTA V players look forward to the GTA V 1.10 update which Rockstar are bound to be working on, it looks like one existing glitch in the game is still present. It’s been confirmed that a GTA V 1.09 invincibility glitch is still running wild in GTA Online, allowing players to stay untouched and quickly get a 5-star wanted level.

We’re a bit surprised that this one hasn’t been spotted by Rockstar, especially since it could be performed on previous versions as well.

Watch the clip below though and you’ll see the exact location where players can become invincible. It revolves around an electricity box that players can use to walk into the wall.

Afterwards, you’ll be underground the parking lot and continue to wreck havoc and shoot at anything on sight – including the police and raise your wanted level.

You won’t take any damage whatsoever whilst you are using this glitch and even more bizarre is that you can lower your wanted level for nothing by walking back towards the electricity box.

Are these the kinds of glitches that Rockstar really needs to eliminate from GTA V? Let us know if you have seen players using this one, or if you admit to using it yourself.



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