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Pokemon X and Y Shiny Eevee caught live

As US and UK Pokemon gamers await the highly anticipated Pokebank release date, we bring a welcome change of mood and a video that is sure to put a smile on your face. For those still hunting for shiny Pokemon in X and Y, what have your chances been like on finding a wild shiny Eevee in the game?

That is exactly what has happened to one lucky user and we’re pleased to bring you a video which captures the encounter and reaction to finding the rare creature – live. You won’t need us to remind you on the potential odds of finding a shiny in the wild, but to see the user’s reaction live is somewhat priceless on this occasion.

Sadly for this female Pokemon fanatic in question, it wasn’t the female shiny Eevee that she was after so much – but it’s a pretty good second best. Watch the action as the user also attempts to catch shiny Eevee using a heal ball only.

We all know that the wait for Pokebank is frustrating, especially given the fact that it’s now available in Japan. However, Nintendo must have a pretty good reason for the delay and we have a feeling that some kind of compensation package to Europe and US may be on the way.

Switching the mood to your shiny collection, how many have you managed to catch so far? Can any of you admit to having a similar reaction when hunting for shiny Pokemon in the wild, just like this female player?



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