Mac Mini 2014 release teases continue

By Matt Tran - Jan 25, 2014

There has been some speculation that Apple are going to release a new Mac Mini in 2014 and the tease has continued with an interesting listing. A Mac Mini release in February has been strengthened by a major Belgian electronics firm that put the device up for pre-order on their website.

Retailer posted the Apple Mac Mini I7 with pictures and a lengthy product description, the listing has since been removed from the site. This potential leak will certainly keep the hype going for a 2014 Mac Mini release, the device has not had an upgrade since October 2012.

According to Mac Rumors the Belgian company confirmed that they had posted the listing on information from Apple or reliable sources. Despite this claim a majority of rumors or leaks turn out to be unreliable so whether or not the listing can be trusted is anyone’s guess. The site states that the new Mac Mini is powerful despite being small, coming with an aluminium housing.


The potential new Mac Mini was not given a price or solid release date, although the retailer has confirmed that due to placeholder listings, a launch towards the end of February can be expected. Further doubt has now been cast on this since the listing has been removed, unless Apple has intervened and demanded the product be removed from the site.

Other features reportedly packed inside the device include Intel’s latest I7 Haswell processor, Intel Iris graphics and OS X Mavericks. Whilst it will be very exciting to see if the newest Mac Mini releases this year, it is by no means a certainty. We also looked at the possibility of Apple launching a television set in 2014, which was hinted at by a big share investment.

Are you an Apple fan who wants to see a new version of the Mac Mini released this year? Let us know what you think of the listing that appeared and if you trust its accuracy.

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  • asx1

    I would like to see one, I’ll wait til the end of February and if nothing appears by then I’ll just buy the Windows version of this desktop. If it comes out with out the ability to add my own RAM later I won’t buy it anyway. Same reason I didn’t buy a macbook pro and bought a Windows laptop instead, I could replace the battery and RAM myself.

  • I have a mini mac 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 with 16GB Ram and a SSD, it is really fast and no problem with movies

  • Shaun Firth

    I’ve been waiting for the new Mac Mini since October. My family was going to give me a current model for Christmas but I asked them to hold off until the new ones are released. My MacBook Pro is still fine, but it’s on it’s last legs, and I already have a new monitor, just waiting for a new Haswell Mac Mini to plug it into.

  • Jim Paredes

    yeah i would like to see one. i love my mac mini. it’s an i5 and it’s still running strong

    • sonicfan1373

      Mine is 2009 Core 2 Duo which I am poised to upgrade. I hope Apple offers a model with Iris Pro graphics.