GTA 6 location deliberated

By Peter Chubb - Jan 25, 2014

You may wonder why some people would already be looking at Grand Theft Auto 6 seeing as though GTA V was only been released for around 4 months ago. However, this is nothing new because many fans of the franchise would have already completed the game, and while there is still a lot to do in the Online version, it’s good to see just what is possible with the next – especially as it will be built from the ground up for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

It’s not just fans of the franchise that are looking at GTA 6 ideas, as Rockstar is also. While they may not have a direction for the next title in the franchise, they do have several ideas of their own, although they still have no clue as to the direction they will go in.

GTA 6 locations – You don’t have to do much digging to find gamers talking about where they would like Grand Theft Auto VI to be set, with London being one of the most popular, which is just one example and the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve had a huge response over the past month or so from Product Reviews readers who have deliberated on what they think the location of GTA 6 should be, and so we ask that you just give them some thought and then let us know if these are good ideas or if you have any of your own?

Like Assassin’s Creed there are a minority of people who would like to see GTA set in the future, as we explained a year ago now, but such an idea was shut down because the premise of the game is said to represent our present.

GTA 6 locations

Then again, one of our readers said, “it would be cool to revisit 80s Vice City once again,” although we are not certain how many of you would share that idea with him?

If you feel as though Rockstar need to shake the franchise on its head, especially as some GTA V owners have said how they have already grown tired of the game, then another of our readers believes he has the perfect solution. He said, “I believe the perfect location for GTA 6 would be moving away from the city and move to the country, so the antagonists could be rednecks where we know there is always rivalry.”

We can see a flaw with this idea already, such a setting would not have as much focus on vehicles, and so how could you still call it Grand Theft Auto? There are still vehicles in the country but not as prominent as they are in the city, and not certain how many super cars or sports bikes you will see there?

Controversial GTA IV location – If you are sick of seeing Rockstar play it safe with locations and feel as though a move outside of the US would be better for the future of the franchise just to mix things up a little, then what about a setting in Russia?

We’ve had mafia bosses from the Eastern block in Grand Theft Auto games in the past, so why not go to the source? This is the idea of another of our readers, who suggests that going to Russia and getting embroiled in the mafia and the corruption that goes with it. Even though it is unlikely to happen, the thought of driving about in Moscow would be pretty awesome going by some of those spectacular scenes we have seen in several movies – although not sure I’d want to steal a Lada for a getaway job.

There you have it, a few possible locations for Rockstar to consider, but were there any that you think they would likely consider? While the release date for GTA 6 is still several years away, we are more than happy for the wait if rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 are true.

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  • Hargate

    Seeing this game in London would be great! Especially a lot more vehicles could be added. Such as british trucks, trains, buses, planes. Would love to see a double decker on it!

  • aldo

    Maybe Cali all the the thugs there it would be really cool and nice cars there to

  • Marco

    modification where you can put a lift kit on any truck and have mudbog races , more places that you can explore , drag racing.

  • anthony

    when you go in the mud you can get stuck and your friend can pull you out

  • adan

    I think it should be in los santos still and Michael/franklin/and/trevor should be dead and the person you will playing as should have the name dave or jimmy like Michael friend and son if you can add better graphics and better and clothes and cars you should add 6 persons to play as it will be better and add more missions that’s why everybodys bord of gta5 add like 89 or 100 I don’t know but more missions

  • Cruisin’

    1. Chicago, when Capone was runnin’ stuff

    2. “Present-day” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    3. “Present-day” Cairo, Egypt

    4. “Present-day” Cairns or Sydney, Australia

    5. “Present-day” Las Vegas

    6. “Present-day” Detroit

    7. “1904 World’s Fair or 1900s” St. Louis

    8. New York before 9/11

    9. “Present-day” Hawaii

    10. “1522-1844” Caribbean Islands

    • Cruisin”

      11. “Present-day” Mexico City

  • AaronVauto

    JApan Tokyo whichever

  • AaronVauto

    OR MAKE IT Tokyo,China

    • tom

      its japan

  • AaronVauto

    Make the location Portland Oregon

  • biggestgtafan

    how about mexico with all the cartels and violence over there it would be awesome

  • Ajmarke

    And they love fast motorbikes… And some of the racing could involve drifting competitions.

  • Ajmarke

    Japan, Tokyo. You could involve the yakuza, the scenary would look different but lots of potential to be amazing. Seedy strip clubs and karaoke bars. Seriously they should employ me.

    • AaronVauto

      I Agree with your location

  • Jacobi Coriolanus

    Rockstar is probably going to (wisely) do whatever they want simply because they make good games and everyone wants things in lesser franchises that went stale making these kinds of pandering changes.

    A) If they keep it in the US more than likely they are going to improvise a new Las Venturas since that would provide ample fodder for criminal activity. Or they might play it safe and give people an HD Vice City, although that was a deliberate homage to Scarface with its 1980s setting and isn’t definitively canon anymore.

    Or they might finally give people Carcer City or some other place.

    B) I suppose the best international location would be London because Rockstar North is a British company, the voice talent could remain manageable, and British culture and stereotypes are about as apparent as US ones around the world. Not sure how people would react to driving on the left side of the road, and I bet that has a lot to do with why Rockstar keeps going to the US, not to mention walking around the UK with an automatic rifle in itself is impossible. Rockstar is fully aware however that people who buy their games extend to all demographics, not just nerd fanboys who play Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed and they can’t get too all out or they’ll turn a lot of people off.

    Get off the “whole world” motif people, it ain’t happening. You will probably will get multiple cities like one prime location and two designate smaller areas (like Alderney) but regular people don’t have 6,000 hours to play a game single story nor do programmers have 30 years to put every detail you want and expect it to be something to sell in the record numbers. GTA sells well because its FUN, not because they are trying to make a niche game that is tedious.

    And for people who want it in the future… that would kill the series. And they aren’t going to do a historical motif, they already explore that franchise. Most of the stuff you want is done by creating a new series, not screwing up ones that already exist and work. The fact they cut girlfriends out of V and reduced friendships to more voluntary activities without stand up shows reveals most GTA fans want the game to focus more on combat and vehicle missions and less on mundane ordinary life features. Also, GTA is a game made for adults. I’m not just talking about mature content. The subject matter of every game is something you have to be a certain age to understand, its not a tale of heroic criminals, its a major underlying commentary on social ascencion in a world where the successful and powerful are just as corrupt and unhappy as the flotsam in project housing and you find out that when it comes to matters concerning money loyalty has a price. Every line of dialogue Niko Bellic used to describe Rascalov in GTA IV’s ending can apply to Michael de Santa, who the game refers many times as not the “good” guy. Yet all the 15 year olds who want to destroy the series turning it into Saints Row meets Skyrim actually believe an abusive husband who hates his son and sells out his accomplices with the government to be killed and only cares about money and his own status is a “heroic” character. Its rather obvious there’s no difference between Michael and Faustin (who also trained a protege who turned on him) or Rascalov except you get to play him. But not if you think the best selling entertainment franchise in history should reduce itself to equipping armor to fight zombies and build a shopping mall in 1920 Sakhalin islands.

  • MadDave

    What about somewhere like Detroit bring it back to being the gangsta type person like CJ in San an. It would be kinda fun to build your way from a nothing gangster to a ring leader in the rich people land

  • Keepnitrealll

    I love the idea of the southern U.S. I’m thinking bring in south Texas and Northern Mexico, two storylines, one Mexican and a Texan. Drug running, border hopping, car stealing fun in the heat of the south. DEA, border patrol, Mexican drug lords, and good ol patriotic border defending southerners. I want cars(lots of cars), many more buildings to buy including garages and houses, businesses that you can actually go into and run(I can’t believe I seriously buy business on GTA5 that I stare at from the outside), and make it bigger, give me more land. At least old San Andreas big. What it all boils down to really though is, cars, garages and customization. That’s the only thing that keeps me coming back so I would love a little more variety.


    Most of these ideas are good but no one has ever considered the south! Not redneck south, that’s kinda lame. I’m talking about Louisiana in the hurricane Katrina times. This is the best idea for it. Besides why London? Or Russia?? I personally don’t see the point, but they really should consider down south Louisiana.
    ( No I’m not from Louisiana, I’m from brooklyn New York. I just live in Tennessee at the moment and hate it with a passion many of you should visit New York, it’s an amazing experience)

    • K_DYNMT

      The direction with that idea is that your a gangsta that sells drugs, and you’ve got to survive the hurricane AS IT OCCURS! Then you must do what you have to after that, RockStar should take care of the rest. Besides, I just thought about this an hour ago

    • more

      Ya i’m tired of revisiting old cities. Chicago or the deep south would be great

    • Jacobi Coriolanus

      Not to be impolite but have you ever been to Louisiana? Its not as exciting in New Orleans as Anne Rice implies. I mean that would work for a place to get drunk and sell drugs and go to strip joints for sure, but the organized crime there is and always was a joke. You’d mostly have a story about rampant government corruption focusing on another low rent hood.

      People only think Russia because there’s a lot of gangster activity there, but I think culturally that would be too different. London is brought up a lot because of the prominence British culture has in world media following the US and Rockstar is a British company which is why you already have so many Scots and English in the series.

  • perdro

    Go to san fiero and las venturas in san andreas might aswell, gta v had the 1st half of san andreas

  • Nick

    Chicago, Cincinnati or Dallas would be good locations.

  • Chuck

    go somewhere different to all those places, have something like Sydney or Tokyo or Paris

  • Jack Le

    Dream – London, but with a nice sized map rather than the pitiful village sized urban area of gta V
    Reality – Vice City

  • Chibi Yokai

    vice city.. thats my guess and also own preference

  • Jimmy Rustle

    IN on the gangbang

  • Nesto Delos Santos

    Pun Pun, Don’t flatter yourself!

  • Pun Pun

    First Comment and I’m hot