Facebook Android app issues remain

By Matt Tran - Jan 25, 2014

The Facebook app for Android has faced a variety of problems recently and an update was released earlier this week, however issues clearly remain. There have been many complaints on the Google Play Store from frustrated users who are still experiencing trouble, with no news on an impending fix.

There have been a range of different issues that Android owners are having since the update, some users have claimed that they cant even open the app. From the feedback commented on the Play Store it looks like the most common issues are with accessing notifications, using the copy and paste function in comments and photos, editing text and crashing issues.

Facebook users experiencing these problems have mainly vented their anger by leaving a 1 star review and making their personal problems with the app known. Many of the people that left feedback have said they have had to either resort to accessing their account on a PC or by restarting the app by forcing it to close, although this does not always help the issues inside the app.


The update rolled out to fix a majority of issues on January 21st may have even created more problems according to some users, as they have experienced even more grief after downloading the patch. It is clear that Facebook need to roll out another fix imminently as the unrest is growing, especially as their app is one of the most used across the world every day.

For now it seems that the majority of frustrated owners will have to wait on Facebook to deliver a new patch. We would advise anyone who has not experienced any problems with the Facebook app to stay away from the update if they have not downloaded it already.

Have you been experiencing any of these problems on your Android device when trying to use the Facebook app? If so then let us know in the comments which issues are affecting you and the device you are having them on.

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  • Jean in TN

    Yesterday I had problems with recent notifications not showing on the notification screen. It happened yesterday morning and again last night. I uninstalled and reinstalled FB last night and that helped temporarily, but this morning the app has been worse than ever. Not only did it not load recent notifications; it also had trouble loading news feed items and would not load a group page which I was trying to view.

  • leebossa

    I’ve noticed that some graphics do not load. When someone posts shared videos from YouTube for example.
    Also i don’t see updates from my local feed. All other groups show the number of new messages. But my local feed does not. And yet there are new messages but it doesn’t show up. This is only recently and it’s on both mobile and laptop.

  • Jacqueline Marsh Rosado

    I can’t get into my secret group of which I am an admin on my laptop..it displays on my page but I click on it and nothing. As for as using the app on my cell, I can get in to the page but can’t post. Also can’t get into the admin section..very frustrating! I think I’m removing it off my cell for now. OF course, there’s noone to speak to about it..no phone number. They are just isolated in their FB ivory towers! Sorry, but on of the main reasons I’m on FB is to connect with the members in my group and I can’t do that now:(

  • Bob Gillis

    FB app still crashing constantly, have to use browser so I may as well get rid of it. As soon as the news feed loads. FB support is nonexistant. Anyone know of a different social media source other then facebook

  • DavidB99

    Fb app constantly crashes. Try to post an update and most of the time the app simply crashes. Same with comments, shares, and most other features. Never seen softwzre this bad!

  • Jarvus

    I cant access FB with the app or by browsing on my LG Optimus L70. Instagram is also not working….Fix it ASAP please. I just got this phone 2days ago and it would be nice to know before hand what phones cant access apps cus now I’m stuck without my accouts.

  • Alex

    For the last few days the Facebook app won’t connect and when I try and close it my Google apps mess up and fail to respond. I can access Facebook through my browser fine. This is very frustrating. I have tried to delete it from my tab!et but it won’t allow me to. Will have to wait on the next update and see if it works then

  • Raquel

    For about a week now I’m having to use Facebook through the browser, the ap won’t connect so no updates. It says error loading content.

    • Franny23

      I gone back to version
      After that fb app wont work for more than 20 seconds

  • Mikedub07

    Updates when accessing news feed and new notifications take FOREVER!

  • Anna Kristin

    I cant even open the app, it only says “connection lost” over and over again… i’ve tried everything!

  • knottyv8

    Won’t update news feed,not getting new messages,it’s like it just freezes,have to uninstall then install again,not liking all the access they have to different devices on your phone either,to be honest it’s just crap

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    My Samsung Galaxy S4 has this problem where I like a post but immediately unlikes it so I have to force close it and restart the app

    • Cory McDowell

      I cant access my friends list or message Without the aid of a facebook messaging app. Also im not able to post statuses without going online on my phone