Avengers Alliance Specs Op 16 with pre-patch notes

We have a heads-up for all Avengers Alliance players now, as the Spec Ops 16 release date is coming soon. Playdom has been busy preparing the massive update, which we all know will finally introduce Iceman as a playable character after heavy demand.

In the meantime though, we can see that Playdom has deployed a stealth update for the game. The official forums are down but we have the patch notes to bring you to give you an idea of what is new in the game.

Unfortunately though, we can also see many existing bugs that are in the game and the developers continue to acknowledge them – despite our continued efforts to bring to their attention.

We know that Spec Ops 16 is coming soon, but whispers suggest that it may land between within 7-10 days. We can also tell you that there will be no lockbox hero reward with Spec Ops 16, so just Iceman as the main reward this time.

Read through the patch notes here and let us know if you have any problems with Avengers Alliance that Playdom needs to fix.

It’s nice to see that Hank Pym has finally been updated with a working ‘Smartest Man in the Room’ passive.



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