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Sony invites foreshadow PS Vita Slim UK release

Sony has foreshadowed the launch of its PS Vita Slim by sending out invites to its event next week. The slim version of the PlayStation Vita is currently only available in Japan, but thanks to a cryptic message on the invites, it looks like the device will be getting its UK release.

Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest.” Those are the words that Sony has left us to mull over from the invite, surely hinting at the Slim Vita unless the PS3 is being trimmed down once again which does seem very unlikely.

The event takes place next Thursday, the 30th of January and will likely be the announcement of a global launch for the new Vita. You can see what the official invitation from Sony look like here.

Not only will the PlayStation Vita slim add another option to Sony’s lineup, it will also help the PS4 which features Vita connectivity and functionality. We saw sales of the regular Vita explode over Christmas, after the release of the PlayStation 4 with players wanting to get in on the act using both consoles.

We expect if this is the announcement Sony will make that the release will come in due course, likely in mid February. The price in Japan for the handheld device is 19,929 yen, which works out at about £116, although we may face higher prices than this unfortunately.

Are you excited to see a potential PS Vita Slim release in the next few weeks, will you buy one?



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