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New 2014 tablets may include 4K, 3D without glasses

Here’s something from CES 2014 that we think may have slipped under the radar. We know that a lot of new 2014 tablets are on the horizon thanks to the event, but did you know that work is underway to also unleash 4K tablets, with a 3D picture that doesn’t need a pair of 3D glasses?

This tablet is on the way in the future and it will be provided to us thanks to Stream TV Networks. At CES, the company unveiled their new Ultra-D technology, with a 4K 3D display screen that was viewable without glasses.

These screens will be coming to TVs soon, with the ability to display full 4K with 8 million pixels in 2D using Ultra‐D technology.

Standard 3D minus glasses will be available with a 2160p resolution picture the company promises, which is obviously already very impressive compared to what your standard 1080p TV does with 3D at the moment.

The technology is at an early stage though, especially with regards to seeing it on a tablet. From what we see, 4KTVs with glasses-less 3D will be available first on the market in the coming months. After that, we will then see Stream TV Networks shift their attention to tablets.

Are you ready to see glasses-less 3D make a push again in 2014?
Are you ready to see glasses-less 3D make a push again in 2014?

Here’s the technology in a nutshell straight from a press release:

“Using complex algorithms, Ultra-D technology converts standard HD content so that Blu-ray discs and programming from cable, satellite, and internet services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others can now be seen in 4K glasses-free 3D.”

We’re not sure about you, but this technology sounds extremely exciting, especially when thinking about enjoying it in the palm of your hand on a tablet.

We hear that Marvel has already signed up with their interest in Ultra-D technology, while we’re sure many others will soon follow.

Are you interested in seeing these 4K glasses, free 3D tablets come to market in 2014? Stay tuned for more information as we get it.



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