GTA V Zombies mod more fun than cheats

- Jan 24, 2014

The first thing we wanted to try once Grand Theft Auto V released was the cheats and this is purely thanks to enjoying them so much in GTA IV, so it was more about taking a look at how good cheats would be in GTA V. Rockstar offered a more complicated way of changing gameplay with cheats in GTA V, which involved putting in a combination of buttons rather than just make a phone call and they couldn’t be saved like in the previous game.

These were great fun at first, but then we learned about GTA V mods and how much fun can be had by adding these to your game. Rather than looking for some sort of “GTA V invincibility”, why not take a look at the first video below this article that has been uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 days. It reveals some of the latest gameplay for GTA V mods and features some Zombies.

The GTA V Zombies mod can be seen at 35 seconds in and is pretty awesome considering this is not PC gameplay, thanks to the lack of release, so console owners might love to try some of the mods showcased in the video. You will see just under 4 minutes of gameplay including Tsunami, Joker And Laser Gun, Flying Car, Gun Enlargement, and of course the GTA V Zombies mod.

Back in 2012 we asked if “GTA 5 is right of zombies“, and as you can see from the video below it certainly is and looks great fun but will take a little work before being able to start.

If you are wondering how to get GTA V mods, then you should see the second video below that reveals just how to do it on Xbox 360 and PS3 with putting your game save on a USB stick.

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  • Denz

    Don’t even have GTA V( but I’ve played it) and still wanna do the zombies mod

  • TONY

    I just don’t like the idea of hacking my GTA 5 save game file, is there another way to add mods to GTA 5 on PS3?

  • Billy

    I still can’t get enough of zombies to this day and that includes in GTA 5, I will be trying the zombies mod.

    • all reddy 5noe

      i want to try