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Google Chrome OS exploit rewarded at Pwnium 4 2014

There are many events throughout the world that actually rewards hackers rather than convict them, and one such event is Pwnium 4, with the latest being held in March 2014. If you want to find an exploit in Google Chrome OS, then you need to plan now if you want the chance to be rewarded.

A total of $2.71828 million has been put aside for the price fund, and even though the event is being held in Canada, that figure is US dollars. The amount you win will depends on the level of the exploit you have managed to find.

Levels of Pwnium rewards – The first level is for compromising Chrome OS on a system level in guest mode or if you are logged in as a user. The total amount you can win for this is $110,000 USD.

Google Chrome OS exploit rewarded

The next level will require the hacker to compromise more of Google Chrome OS, such as in guest to guest, and if you manage to exploit this you will walk away with $150,000 USD.

That’s not all because for this year there are several bonuses up for grabs, although no details have been shared as to what these bonuses are. However, we do know that you will have to find some rather difficult exploits in the operating system.

In order to attend you will need to put your Pwnium 4 entry in by 5:00 p.m. PST, March 10, 2014, which you can do by email. For full details visit the dedicated Chromium Projects page on Pwnium 4.



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