Galaxy S4, S3 Android 4.3 troublesome update

- Jan 24, 2014

Samsung has shocked users with their Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update that has been troublesome to say the least. Problems started right after the new software released towards the end of last year, but users soon saw the update pulled and then re-released shorty after with a new and improved version.

Even after the fixes to both Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 updates, it seems that the flagship smartphones continued to experience problems with the masses reporting these issues in forums and on popular phone blogs.

Now many weeks on, we are still hearing about issues with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. These glitches include the phone freezing, extreme battery drain, a bad Wi-Fi connection, the web browser crashing, and much more.

One Product Reviews reader stated, “My Galaxy SIII had the new Android 4.3 update installed just yesterday and after it unpacked my phone froze right after the splash screen, and all the so-called fixes I tried didn’t do anything”. Another Added, “I’m amazed that Samsung and carriers cannot get this right, especially considering they’re built on communication and find it hard to talk openly about the problems to their users. After updating 3 weeks ago, my battery life is a joke and the multitasking windows have major issues”.


It should be noted that most of the problems seen in comments relate to Verizon Wireless and AT&T US carriers, although the issues continue to be reported even in the last few hours with users claiming their phones are still freezing.

If you own Samsung’s Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S3 with the Android 4.3 update, do you have any problems since installing?

It will be interesting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update problems are fixed before Android 4.4 KitKat is released, although I’m sure it won’t please users that need a fix right now.

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  • Nette Hughes

    I have the Galaxy 4. Thought it was the best phone I had ever had until the last update. My clock app that comes on phone with the stop watch, world click, and alarm clock stopped working. I contacted tech dupport. We went everything they could think of to fix the problem to no avail. So they sent a new phone. But it did the same thing. After 3 new phones all doing the same thing, they finally told me to contact Samsung. I did and they had me send in the phone for repair. They sent it back to me saying there was nothing wrong but the phone does the same thing. I have downloaded an app from play store but it aggravates me to pay $500 for a phone that does not work properly. Is anyone else having similar problems?

  • susan m

    I may be slow on the mark, but I updated my galaxy s4 phone only a couple of days ago and it is the worst thing I did. It is constantly freezing, fails to give me notifications, my battery is on super drain.. after a full charge it isn’t even lasting 6 hours, that’s with all data and wifi off.. my phone is unusable for any length of time???? how do I fix this??? It even gave me trouble answering calls.

  • chris g

    Phone freezes during screen rotation. Started right after 4.3. Tried everything I can think of. Samsung support rep says he is unaware if any problems with the update… thinking that new htc might be my next phone. Loved my samsung but this isnt right at all. Sad s3.

  • Brian Alcantara

    I only installed the 4.3 update on my S3 today. Everything seems fine with the exception my all my email accounts. I can see the email in the inbox but when I try to access the email, I am not seeing the body of the message. I can open attachments. This is happening across the board i.e. hotmail, gmail. Any advice here???

  • pazmiamor

    Is anyone else having problems trying to post directly from your gallery to send out a picture? My gallery foreclose’s every time I want to post a picture to Facebook or to send a picture through a text.


    i have a galaxy s4 and it doesnt even have the update yet. can anyone help?

  • sjw

    Im in the uk and my phone freezes now and again somtimes reboots itself but the main problem is I keep getting a message saying wifi unstable so I cannot get internet to top it off my signal is shocking in my house so cannot get any internet this has all happened since the jelybean update 4.3 the phone was fine since the last update im starting to get the mardys with it any suggestions on how to fix this???

  • wt

    i actually didnt have major problems until today. my wifi keeps turning on when i turn it off. it sucks cause its going to drain my battery. its weird cause it just started today and ive updated my phone since nov 13′

  • lexrhomb

    I’m based in Australia, so i’m not using a US carrier and am having major problems with my S4 since the 4.3 update. Along with epic battery drain, my phone will randomly freeze and go into a perpetual reboot mode but never actually startup – the only way to stop this seems to be removing the battery & waiting about 10 mins to try to start it up again. I’ve been told by my carrier that they can do a warranty return….but if this is a software problem i dont see how a repair/replacement is going to fix the issues.

  • Curtis Quick

    My wife has been having problems with her SII and it looks more and more like its time to get her a Lumia. I’m going for a 1520 myself, but she dos not want a phone that large.

  • Carlo

    To put it mildly, that’s the disadvantage of going for an Android phone. If you need a big screen at 5″, try Blackberry Z30. Now you can you can run 95% of Android apps natively in BB10.2.1. Not as fluid as iOS put at par. A well-thought of OS unlike crappy Android. I ditched my xperia phones.

  • Kenny

    My s4 works great with the update…

  • Steven

    I put developer mode on my S4 to see what was causing the freezing while typing after the 4.3 update. Told it to tell me if any background app was locking up. Turns out the crappy S Health that I never use was locking up at the time of the freeze. I’ve disabled it and not had any freezing since.

  • Joe S-lütt

    The update sucks totaly . My battery is empty in a few hours, wifi sucks. And the browser freeze al the time.i got my update 2 days ago.

  • Dusty Michael

    Mine continues to show the documents download over and over. I clear them then they come back. Plus battery is taking forever to charge.

    • dogger

      I have the same problem. Any solution?

  • Khalil Mac

    My notification trey will come down on its own after every phone call. I always have to push the call end Button twice to end a phone call.

  • anth

    My games and phone are still freezing and its driving me nuts I am on the 4s and I am not reseving what I pay for can anyone help?