FIFA 14 invisible ball glitch, Xbox One fix desired

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 24, 2014

During our ongoing review of FIFA 14 we noticed an invisible ball glitch that happened on the Xbox One, but we have since realized that a fix is being desired on PS4 as well and seems to be a common problem on both next-gen consoles.

We experienced the FIFA 14 invisible ball glitch first when playing as Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona, although quitting the game on Xbox One and then restarting with another team didn’t fix the issue. We even tried a restart of the console and quitting the game, but again any FIFA 14 team still seems to result in an invisible ball and this is the first time it happened.


It is worth noting that we have only experienced this problem within the last hour and it still hasn’t gone away, so we might yet find a quick solution or an update to FIFA 14 may fix the invisible ball issue. As you can imagine, it is a big deal considering the game is pretty much unplayable like this.


Have you experienced this invisible ball glitch in FIFA 14 on the PS4 or Xbox One? We’d love to hear from those that experienced this problem and especially any Product Reviews readers that managed to find a fix, so leave a comment below.

We have heard from some people already that met an invisible ball in FIFA 13 and they managed to fix the problem by changing the default ball, although we cannot confirm if this works in FIFA 14 yet, so again feel free to leave a comment if you’ve found a fix by using a method from a previous football game on PS3 or Xbox 360.

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  • Jon

    This happens to me on Xbox 360 everytime Match Gameday is turned on. If I turn that off, then I see the ball. So you have the option of invisible ball and updated roster or visible ball and old rosters…

  • jtuda

    This happened to me both times I played the online season. I even changed the ball in the game settings. I just updated the game that day also. Smh.

  • Ayo Akinbo

    This problem is also on the ps3. I just updated squads and got this same problem