AlienWare Steam Machine is upgradeable, mods arduous

By Peter Chubb - Jan 24, 2014

AlienWare managed to upset gamers when they said its Steam Machine would not be able to be upgraded, which seemed like a stupid move for PC gaming. However, they have since backtracked, or as they have called it made it clearer what they actually meant.

They have said that its interpretation of the Steam Machine will be upgradeable in a recent Eurogamer report, although mods will be arduous. So why did they not just come out and say from the start that modding would be possible, but doing so would be very hard to do, it would have saved all that anger and confusion?

Not being able to update AlienWare’s Steam Machine would have been such a stupid move so we just cannot understand Frank Azor’s thinking when he made the claim that there would be no customization options.

He also added that if you wanted a modified Steam Machine, then you would be better off choosing one of their other AlienWare systems – not exactly the best way to promote a new device is it?

We can understand that some of the other devices are easier to upgrade, but if a gamer wants to customize a Steam Machine, then they have the right to do so.

Steam Machine looks set to be a huge deal in 2014 because a number of companies have already announced their support for the project, and we especially like this Steam Machine gameplay with what is said to be cheap controller.

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  • Josh101

    I think the Steam machine would have worked alot better not being released by over 13 different companies. How the hell are they going to market those things? When I walk into Wal-mart or Best Buy am I going to see 13 different kiosks with the different machines? The mainstream consumer is not going to waste their time learning the differences between systems. They will walk right over to Xbox or Playstation.
    Valve would have been better off releasing one machine on their own and released their own upgrades every 6-12 months. That way publisher and developers have a standard to work with. A console that is upgradeable.
    Why would the PC enthusiast buy any one of these consoles? The PC players that want to game on the couch already do so, with their PC hooked up to their T.V. and using a Xbox or PS controller. They probably also can build better PC’s at a cheaper price than Alienware will ever launch.