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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon update in 2014

We have a quick heads-up for those of you who are still using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Verizon. The popular little tablet has received an update, but this update offers one new feature that deserves closer inspection.

Despite being released way back in 2011, we’re pleased to see that old Big Red are still finding the time to give some love those those loyal consumers who refuse to part with their Galaxy Tab 7.7

This week, a new update should be available for the tablet – identified as IMM76D.LP11. It doesn’t contain a long list of change notes, but it just features one notable change.

Now, users will be able to consumer less power from the Tab 7.7 when charging the device while it is switched off. While it is nothing major we agree, it could end up saving you that extra bit of money on your electricity bill which will obviously delight a lot of you out there.

Confirmation of this change can be seen here and as we said above, the update should be rolling out right now. If you haven’t received an OTA notification yet, you can head to your device settings and see if you can push the update manually.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we saw a similar update on other new tablets on the market? If you own this tablet and have already installed this update – let us know if you have any feedback to offer regarding the lower electricity consumption during power-off charging.



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