PS4 vs. Xbox One and Wii U, early review of usage

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 23, 2014

The Nintendo Wii U gained a much earlier release than both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it seemed like gamers in their millions held out for what some called true next-generation console gaming. Now that both PS4 and Xbox One past their release dates, we can see how the Wii U performs vs. PS4 and Xbox One in terms of retail sales.

In this article we won’t get too much into sales figures, you can read about the Xbox One vs. Wii U lifetime sales in this article, although we will look at our usage for the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U since owning all three consoles in an office and family environment. In terms of games for each of these home game consoles, it is true that Xbox One and PS4 are limited at this time and Wii U has a lot of family games, but this will change a lot in 2014.

Our usage of PS4 vs. Xbox One and Wii U – we were late to the Nintendo Wii U party and purchased months after launch, but this was due to wanting more family time with many games that allowed the whole family to game in an interactive way. The GamePad certainly mixes things up, we noticed this pre-launch at Euro Gamer in London, but in the family environment you truly understand how much fun a family of 5 can have on Wii U.

Mario has been great fun on Wii U with us all taking turns on the GamePad to play in a different way, but everything changed once the PS4 and Xbox One released. Needing all three consoles to review games is nice, but we have heard from a number of gamers that also like to have more than one console to open them up to exclusive games.

Some people like to have the Wii U and either PS4 or Xbox One, which offers a great mix of family and hardcore gaming. The same cannot be said for those that really don’t understand the desire for Wii U, some of these people like to own both PS4 and Xbox One then purchase games on either platform. One Product Reviews reader said, “Once I own both machines I’m only going to buy the game on one of them, so it’s the best of both next-gen consoles and allows the purchase of PS4 or Xbox One exclusives as well”.

We don’t all have money for more than one console, so this is where we need to work out what best suits us. What works for one gamer, won’t necessarily be good for another gamer. This is especially the case for people that have been a fan of Xbox or PlayStation for many years, it would be hard to switch brand although some people have done it for PS4 and Xbox One. Did you switch brand this generation of consoles, and if so why?

Everything changed since Xbox One and PS4 launched – while Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great reason still to play PS3 or Xbox 360, since the new consoles launched everything changed with our time spent on those systems and Wii U.

Ryse is amazing on Xbox One and gives us a taste of the graphics to come and Dead Rising 3 is complete madness along with impressing by the amount of zombies on one screen, although both of these games are exclusive to Xbox One. On the PS4, we can’t help but love playing Killzone: Shadow Fall and there’s plenty of great games for both systems like Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4 and COD: Ghosts.

Our personal preference for FPS is Battlefield 4, it really stepped things up this generation in terms of graphics and immersion. The reason we love Need for Speed: Rivals is thanks to the game mixing racing and action perfectly, in our opinion.

There’s a lot more to come in terms of Xbox One and PS4 games throughout 2014, see the list here, and each machine will offer some great exclusives to aim to entice new buyers.

Sadly, the Wii U hasn’t had much time since PS4 and Xbox One launched, which certainly changed how much family time we have gaming together. The Sony/Microsoft consoles deliver a lot more for the hardcore gamer and we expect some amazing party games soon, bring on SingStar please Sony, but while Wii U offers much better family games at this time the appeal of PS4/Xbox One pulls us away from gaming as a whole family on Wii U.

This is only how we use the three so-called next-gen consoles, although we would love to hear in the comments what you like to play on your chosen console? Where do you think each system shines best so far?


You can see the Wii U vs. Xbox One, and PS4 with a review by specs via this article.

Nintendo won’t just sit and take a beating and this is seen in rumors of a new Wii U in the works, and a price cut to the current system seemed obvious and another signal for new hardware.

Bottom-line: Some gamers will always claim “Xbox One and PS4 are for FPS gamers and Wii U more for family”, then you’ll see some Wii U owners take offence to being told “the Wii U isn’t for hardcore games”. We will leave Product Reviews readers to debate why the PS4, Xbox One or Wii U is the better console overall.

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  • Vahit

    PS4 Will Win This Battle !

  • Albert

    Here is my environment I play on the WII U or PS4 away from the TV while kids the available console and wife watches the TV and everyone is Happy. Not to mention kids just hogging the 3DS. Man Nintendo gimme a break here I don’t want to have to buy a 3rd 3DS just so I can play zelda.

  • Josh101

    One important thing you missed. You could definately have fun for the whole family. With a PS4/Vita and a WiiU. Remote-play your PS4 on your PS Vita while your family plays the WiiU. You can still get your hardcore gaming fix and your family isn’t complaining that you are hogging the t.v.

  • Albert

    If you want the best games go with PS4/WII U. Xbox is just too much money for purchasing for buying 1 game and then lets not forget Xbox Live. Plus I cant even resell the games. Sorry Microsoft I’m skipping you and will get my fix with the PS4 and the WII U. BTW with this setup I’ve had the most entertaining new years ever.

    • Cel

      i still go for ps4/wii u but you do know that xbox one games are resell able right?

    • Sabih Ijaz

      You can actually resell the games, and PS4 also requires paying to play online.

  • Wilson

    Xbox One smashes the PS4 games lineup, the reason I went Xbox once again, also the camera is included and much better quality.


      How wrong are you, there’s enough PS4 games to keep me busy and the lineup for 2014 is really impressive.

      • dave

        Massive fan of Playstation exclusives, especially anything from Naughty Dog (The Last of Us is simply THE best game I have ever played), so I will always stick with PS4.

    • Alex Whitfield

      Better? Don’t lie to make it seem good. All the professional reviews are lit up with how kinect 2 has the same problems the old one had with inaccurate commands and having to essentialy yell at it. Plus the 50% weaker is showing with most games running at 720 hd with only 25 – 40 frames per second vs ps4 running near all at 1080 hd with 40 – 60 frames per second.
      Plus reviews lit up with how poorly integrated the whole control television thing is.
      Throw all this on top of no included charging and it isn’t openable/fixable and no upgradable hard drive the console as a whole is crap.
      Plus let us not forget xb1 is holding the highest failure rate at this time and its exclusives usually find their way on other platforms and its a $ 100 more.
      Why do you want this?

  • Darren

    I’m loving Rye on XBox One, but agree that it takes me away from family too much.