GTA V Heists demand prompts Rockstar statement

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2014

We are now approaching February 2014, but unfortunately there is still no sign of the highly anticipated GTA V Heists release date. Meanwhile, Rockstar has released more custom Jobs for GTA Online, but it seems that players are only interested in talking about Heists and Rockstar may be starting to grow tired of the demands.

As most of you are aware, Heists was originally planned as add-on free GTA V DLC ‘shortly after launch’. This timeframe appeared to be a nightmare for many gamers though, as Rockstar instead decided to focus on improving other areas of the game.

Heists is still nowhere to be seen though and this week, we have seen Rockstar update the game with more online Jobs instead. What took our attention though, is a statement in the comment section of their latest update.

We’ve included that statement below in its entirety, have a look:

Are Rockstar getting frustrated with constant Heists requests?

Are Rockstar getting frustrated with constant Heists requests?

As you can see, Rockstar are getting tired of all the demands for Heists and have been forced to warn players to ‘stay on topic’ at all times in their comment section. Basically put, they only want players to talk about the new Jobs for the moment and not about new unreleased content such as Heists.

Is this an indication that Rockstar are now starting to get angry with the persistent requests? After all, put yourself in the developers shoes for a moment and imagine working on add-on content, only for fans to dismiss it each time as they look for Heists to release instead.

Is the community in danger of not being appreciative of the work that Rockstar puts into GTA Online perhaps? That statement above has started an interesting debate we feel so let us know what you stand on this.

Do you understand Rockstar for growing tired of the constant talk of Heists?

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  • Austin Goss

    Hell I had the game, and sold it. I am waiting until heists come out to buy another copy

  • Froztken

    I’m the biggest Rockstar supporter but GTA Online has been out for over 4 months and all we know about the main feature is… nothing… Fans frustration is absolutly understandable. GTA V was great but the Online…

  • T C

    Rockstar really screwed the pooch. They released a game that wasn’t complete, and is just trickleware. Lame job Rockstar. I am level 94, haven’t cheated, its taken months of playing missions and races, and well im really bored!! Give us more content. Whats the point of a crew if you can’t use it? EPIC FAILURE!!!

  • JMick44

    No i dont understand their frustrations they created their own demons with this because they made the heists so big and it was such a big deal for gta online ! if they didnt want people to act like this they shouldnt have hyped it up the way they did so they should shut up wit the complaining and release them all ready thats all ppl want and as a player i really dont play the game anymore so much stuff has come out including the new gens and gta isnt even out on those ppl are keeping old gens just for the heists and they are waiting and waiting to release them

  • john nemeth

    F*ck rockstar they suck! How dare you defend them like its our fault we are pissed theres still no heists!!! The game is boring now heists are the only thing that would still be fun it shoulda been released months ago!!!!!
    Why do I have a heist room if I never get to use it?!!!!!
    Why do outside players still not show up on mini map and kill me when I’m in a 1 on 1 death match with someone else?!!! It’s weak yo!!!! Fix that shat already damn!!!!!

  • wizard timelord

    the point is, heists were advertised as being in the game at the start on launch, however it’s been a few months since then. we know literally nothing about their current situation. it’s easy to point a finger at us and say “stop being spoiled brats”, but they’re not giving us answers to questions that we are repeatedly asking. by keeping this a secret and telling us to stop asking about it, we’re just going to grow more and more excited/annoyed/curious.

  • Stephen Hanford

    Rockstar already released heist. It was when they screwed us all and stole all our in game dollars. It would be brilliant if they lowered the price on high end cars or at least give us the ability to keep high end cars found in game but make them a rare spawn or high priority vehicle. There are a few missions that can earn $15000 but after youve done them in excess of 1000 times they can and are pretty boring. They also need to organise the online awards system as ive done a million spins n flips in my vehicle and still not got my platinum award and my measly 800RP. Over and out

  • gtrpunk

    The question at the end of the article should read “Does Rockstar understand it’s gamers for growing tired of the constant delay of Heists?”

  • DaViD_MiLLs

    I think we, as loyal fans(most of us), deserve to be at the very least updated frequently when we’re promised something and then not given it.
    The absence of the Heists isn’t really the issue here though. V online is an animal R* created with the way the game is set up. For V online to work the way R* wants it to there need to be constant updates and added content. Doing the same missions over and over will work for a while but eventually you need to keep adding content to generate drive for things.
    But it needs to be the right content. As someone else said, beach clothes and a broken bottle will not generate that drive. More properties, cars, more missions and more mods are what’s needed right away. With heists and open building interiors needed for future entertainment.
    If they just add the heists it will flop quickly because there is nothing new to buy for many people who have already bought most everything available because of boredom.
    All those multi-million dollar mansions up in the hills as well as properties all over and in all price ranges need to be released asap. Generate the need to make money and the gamers will be content and have drive to play the game. Without this aspect, earning a few hundred thousand dollars from a heist is going to get old real fast.

  • Troy Layman

    GTA had time to get there stuff together. They had since 2008 to get the game ready they have the people to make so it should have been done by now. So rockstar has no rights to not have it done. They had first blamed the reason for it not being finished is because of moding, they had all said it’s because players didn’t need the money because we have tons but now since they took our money away they should have it up now.

    • Joseph Gibbsey Gibbs

      well troy, I’m sure you are aware that rockstar didnt just do gta IV and then stopped for 5 years, they also had LA NOIRE, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 to work on

      • Dan

        separate developers are used for those projects, there might be the odd dev who worked across multiple titles but its not likely, not a valid excuse in my opinion

  • G man

    I feel that if the price on the items on GTA V wasn’t set to ridiculous amounts then the demand for heists wouldn’t so overwhelming. Everything you want or need requires 4 (smallest gun no attachment) to 7 (vehicles&mods) figure income and job give you the most 4 to 5 figures 6 if your in survival. With that being said if heist (with reasonable payouts considering price of in game items) were out from the jump or near the release or the game players wouldn’t have been prompted to cheat. Not saying that players wouldn’t have cheated on money but I do believe there would have been a lot less cheaters. I’m currently a level 63 and its been a hard grind in GTA V I was poor had a small garage with 2 cars(none of which were purchased) till a good Samaritan gave me wealth at level 59, I know its a process to create a game and its content but the heist should have been front and center considering the price ranges on the game.

  • Seth Forsman

    GTA Online was a huge failure for Rockstar, and instead of bandaging it, they just keep shooting themselves in the foot. Give the customers what they want, which is heists, not things they don’t want, like a van and a broken bottle.

  • David Rutawitz

    as much as i love making 14 dollars after every deathmatch or job…

  • dLv

    to be completely honest I feel like Rockstar Games is just saying f*** everybody and just spending all their money living the rich life. this game was the fastest selling entertain a product ever they made a lot of money off of us. they should be updating do this game with DLCs every month. that beach bum update was stupid as hell. I do thank Rockstar Games for making a great ass game but obviously they’re not living up to the hype

    • G966

      Rockstar only had 1 player heists multiplayer heists is more players that’s a lot of work friend

  • The Dramatic One

    Honestly the more they make us wait the more it feels like they have nothing planned.Kinda like they bit off more than they could handle.If they didn’t promise and get people all hyped just to up sells then people wouldn’t be complaining its 2014 and they haven’t said anything about heist yet.So please excuse us if we can’t stop asking about it.

  • Yoyoyooyoyo

    They promoted the heists. It should have been out already. They $10,000 for ammo, of course we want the rest of the game! Hurry up already. I’m going to start a boycott. I never cheated but now I feel I should have…

  • mustachewarlord

    Instead of prolonging the dlc, they really need to start getting it out ASAP. People are tired of waiting for the unkept promises. The Xbox one is out GTAV is not on the next gen. You can’t just prolong something and expect people to keep hanging on. Rockstar hasn’t wronged me until this game. Get the dlc see out now. Have all of the dlc out my the end of first quarter. Just some simple advice

  • Domenic Candeloro

    How bout the fact I bought the game just for that reason to play online and heist so sorry they are mad but I spent my money on a false advertise game that will sit unused till.heist start so I’m angry

    • Joseph Gibbsey Gibbs

      Wow, really, you only bought gta for online you moron. Its people like you that make PC gamers mock us console gamers

      • Multiplayerftw

        So did I. I also mainly game on PC. Why you may ask? Simple. Single player is boring. I like to play against people who can think. Not ai that seems like its from last century. Not look after allies who constantly run into bullets. Plus the fact that it lasts for about 10 hours. Unless you have the mentality of a 6 year old and walk round finding collectibles.

        • Guest

          Or if you have no patience, and have ADHD. Can’t stop to watch a cutscene and enjoy the game. The campaign is well over 10 hours and is well worth the time to play it through. Also implying people can think on a game dealing with violence. Funny. They’re just as bad, especially the auto-aim players. Like playing AI anyways.

  • Jerralegion

    If the fans are constantly asking for and talking about heists then why doesn’t rockstar release it first and THEN work on other content? Seems pretty straight forward to me, give the people what they want!

  • Gimme Heist NOW

    I own every single rockstar game huge fan. but they dropped the ball big time! i want heists and i want it now not in 40 months NOW along with all other users, tired of robbing gas stations for 1k …..stupid.

  • christon

    they said heists we was all ready for it now we waiting 5 to 6 months for it not good at all!!

  • Ade

    I’d prefer it if they fixed all the existing glitches before releasing anymore DLC. They obviously can’t cope with what they created. . .

  • MattyP

    Its not that we are growing tired, but are becoming restless.with all of the hype for gta5 and then the colossal boom in which it was received, we cannot help but to want more, Rockstar has become a slave to their own success, congratulations, wasn’t that the goal?

  • Fleet Admiral Josh

    I can’t wait for heists to come out so that people can then complain about how lame they are, or how they were expecting to earn more money from them, or how there are only X number of heists and they’ve done them all and are already bored of them and demand rockstar release their next planned DLC or else they’ll never buy another game from them again.

  • Dave Haffely

    Rockstar told us heists would be released within weeks of launch. That was a lie. There wouldn’t be a problem if they had originally told us heists would be sometime in 2014. Every day is another day later than what gamers feel promised. Put yourself in the developers shoes? The developers should put themselves in the gamers shoes and they would understand why people are pissed. Duh.

    • bob

      When exactly did they say heists would be within weeks? I remember hearing sometime after release.

  • gtrpunk

    Is this the free speech zone then?

  • AJ

    Id rather it take longer to come out so that way you know it wont have any problems! If they rushed it due to public demands then it would be like the first week or so when the game was launched and it may not work properly, it cant exactly be an easy job building additional content to meet preferences of every player! I think there is much more to do on gta online than just missions, im level 78 and im nowhere near getting bored with the game! I got around 2 billion dollars due to hackers so, unlike everyone else ive noticed, put it on a different character and didn’t exploit it, if some people do not even reach level 20 and has houses and cars through exploiting hackers generosity then how do you expect to still be interested when you have already achieved everything! All im trying to say is stop having a go at rockstar, im pretty sure they are trying their hardest, and that it would be best to wait and get something perfect than persist and get something that doesn’t work properly and glitches!! Rant Over……

  • Jason A

    Rockstar is destroying their reputation. I for one will not buy another rockstar game.

    • maurid

      Pft, please. Of course you will.

    • Joseph Gibbsey Gibbs

      Because GTA online tbh wasn’t that neccessary

  • Jack

    I was level 7 one night. The next day I logged in to online and there was roughly 56/57 million sitting in my pocket, i chucked it in my bank and i thought, NICE ONE!! I had the money for i say about 3 weeks, buying big houses, planes, dumper trucks, boats, cars, living the millionaire life, then BAM! i logged back onto online and i had 75,000 pounds sitting in my bank, i was not happy, but i couldn’t complain as i still had my cars houses and boats! To be honest i am getting quite bored of online now and i am only level 19. I am getting bored of stealing ‘coke’ for a measly 2,500 pounds. I would end up engrossed back in the game if they brought out missions that paid out a lot better, and i would love it even better if there was heists in the game like we was promised with a big pay out maybe in the millions? that would be nice! if there are no heists being included in the online mode then i think the missions need to have at least a better pay out, so we can buy more weapons of mass destruction and cause more havoc within the game! i am hoping ROCKSTAR can get there minds in creative mode and come up with a solution for this problem.

    • Keir Boyko

      that was a money glitch. u moron.

  • Djay

    Rockstar in my opinion, is screwing up. They made a lot of improvements
    from GTA IV going I to GTA V but they should’ve kept certain elements
    that made GTA IV’s multiplayer great. Like no Friendly Fire, No Traffic
    that way, if people want to just drive around in their sports cars they
    can do just that or just screw around with cops. I can’t even drive
    around in my Vacca or Cheetah without some idiot shooting my tires out
    for no reason. And the most you can make in a mission is 10k. Rockstar
    expects people to slave away doing missions to spend all the money on 1
    car or 1 house and they get mad and patch glitches that help people make
    more money. Rockstar is acting like a bunch of idiots. Screw DLC, put
    the heists in! Then maybe we’ll all care about DLC after. Honestly
    sometimes I feel like playing GTA IV BOGT, but I’m pretty sure it’s a
    ghost town on there with little to no people playing it. I personally hate the whole levels thing they put in, this isn’t Runescape. People being a certain level gives them access to RPGs and such than other people. Most people, at least I hope so, are older and not everybody has time to sit in front of their television and be level 135. By what means? Doing survival mode a thousand times and robbing the same stores a million times. It should’ve been the same structure from GTA IV, Level 1-10 but you have to put in a lot of work to be level 10. I started playing GTA IV in ’09 and I wounded up level 9 over time.

  • baws

    they are just taking their time so people buy the cash cards
    nobody wants anymore stupid jobs, they need to focus all attention on the heists.

  • Jaketheslayer

    Well to be honest this was a content that was promised with the game so i would rather see the heiest than a couple of jobs that pay next to no money for your time and effort in my oppion rockstar are just trying to milk as much money from their cash cards before they release a good way to make money a.k.a the heiest.

  • hayden

    what they should do is stop tryna fix the glitches for once and make what people want and fix all the glitches later on cos it feels like they are losing people and the GTA V hasnt even been out a whole year and people are getting sick of them

    • Lambery

      Maybe people shouldn’t cheat so they could work on heists rather than glitch patching.

      • Frank

        Maybe if Rockstar would have came out with the heist when they said they were going to then people would not feel the urge to cheat

        • Fleet Admiral Josh

          yeah…like releasing heists would have kept people from taking advantage of money cheats. LMAO

        • Joseph Gibbsey Gibbs

          Frank even if heists was day one, people would still hack for money

  • Brandon Hurston

    what up with GTA V, you can’t boost any of the other player’s cars. why call the game grand theft auto when you cant really still anyones car that might get upset about it?you should be able to steal their car from them either on the road are out of their can alrady by insurance how hard would it be to add theft to the option choices?the game already has security hacking missions, why can’t we use that to hack someones’s garardge? the game just don’t live up to the name. it’s just another single person shooter game that you get to drive cars in.

    • Yadhu

      Its because on GTA Online people have the option in their inventory menu…you know when you hold down the select button….to have their cars restriscted to crew, friends, crew and friends and no one….I have mine on no one because i dont want any one to steal it…

  • Brandon Hurston

    this game is called grand theft auto but yet you can’t boost any of the other players cars.whats up with that? we should be able to steal them and sell them at LSC or some kind of chopshop to make money. what gives Rockstar?

  • Not a cat

    The only reason people are nagging them is because they said it would be out shortly after online was available so almost 4 months on and still no signs of heists the community is getting tired of new custom jobs that are similar to all the other jobs instead of receiving a totally new type of job which would increase the popularity of then game whereas now people are getting bored cause they are just stuck doing the same thing day after day on the gta online servers

  • christopher

    i will make it blunt if rockstar don’t release heist by end of January. the game will probably loose almost all traffic online. also if rock star releases the story mode DLC first then the hiest this will kill the game. so rockstar you fixed the hacking now finish the game or you will destroy the biggest game of the year.

  • casinomoney1991

    damn… i wouldve never thought that ROCKSTAR listens to us fans.

    • Riggstheexile

      they dont. they are just waiting for the cash cow to dry up (shark card purchases) be for adding an easy way to earn a lot of cash. I bet the BAWSAQ is still down!

  • MB

    Already traded in that junk to GameStop. Won’t be buying another GTA; I promise that!

    • PastorOfMuppets6


  • Gamer887

    Personally I am happy that Rockstar is getting annoyed with the pressure they are receiving from fans and the fact that their online content releases are not being appreciated. After months of missed deadlines and empty promises Rockstar demonstrated that it does not appreciate the fan base it has developed over the years and now they are simply dealing with the consequences. The appreciation and respect I had for Rockstar was based on the quality of previous games and had they dealt with the delay and online issues more efficiently by providing gamers with more information and accurate release dates, they might still have my respect and appreciation. Hopefully for the sake of my fellow gamers they step up their act, I personally have given up on GTA 5 and have not missed it since moving it to my stack of games that I no longer play and simply keep to fill up my game shelf.

  • Roger Lamm

    Yes there are a LOT OF HINTS that there are things to come, my wish list is cooperative heists of course, but how about other locations like races and deathmatches in snowy areas like the town that michaels “body” is buried?

    • Toshiro Hiroyuki

      yeah a lots of games have dlc hints most of them are never released only talked about and questioned and a lot of those things u hear are just people guessing just like they make all these articles for free games with gold when they keep guessing

  • Guest

    Actually people have a right to demand for heists, because Gta V is an unfinished game, they rushed online and it was full of glitches, heists and content creator were in the online trailer, people have a right to demand constantly for something that should of been part of the game, we’ve all payed so much money for half a game.

    • White Wolf

      Well good luck explaining that to paid off so called ‘journalists’ like Machinima,IGN,this dude and others of their kind.It used to be ‘conspiracy theory’ but now we know for sure that Microsoft and apparently EA (I’m really shocked -.-) were paying off biggest players on youtube to report only nice stuff about their products.Isn’t that marvelous and btw. completely illegal.

      Who knows,maybe Rockstar is annoyed that they have to bring to players something they promised prior to release.So basically….here is you car and you will get your rearview mirrors soon………soon…….SOOOOOOON. 3 months later…..SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. -.-

      And according to some gaming sites it’s always gamers fault that they receive bad games and how those stinky peasants (who btw. gave to Rockstar over 1 billion of dollars in what,first week alone !!!) whine about what they want !!!!!

      Screw freedom of speech.

      Screw ethics.

      The only thing that matters is more money than you can spend on whores and booze.And oh boy,they do consume money pretty fast….

      • Toshiro Hiroyuki

        i get hookers once a week in oregon state 60 dollars for whatever

    • Toshiro Hiroyuki

      of course we do weither they say so or no this is america we have freedom of speech and every right to complain. they wouldnt ban us cus then they have no more fans there anger will only make there company lesser

  • john dough

    If heists are well done and WELL paid then gta VI will also sell billions but if heists are bad or good but badly paid then gta vi will not sell as much. simple as that. People know when enough is enough epecially when it comes to grinding. when grinding a cheat becomes more rewarding than grinding a mission, you got problems.

    if you introduced more cars and stuff to interact with in the game it would also be greatly appreciated.

    If you cant mess about in a sandbox game, whats the point… please make heists good. its the only way to redeem yourselves.

    you claim to have removed hacked money but i know of plenty of people who still have hundreds of millions which makes you taking my Cheat grinded money away extremely dissapointing just because a hacker gave me a billion. if all you hackers could come back and give tens of millions instead of billions things would be better they made things better and worse at the same time. too generous. lol.

    rockstar you made a wicked game dont kill it.

    • Riggstheexile

      do we have to be reminded that the game had countless set backs BEFORE release.

  • DD

    I don’t want some regurgitated “player created” missions that rockstar was too lazy to do themselves, I want more weapons, cars, and customizations that you don’t have to friggen PAY for online either. And of course, some damn online bank heists! Rockstar should be GRATEFUL that there are even people that ARE being demanding, and not giving up and playing a different video game!!!!!!

  • Corey Mink

    Everyone is right, the mission pay out is terrible, and when I try to have fun by killing people I blow up their car because its GTA! Them I have to pay like 10k for it? It’s a joke, that’s why you are getting request for heist. Like I also read, if heist payouts are less than 1million, that’s horrific having to split it with 4 people. You can’t just enjoy playing the game without paying tons of cash. Whatever happened to getting a buzzard, or Hunter and just killing everyone, or getting a rhino tank and going in a rampage. We need more money please!

  • Mac

    Rockstar need to understand that as long as their game is fun and engaging then people will play it. The original sandbox game GTA you could just mess about in without limitation it was limited but still fun. They simply arent payig out enough on missions. if I play a mission for an hour i expect a decent payout not some crappy 5000 or whatever. also making you drive to the other side of the ap to deliver cars get boring after a few times and grinding in general ruins a game. GTA online is only fun because of messing around and the occational fun TEAM Mission with your friends. Also the police are too ruthless, steal a car messing about and in a few minutes you have the whole police force and army after you….truly stupid, like the magically appearing police cars when you are trying to get away. I dont want to have to hide behind a wall every few minutes. Money will destroy this game. Grinding is destroying this game.

    And YES Heist was sold to us. We never asked for it but we want it seeing as they said we’d get it. Tons of kids play this and if you told a kid he’d get something and then not give it, well we all now the consequences, desertion and annoyance. i also noticed they removed the phoenix car which i quite liked.

    If money was not so hard to earn and people could buy more things without worrying about getting a virtual second job just to sustain occasional reckless activities here and there. Grinding is just stupid and pointless, its the kind of thing EA would do.

    Rockstar you made a fun online game where i can chat and drive about with my mates, grinding is not fun, and should not be in a game period. I cheated and had fun using all the vehicles and it felt great not to care about money for a change. when they took it away, they also took fun away which is bad. missions are fine but we need complex ones like heists was advertised as gamers these days demand more and other games like call of duty are dead because of their repetitiveness.

    P.S. If the payouts for Heists are less than 500,000 then dont even bother bringing them out. I mean who would even bother robbing a bank for 80,000, you cant even buy a supercar with that and if you split it 2 or 4 ways then its even more of a joke.

  • Cody

    Well this game will be dead in a few weeks anyhow..

  • Online Gamer Guy

    First of all Rockstar messed up from the very beginning when they took off San Fierro and Las Venturas and just had Los Santos which was such a let down for me. Second they have the dumbest jobs online, I mean every mission I gotta kill like 500 people, travel halfway across the map and pull numerous impossible stunts just to get paid like $8000 dollars in the end! and for those of you that still play gta online im pretty sure you know we cant really get much with $8000 so of course people would want to see bank heist in the game, IT’S COMMON SENSE NOT ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLE!

  • Hunter Nava

    Heist is the only reason I’ve kept the game for so long. I never really cared for mission. I like killing people and blowing stuff up like other gtas but I get put in bad sports . In a few weeks tax returns come and most of the lil people that STILL play gta will have a xbox one . And this game isn’t on xbox one . This game is dying and fast. Deff not worth the $60 I spent on it

  • Kayl669

    Okay to clarify WE DID NOT ASK FOR HEISTS.. Rockstar sold us the idea in their sodding marketing. It’s not like we just submitted it as an idea. Anyone else getting tired of hacks, who have clearly never played the game write articles saying we’re too demanding when that’s what they said we were going to get.. We’ve been waiting months. A broken bottle and a pink gun … Seriously?

    Disclaimer for lame analogy but it’s like buying a ice-cream sandwich and having to wait 3 months for the cakey bits.

  • Adrian James Purtle

    What they need to do is bring back all the vehicles they removed for no reason e.g Rat Loader. They need to add the capability to be able to customize any vehicle in game and allow us to receive more money on jobs and missions and to so that we can blow up friends and other peoples vehicles without being charged or have to pay for a replacement

    • NgTurbo

      The Rat Loader isn’t coming back..

      • Admir Karalic

        Rockstar is full of crap now, I can’t believe a company I grew up with did this kind of S**t. I was expecting more freedom and more adventure and all I got is a AI controlled world restricting any feel of Liberty even tho it’s an Open World game (U undertstand what I mean ?) I hope they’ll get the online experience straigthen out withing this Year 2014, cause after it’ll be too late, people will get tiered of no-cotent, it’s just like those MMO’s that Failed cause they’re content were bad, but in contrast with MMO’s, Rockstar promised undelivered Goods.. –‘

        • Toshiro Hiroyuki

          i think people will be just fine look at gta iv it has no online dlc and everyone still plays the crap out of its online u guys act like its the first u been let down by dlc i can promise that most of dlc u hearing about wont happen some of it will like heists and probably the story dlc but thats all i counting on

      • G966

        Um rat loader came back you just gotta find it again..

      • Adrian James Purtle

        It never left you can still find the Rat Loader but not store it