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Wii U price cut after next-gen rumors

Over the last week, we have witnessed some very interesting activity over at Nintendo. Almost out of nowhere, rumors have emerged suggesting that a next-gen Wii, or Wii U 2 console is on the way. Now, we can confirm that the existing Wii U has been given a UK price cut.

To recap, we told you about a potential new console here when we discussed the likelihood of this new console competing with the new Wii Vs PS4 and Xbox One systems.

Earlier this week, we gave you some potential specs of the new console which suggested that it may be codenamed Fusion. Specs mentioned involved a rumored CPU which would consist of an IBM 64-Bit Custom POWER 8-Based IBM 8-Core Processor (2.2 GHz, Shared 6 MB L4 cache).

As we await more juicy details on a new console, there has been some movement with the Wii U over in the UK. Popular retailer Argos has now slashed the price of the Wii U to £179.99 for the Premium Bundle and it’s a new price point that has now also been matched by Amazon UK.

That is the 32GB console that comes with a GamePad and also a copy of NintendoLand. Nintendo has maintained that these price cuts are ‘not official’ from them, but what do you make of it?

It’s interesting that these cuts have come directly after rumors of a new console appearing. Give us your thoughts on the news and whether you are in a state of regret after buying the Wii U at launch.

Would you still consider a new console from Nintendo that can finally match the PS4 and Xbox One in the hardware area?



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