Wii U price cut after next-gen rumors

By Alan Ng - Jan 22, 2014

Over the last week, we have witnessed some very interesting activity over at Nintendo. Almost out of nowhere, rumors have emerged suggesting that a next-gen Wii, or Wii U 2 console is on the way. Now, we can confirm that the existing Wii U has been given a UK price cut.

To recap, we told you about a potential new console here when we discussed the likelihood of this new console competing with the new Wii Vs PS4 and Xbox One systems.

Earlier this week, we gave you some potential specs of the new console which suggested that it may be codenamed Fusion. Specs mentioned involved a rumored CPU which would consist of an IBM 64-Bit Custom POWER 8-Based IBM 8-Core Processor (2.2 GHz, Shared 6 MB L4 cache).

As we await more juicy details on a new console, there has been some movement with the Wii U over in the UK. Popular retailer Argos has now slashed the price of the Wii U to £179.99 for the Premium Bundle and it’s a new price point that has now also been matched by Amazon UK.

That is the 32GB console that comes with a GamePad and also a copy of NintendoLand. Nintendo has maintained that these price cuts are ‘not official’ from them, but what do you make of it?

It’s interesting that these cuts have come directly after rumors of a new console appearing. Give us your thoughts on the news and whether you are in a state of regret after buying the Wii U at launch.

Would you still consider a new console from Nintendo that can finally match the PS4 and Xbox One in the hardware area?

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  • don

    BS…. I’m sorry but the problem here isn’t the WiiU it’s news articles like this. The WiiU is a great system and has the potential for great games. Unfortunately Media has bashed it so much that whenever someone who is interested in it looks up any information all they see is Doom and Gloom… This was going on even before the system launched. Heck they still do it to the 3DS even though it’s the best selling game system in the world. Not because either are bad systems but because they are from Nintendo. It seems like it’s cool to hate nintendo. The Vita which.. well is pretty bad off its self doesn’t even get as much negative impact from media and by now it’s clear the 3DS has far surpassed it.
    Yes the WiiU needs games but overall that’s it. It’s a great system, the gamepad works amazingly well and Nintendo while dropping their sales forcast from 9 million to what 3-4 million has only dropped it to the same as the ps4 and xb1…
    Honestly it’s the media and articles like this that need updated, not the WiiU.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      I wholly agree with you. I was TERRIFIED of purchasing a WiiU. All I ever saw was, “It Sucks” or “No Games” and of course, “Underpowered Dribble”. EA sprinted away from it, Epic’s Mark Rein said that Unreal can’t even run on it’s hardware, and Ubisoft started putting it’s WiiU exclusives on other consoles.

      The Industry signaled that they were not all in.

      So, I made my decision to purchase the WiiU to send a signal: I support Nintendo and their high quality console games

      • Admir Karalic

        So you two idiots gave 300 $ for a System, to send a Signal that you support the Nintendo Hardware, but does Nintendo really care, who by the way has a console that doesn’t even Deliever the Goods or should I say doesn’t deliver anything for now. I will be Honest I bought one, I jumped boats and even Coasts should I say for something I expected to be more Fun, I had alot of pleasure with Mario Games, but that’s it, I was afraid of buying this or that Game, cause Failure can happen really Quickly and I couldn’t predict if let’s say CoD player’s database is up to date on the WiiU, I didn’t want to be stuck playing alone, I managed to convince people to buy one, but 3 weeks later we all sold it for a 3DS XL and pokemon, Zelda, Mario… It’s a Shame these days to bring something unfinished to the Market or actually something with a Huge promise but which in the END was never ment to succeed they took too long to bring it out. I don’t say that Specs or this and that have something to do with the Failure, but why is Nintendo always obligated to Bring out something Different from the competition, in my Guess, remove the Game Pad, add a real controller with Triggers, and there you go, you Got your self a real Gaming Machine. Even I as a Developper, couldn’t developpe Indy Games on this Machine, cause I have no Idea what to do with the Game Pad and the structure of my Games, what will it look like, and who will buy it, if only 3 million Consoles were sold worldwide…

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          Correction: I bought the Hardware (which is nothing more than a day’s worth of labor) so that I could play Quality Console games: Mario World, Pikmin 3, Nintendoland. Until Nintendo ports those titles to the 3DS, they are still console games.
          And, it makes a great secondary console. The X1 gets all the CODs, BFs, and FPSs that the WiiU doesn’t. I currently have 5 games for my X1 (Killer Instinct, Forza, DR3, H:SA, and Crimson Dragon). Those all keep me very busy! I can wait two months for Mariokart. I just beat LinkBetweenworlds and I’m moving up to Pokemon Y.

          Yes, Nintendo does need to ditch the Gamepad support. Repackage the WiiU WITHOUT the $180 to manufacture tablet and they’ll start making money again, even if they sell the console at $199

        • Admir Karalic

          Fully agree with you, sorry for the long time no answer thing… but em I heared that there is a NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL (LL) coming out to the market… I saw pictures and announcements directly from Nintendo. What do you think about that ? Instead of trying to upgrade the Wii-U and bring something valuable to the market, they just refined the 3DS instead…

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          It’s….good and bad, for reasons that people probably aren’t talking about.

          Bad: “My 3DS is now obsolete! Why Nintendo did you do this!?!”

          Good: Killing a Year or two before the REAL Next Gen Console/Handheld hybrid launches. This keeps them from releasing any more re-releases before the Next Big Things