Uncharted 4 protagonist debate, retiring Drake

By Peter Chubb - Jan 22, 2014

Ever since Naughty Dog teased a new Uncharted trailer there has been much debate as to the name of the new title, its setting and story, and more importantly who the games protagonist will be. The safe bet would be to say Nathan Drake, although there have been several debates suggesting that maybe the developer needs to bring a fresh perspective to the franchise, which would mean retiring Drake.

A small percentage of Uncharted fans believe that Uncharted 4, or whatever Naughty Dog names the next title in the franchise needs to get rid of Nathan Drake along with Elena, Sully and also Chloe. These minorities would also have you believe that the franchise is now stale and that a change is needed, and so Naughty Dog need a complete rethink.

However, this is not shared by most Uncharted fans or us, as we believe getting rid of Drake would be like retiring Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Link from Legend of Zelda. Naughty Dog would need to have lost control of their senses to do such a thing.

We know that Uncharted 4 or 5 needs to go back to the drawing board with certain elements of the game, but in terms of its protagonist, leave well alone.

Drake is a perfect protagonist and there are still many treasures to be found, we just hope that Naught Dog doesn’t start to get lazy and do an Indiana Jones 4 on us, although nothing can be that bad?

For those of you who still believe that Drake could be retired, may we remind you of Naughty Dog’s philosophy in game development. The characters along with the character development define their games and it’s this that makes them one of the best game developers out there.

In terms of when Uncharted 4 will be released, we had suggested that it could be 2015 along with several other gamers, although some of our readers believe this to be wrong and still hold on to the hope that its release will be November of this year.

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  • Demix27

    Getting rid of Drake is crazy but I agree they need to get rid of Elane.

  • Ron

    Theyre not gonna get rid of Drake. Its like having an Indiana Jones movie without Indiana Jones. Naughty Dog has won awards with Nathan for having a relatable persona. I dont like change, and I know theres the saying of dont judge a book by its cover, but cmon its Nathan Drake. Get rid of him, u get rid of your fans. Just saying

  • arman

    I have played uncharted 1,2,3 and waiting for 4th instaliment and when I saw the teaser then watched the name was uncharted 4 was not included so the mystery will be stay till the full details comes out and I loved to plat uncharted more then any game drake is superb character he is the best character and one more important thing is left which,is ps4’s upcoming uncharted’s teaser’s male character voice was,todd starwich’s voice so I think drake has become older whatever I am waiting to play the best uncharted as drake

  • Michael

    If I had to take a wild guess on Uncharted. ( Just a guess, I didn’t read rumors or anything ) It wouldn’t surprise me if this Uncharted was based on just Nathan and Sully before they met Elena. Emily Rose who plays Elena had a baby and was also busy filming Haven episodes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to base a story on Nathan Drake and Sully’s earlier adventures. Time will tell. As far as being released in May, would be nice but doubtful.

  • Justin Alon

    hoping that this game gets released late this year or early next year. here’s to having god of war iv and final fantasy xv releasing next year as well.

  • Justin Alon

    we don’t need to retire drake. just make him a little darker and provide great stories and gameplay. here’s to hoping that atlantis is the destination for uncharted 4

  • Michael

    Uncharted without Drake is like a Rocky movie without Rocky.

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    Long live Nathan Drake!

  • Peniz

    These fans, who say, that they want a new protagonist, they aren’t real uncharted fans! It will be a new Uncharted with the same Drake and that all next year! PS: Indiana Jones 4 was not that bad!

    • Jeffrey Kuhl

      Indiana 4 was horrible.

  • Gamer

    Drake should be in uncharted 4