Titanfall no Call of Duty Ghosts slayer, more a stopgap

By Peter Chubb - Jan 22, 2014

There have been suggestions that Titanfall could be a Call of Duty Ghosts killer, but the general feeling is that this is not the case, and rather the new game from Respawn Entertainment and EA is just a stopgap because after a short amount of time gamers will stop playing it. However, all gamers don’t share this opinion, and so we’d ask if you would agree?

Calling Titanfall a Call of Duty Ghosts killer or slayer are strong words, something that we have heard many times before with other titles. What makes this a strange thing to say is how Titanfall is a very different game to Ghosts because the former is not a game that you can just pick up and get into, unlike the latter.

Both games are fast paced, but they go about things in a very different way, which could work for and against for either title.

One of the biggest reasons stopping Titanfall from stopping COD Ghosts in its tracks are the limited supported platforms, as there are no PS3 or PS4 versions. There is also the lack of single player campaign going against it, although this has never been the biggest draw for any Call of Duty title.

Titanfall is also limited in the maximum number of players in multiplayer, as it only supports 12 players, 6 on each side.

These are all good reasons why Titanfall will not be a COD Ghost killer, but that’s not saying it will not become a very popular franchise in time and the latest feedback suggests the game shows great promise.

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  • TitanFail

    An exclusive cannot be a “killer” of ANY multi-platform game. Just as the Uncharted Series can’t be called a Tomb Raider killer, even if it is a better game – because it can only “kill” one slice of the market. One could call Titanfall a Halo killer as Halo is only on XBox. But Halo has a campaign and story, so not going to happen either. I see a game that had excellent potential but has been handled poorly from a creative and commercial point of view. It will serve to further dilute a staurated FPS market for a while, but will ultimately be forgotten unless it becomes the new M$ FPS exclusive flagship series, replacing Halo.