Surf Report covers new Kickstarter project

If all you think about is surfing and hunting the next big wave consumes your life, then you might be interested to learn about a new toy called Surfer Dudes. This beach toy will be great fun for kids and adults, which actually catches a wave and rides it back to shore just like a dedicated surfer would try to do.

The Surfer Dude turns to the correct side up after being put into the ocean, then you can watch it ride a wave back to shore.

Currently, Surfer Dudes is a new Kickstarter project with 26 backers at the time of writing. They are some way from their pledge goal of $70,000 and only have $1,329, as we report this news.

One surfing news blog, called Surf Report, states that the idea for Surfer Dudes came after a son stared “at his older brother surfing”. The inventor, Joe Thompson, then had the idea for a toy that could ride a wave back to shore.

This new Kickstarter project has been in prototyping for two years and you can see a video showing a prototype on Surf Report. You can also become a backer via this page on Kickstarter, although take note that they need to reach their goal of $70,000 by Feb 9.

What do you think about this new Kickstarter project? Do you like what you see in the video on Surf Report?



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