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LogMeIn no longer free, alternative desired

If you have been enjoying your free access to LogMeIn, then you would have been very angry to learn that this free service has come to an end. For those of you who wish to continue to use this remote access service, then you are being forced to upgrade to a premium account.

Let us say that you login to LogMeIn today, then you have just 7 days to upgrade your account, and if you fail to do so, you will lose all access to LogMeIn.

Those of you who an have account with the service should have received an email by now telling you about this news and what you need to do. They also offer advice to those of you who purchased the Ignition app, as you will be pleased to know that a small discount on the premium account is available to you.

LogMeIn alternative

The price for LogMeIn Pro will now be $100 per year and it is clear those of you who used to enjoy the free service are now starting to look for alternatives.

LogMeIn alternative – There are said to be better services that provide access to your computer, allowing you to manage and take control of your computer. One such service is TeamViewer, although this is only free for non-commercial use, having said that many users would agree that it is a far better service than LogMeIn.

Other alternatives are Jump Desktop, Pocketcloud and Splashtop. Some of these are still a paid service, although they cost much less than LogMeIn per year.



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