GTA V PC price on Amazon sparks frenzy

The GTA V PC release date is getting closer, can you feel it yet? Rockstar remains completely silent on the likelihood of this happening, but the gaming community is now starting to feel that a PC version is near.

This week, we have further strong evidence to suggest that Rockstar are now thinking about unleashing a PC version, a build that will obviously become the holy grail for GTA V fans with the addition of mods.

GTA V PC has now shown up on Amazon, along with a price which confirms that GTA V on PC is going to be the same price as a full console game on PS4 and Xbox One. Amazon initially had two listings live for a PC version, over on Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

However, the France listing appears to have been removed immediately – but Amazon Germany is still showing the game. The price is 60 Euros too, which converts to around £50 for those wondering about a potential price point in UK.

Obviously we still can’t take this Amazon leak as a direct confirmation that the game is coming, but we have seen many times in the past where Amazon has slipped up and revealed crucial information early.


Unfortunately, there’s no release date attached to this listing. Hopefully more information will turn up this week, but we’re definitely getting closer.

Are you ready to start playing the definitive version of GTA V on PC with mod support? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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