FIFA 14 title update live for Xbox One, stability fixes

By Matt Tran - Jan 22, 2014

Players of FIFA 14 on the Xbox One will be pleased to hear that a new title update has now gone live, bringing stability fixes. This patch was released back in December for the PS4, with a number of issues being addressed.

EA announced on their forum earlier today that the patch has brought stability to players trying to join online matches, resolves an issue with online match invites and also a problem which locks players out of certain online features if they have big friends lists. There has also been improvements to some Kinect Global Speech Commands after some users complaining of issues with it.

Additional fixes that the update brings are some modifications to camera angles to improve playability in specific stadiums, camera angle changes for goalkeepers in club mode, patches for mismatched roster names in season matches, removal of a random list appearing instead of a friend’s club list in pro clubs and also a few other minor fixes which eradicate game errors.

Over the past few days we also saw an update to the web application to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, you can follow plenty of other news related to the game here. Let us know if you have downloaded the update yet and benefited from its fixes.

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