FIFA 14 Matic face, stats before Chelsea FC transfer

FIFA 14 fans awaiting January Transfer updates and upgrades are going to be pleased that one piece of business has been completed early. Nemanja Matic has moved back to Chelsea FC and FIFA 14 players are eager to see if EA will decide to upgrade his stats in reflection of the transfer.

For those that haven’t seen Matic in action on FIFA 14 from his Benfica FC days, we also have a reminder of the FIFA 14 Matic player face quality as well – although you may be disappointed with the end result.

At the moment, Matic has an overall rating of 80 on FIFA 14. He has a shooting skill of 68, but a reasonable 78 for dribbling abilities. After his well documented ‘transformation’ at Benfica which has earned him a move back to Chelsea, the big question we want to ask you is – Does Matic need a stats upgrade on FIFA 14?

Does Matic need an upgrade?
Does Matic need an upgrade?

Many will say that an 80 is fair for a relatively unknown player, while others may argue that an 85 is more reasonable in reflection of real-life scenarios. We can forgive EA if they choose to keep Matic’s face the same during his move to Chelsea, but upgrading a few stats would be good brownie points for EA’s push to make FIFA 14 as realistic as possible.

Let us know your thoughts with Matic’s current rating and appearance in FIFA 14. Do you think EA need to make any changes, or leave everything as it is at the moment?



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