Titanfall Xbox One alpha feedback after gameplay

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2014

Earlier on this week we told you that the sneaky Titanfall alpha beta had started on Xbox One. Unfortunately though, it remains extremely difficult to get in and most Xbox One users have been left disappointed.

Luckily though, you’ll be pleased to know that some Xbox One members have been risking their online accounts to bring you all of the juicy details from the beta.

Despite Respawn and EA’s efforts to remove all Titanfall alpha gameplay from YouTube, we can give you a fantastic look at the game below with one full match for you to enjoy in HD quality.

Respawn had asked users not to share any footage of the test, but it appears that these words have fallen on deaf ears and footage is being circulated by the minute via social boards from those who just can’t contain their excitement.

Enjoy the footage below, but be reminded that Respawn has warned that it isn’t an accurate representation of the final product. Respawn programmer Rayme Vinson has even been sharing some details from the test, saying that there will be a ‘huge difference’ with the final version.

One interesting quote for you below: “If you see a 256×256 texture in the Alpha, it’s actually a 512×512 texture in the real game. It’ll be 4x bigger.”

So there we have it. Titanfall still looks fantastic even from this first alpha test. Watch the footage and let us know what you think of the game.

Have you played the Titanfall alpha? If so, please share your impressions with us below as everyone would love to hear how the game looks and plays.

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  • TitanSnore

    Too bad they sold out to Xbone as they will have a much smaller install base than the PS4. Re$pawn went straight for the short term money. Maybe they could have had more than 6 v 6 if they had have put it on the PS4…or maybe they don’t want to go there…they are ex CoD developers after all. Even if every Xboner buys it, a game like Destiny or Watch Dogs will smash it when it comes to units shifted. Even Battlefield 5 should smash it. It may take sales off the next CoD though coz it sounds like CoD with Mechs (and no Campaign?!?).

    • Marcus Wright

      Not true It has a larger fanbase on PC Xbox One and Xbox 360 and right around the time the sequel comes out The Xbox One will have enough fanbase to cover the lack of a 360 version. Also shooters sell more on Xbox period.

      • 2OutOfThreeIsBad

        Sorry, I am not following. How can it have a larger install base by just going with PC and XBOX rather than ALL platforms??
        I was just pointing out that, when the first AND the second come out they have ignored the largest SINGLE install base, the PS4. I am just saying that it is foolish to, in the EARLY part of your cycle (Re$pawn are a new entity), for you to cut out of the platform that will clearly have the larger market share. They had better have a loooong term deal like Bungee had with them. Different for studios like Naughty Dog, they are OWNED by Sony. Re$pawn are not currently owned by M$. However, now that Re$pawn have burnt off the PS4 market, they will have to obey M$ at every turn, because I am sure without the “exclusive” M$ money, they would go under (due to only be able to sell to PC/XBone.) Not only did they pick the wrong team, they should not have been picking teams in the first place so early in their life cycle. If M$ walk away from them, the Company fails. This will, no doubt, also reduce the amount in that “exclusive” brown paper bag, because Re$pawn will need M$ more than M$ will need Re$pawn. They should have just done timed exclusivity to start off and made more of an impression on all gamers (if for no other reason than to get a better deal when they sought to push the “exclusive” button.) M$ smart, Re$pawn not so much…MS will have the bigger exclusive budget though – the extra price for the XBone and the cost savings on the inferior hardware have to go somewhere…
        Personally, I already have too many shooters to choose from, but if I hear that Xbox have got exclusivity to something like Fallout 4, then I will sob uncontrollably….

        • alberto suarez

          I think that Marcus was trying to point out the fact that games like COD and battlefield tend to sell better on xbox and pc. If microsoft offers them a huge amount of money for exclusivity…it is smart for a small start up like respawn to snatch up that opportunity. But as of now, microsoft basically gave them no money just resources to make the game. They have stated that they want to be on PS but since they didnt have the resources to do it as of now…they weren’t able to. It’s their first game so they want it to be the best that it can and using microsoft’s cloud plus the fact they can use it for free to make the game amazing, it just makes sense. Sony doesn’t have the resources that MS has. I’m sure it would be on PS by titanfall 2. Unlesss microsoft decides to buy the rights. I can definitely see that happening since most of my friends are waiting to buy an xbox one till february/ march for titanfall.

  • Mike

    I was one of the lucky ones and it’s honestly a horrible moment when you realize the time you’ll have to wait to play it once more. Judging by how it looked, the final product should be fantastic. It’s awesome when ‘titanfall’ occurs. I’m sure everyone was looking at the sky to watch their titan all the way to the ground. The sound as it approached really completed the feel and intensity. It’s fast paced and 6 v 6 will be a blast and comparable to a busy game of battlefield – which is pretty much all I play. I’d even go so far as to say that battlefield has lost some appeal to me now. Simply put, titanfall is an exciting shooter with unique elements that combine for what will certainly be hours of glorious entertainment.

    • InfiniteCorridor

      Agreed! No more racing to the “power weapons” on the map so that every match just becomes a contest of map memorization. Now, everyone gets to call in their power weapons where it suits them. Hilarious is winning a medal for calling in your Titan on top of the guy across the street sniping at you , crushing him for the kill!!!