Titanfall Xbox One alpha feedback after gameplay

Earlier on this week we told you that the sneaky Titanfall alpha beta had started on Xbox One. Unfortunately though, it remains extremely difficult to get in and most Xbox One users have been left disappointed.

Luckily though, you’ll be pleased to know that some Xbox One members have been risking their online accounts to bring you all of the juicy details from the beta.

Despite Respawn and EA’s efforts to remove all Titanfall alpha gameplay from YouTube, we can give you a fantastic look at the game below with one full match for you to enjoy in HD quality.

Respawn had asked users not to share any footage of the test, but it appears that these words have fallen on deaf ears and footage is being circulated by the minute via social boards from those who just can’t contain their excitement.

Enjoy the footage below, but be reminded that Respawn has warned that it isn’t an accurate representation of the final product. Respawn programmer Rayme Vinson has even been sharing some details from the test, saying that there will be a ‘huge difference’ with the final version.

One interesting quote for you below: “If you see a 256×256 texture in the Alpha, it’s actually a 512×512 texture in the real game. It’ll be 4x bigger.”

So there we have it. Titanfall still looks fantastic even from this first alpha test. Watch the footage and let us know what you think of the game.

Have you played the Titanfall alpha? If so, please share your impressions with us below as everyone would love to hear how the game looks and plays.



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