Starbucks app problems on Android, iOS

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2014

How is your experience with the Starbucks app for Android and iOS at the moment? If you are a regular user, you may have become worried lately with increased risk involving Starbucks app passwords. Fortunately though, it looks like the biggest threat to passwords has been alleviated – but could the app still be better on a whole?

The Starbucks app is easily one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, with consumers able to pay for their favorite coffee and treats by solely using the app as payment. The reward system introduced makes the app stand out from competitors further, although the Starbucks Android app specifically may be lacking in features.

Recently, the Starbucks iOS app was the victim of a security threat, in which Starbucks app passwords were left vulnerable to attack from those who managed to gain possession of a person’s phone. Thieves could then find out a user’s Starbucks password simply by viewing a file on a computer.

The issue has since been fixed up, but not without leaving users shaken in the process. Another gripe that many consumers have involves Starbucks app payment problems, with many coffee lovers upset that they can only use Paypal to top up their credit.


Android users specifically have told us that they are disappointed with the lack of create a coffee options on Android too, compared to the feature which is a massive hit on the iOS version. There’s no word on whether a separate Android update is planned, but it would be very welcome we feel.

Do you use the Starbucks app on Android and iOS on a daily basis? If so, let us know what your experience is at the moment.

Do you have any problems to share regarding password, payment or just general features that you would like to see?

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  • Justin Thedoor

    Android version on a fully up to date Galaxy Note 3. When I hit the Pay button, screen flips to the white bar code window, but the bar code is usually missing. As near as I can determine it’s because the bar code refreshes each time it’s used, but it requires Internet access to appear. I don’t have a data plan. If I can’t connect to some wifi source when sitting in the drive thru, I can’t use the bar code scan feature to pay. It’s very frustrating that the app can’t remember the bar code field contents. It’s not a field that would change very often, I’d think?

  • Kim Koomoa

    I installed the Starbucks app update on Google Play. Since then, I am unable to bring up my Starbuck cards on my app. It keeps telling me “Almost there. You’ll need a Starbucks card…” When I attempt to enter one of my Starbuck Gift Cards, it tells me “unauthorized” and takes me back to the beginning page. The exact same thing occurs with my other Starbucks card. The apps DOES have my credit card payment information as well as my personal information…BUT NO STARBUCKS CARDS information. The app worked just fine before this last update. Now it doesn’t want to work at all. I’ve tried restarting my phone (Galaxy S-4 Android) to NO avail. I also tried removing and re-installing the app from Google Play, with NO luck.