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Star Wars 1313 PS4 and Xbox One release abandoned

Yesterday was a sad day for Star Wars fans and certain gamers, as Disney has put the final nail in the coffin in regard to the release of Star Wars 1313. We knew that they had already cancelled development of the game early last year, but Disney has since abandoned the trademark for the game.

This latest news in the saga of the game means that any hope of a Star Wars 1313 PS4 and Xbox One release has been lost, and to us this is a very sad thing. The early trailer, which showed us some gameplay, gave us an insight into just how good Star Wars 1313 would have been, but it’s like Disney does not care about those of us who were excited about a potential release.

We have heard so many rumors as to why Disney abandoned this project, with one suggesting that it could have reveled too much into how they are going with the franchise.

This kind of makes sense because we know that Boba Fett was going to be the main character in Star Wars 1313, but this could have given spoilers away into a possible Boba Fett movie, which InEntertainment reported about.

Are you upset that we will never get to see Star Wars 1313 released? Having said that, there is still hope because Disney could work on a completely new game to help tie into the upcoming movies.



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