PS4 error ce-34878-0 fix imminent, patience required

By Peter Chubb - Jan 21, 2014

Since its release there have been several PS4 error codes and now a new one has reared its ugly head. The latest PlayStation 4 error code in question is ce-34878-0, and while it has been around since December, it has become a more regular occurrence this month.

Sony is aware of the issue and as such is now investigating the issue, which leads us to believe that a fix for error ce-34878-0 is imminent. There is a workaround for now, which we will get to in a moment.

This is not a problem for all games or PS4 owners, just a select few where they are seeing corrupt save data rendering some of their games unplayable. The code in question is seen after a game has crashed.

Sony currently has a support page to help get those of you affected by while they work on a solution to the error code. You are first asked to close the application and then install the latest PS4 firmware update, as well as the latest software update for the game, followed by a system restart.

If you have followed that procedure and the error still occurs, then you need to back up your saved data and then go to Settings, Initialization and then select Initialize PS4.

Have you experienced error code ‘ce-34878-0′ and if so did this temporary solution work for you?

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  • davey

    Have had this error code, but nothing serious has ever happened, my PS4 has been working perfectly ever since I bought it a few weeks ago. The PS4 has been a great experience so far.

  • Stuart

    This error code HAS shown up on all games, not just Battlefield! do some research. Ive had it on Fifa, and BF4 but I post on the sony forums and its full of gamers experiencing this problem on ALL games. Ive had this since buying the PS4 in December, and I can’t play any single player and even muiltiplayer is ruined by random crashes.
    Yet sony are soo quite on the matter, makes me think of switching teams to xbox

  • Seth

    Same error code occurs in nba2k14

  • Josh101

    The same error code that’s been prevalent in Battlefield 4 since it was released? This isn’t new, this is a problem that happens when you go from single player to multiplayer then back to single player. DICE is working on fixing it. This error code does not show up on any other game.