Pokemon X and Y Pokebank US, UK countdown after Japan

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2014

It looks like we are getting very close to the official Pokebank release date for UK and US gamers. We can confirm that the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank is now live in Japan, meaning that Nintendo are hopefully ready to prepare the service for launch for everyone else.

It has been a long wait, but it is very pleasing to finally see some official movement. It’s interesting that Nintendo didn’t give any signs that a release was happening in Japan today, so it could mean that a stealth Pokebank update for UK and US will happen too.

The question is, how long will Nintendo take to release Pokebank in US and Europe after finally pressing the green light for everyone in Japan?

Head to the Nintendo eShop now and let us know if you see Pokebank available for download yet. Not long now guys!

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