Nintendo Wii U successor specs not a stretch

It was early last year that we started to hear rumors that Nintendo was working on a Wii U successor, and while many of you would have thought that was mad, the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony usually start work on a new console a year or so after they release a new one.

Going back to the Nintendo Wii U successor, it’s about the right time that the company should be working on a next-gen system. Their current games console was dubbed a next generation system, but it’s easy to see by looking at its specs and graphics abilities that this is just not the case, and this is one of the very reasons why sales have been a huge concern.

If Nintendo has any hope of clawing its way back, then they need to think out of the box once again, although Nintendo need to back this up with decent performance.

Okay, so we know there is more to the success of the Wii U than specs alone, as Nintendo has to offer better games, as well as offering increased third-party developer support.

We have come across a rather intriguing article that takes a close look at some rumored Nintendo Wii U successor specs, and while we need to take these with a grain of salt, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that Nintendo could go with the rumored specifications.

Have a read of the rumored specs for the Nintendo Wii U replacement and let us know your thoughts.



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