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New GTA V mythbuster video proves the impossible

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V we have seen several videos that try to prove certain claims right or wrong. Over the months we have heard these strange, yet wonderful stories of how gamers were able to do something crazy in GTA 5, and so that is why these mythbuster videos were created.

Believe it or not, we are now up to number 10 and this new GTA V mythbuster video tries to prove or disprove the impossible, or what we assumed was impossible, as we are sure many of you would have already tried.

This new video looks at the possibility of landing a plane upside and if you can punch a bird in GTA V, and that answer to that last one is yes.

Some gamers made claims that by shooting traffic lights you would be able to cause traffic accidents, that myth was busted.

However, the funniest myth is whether you can punch birds, which we mentored above, but beware as there are bigger animals waiting to get their own back, as you will see.

Are there any other Grand Theft Auto V myths that you have proven is possible, if so please let our readers know?



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