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Minecraft 1.03 PS3 patch now live in US

Earlier today Minecraft 1.03 PS3 patch went live in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, but the US and Canada still had to wait. It was not known how long it would be before the patch went live in those countries, but we are pleased to say it has now done so.

It seems logical that 4J Studios made the choice to stagger update 1.03 for the PS3 in fear of overwhelming servers, and so far we have not heard any reports of server issues.

One of the main reasons for this update was because of a corrupt save bug that has dogged the game since it was released on the PlayStation 3, so it is finally nice to see this bug get fixed.

We already covered most of the new features contained in this latest Minecraft update, but a full list of the Minecraft 1.03 PS3 patch notes can be seen here.

Seeing as though this patch is now live this will give 4J Studios the chance to put more effort into Title Update 14 for both console versions, as well as more attention on the next-gen versions.



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