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Dead Rising 3 patch download size prepares for DLC

With a new Dead Rising 3 DLC due for release a patch has now been released in preparation for it. What has surprised us is the patch download size, which is 13GB in all and gives you a good idea of just what has been updated within the game.

The Operation Broken Eagle DLC was first announced just over a month ago now and this is the next big step ahead of its release. The new Dead Rising 3 patch notes shows that a lot of areas of the game have been fixed, with a mix of minor and major fixes.

Capcom Vancouver said that the patch was taken from ideas from users because they have been keeping a close eye on their feedback. Many of them have had a series of issues, and so this latest patch should help resolve many of them.

The complete Deep Rising 3 patch notes can be seen on IGN and we would advise you to download it as soon as possible in preparation for the upcoming DLC.

We know that many of you will say that such a huge download sucks and could put some of you off, as they would have assumed the devs would have been able to compress it somehow. it is a huge problem for a huge percentage of gamers who only have a slow Internet connection speed.



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