COD Ghosts longevity with Black Ops 3 doubts

Are you bored of COD Ghosts already and are looking forward to seeing what Treyarch do with regards to the expected Call of Duty 2014 game developed by Treyarch? We usually see annual releases with Treyarch and Infinity Ward, but rumors emerging suggest that this year, we may not see any game from Treyarch.

It could mean, that COD: Black Ops 3 won’t release in 2014, but perhaps 2015 which would obviously be a major disappointment for those expecting a new Black Ops 3 zombies experience.

Although we fully suspect that Treyarch are developing Black Ops 3 as we speak, if it isn’t due for release in 2014, then what Call of Duty game will fill the void? It would seem unthinkable for Activision not to release a new COD game in 2014, but that void may actually be filled by the guys over at Sledgehammer Games.

Clues revealed over at CharlieIntel suggest that this may be the case, with Sledgehammer Games taking a step up from their co-developer duties on Modern Warfare 3, to be solely in charge of COD duties for 2014.

Until we see more concrete evidence on these whispers, it looks like Infinity Ward has a big task on their hands to keep everyone busy with COD Ghosts throughout the year. The season pass will fill a big part of that, with the first COD Ghosts DLC map pack Onslaught due out on January 28.

Would you be surprised if Treyarch did not release Call of Duty Black Ops 3 in 2014? Zombie fans may be waiting a long time for a new fix – is Extinction good enough or not? Give us your thoughts below.



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