COD Ghosts longevity with Black Ops 3 doubts

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2014

Are you bored of COD Ghosts already and are looking forward to seeing what Treyarch do with regards to the expected Call of Duty 2014 game developed by Treyarch? We usually see annual releases with Treyarch and Infinity Ward, but rumors emerging suggest that this year, we may not see any game from Treyarch.

It could mean, that COD: Black Ops 3 won’t release in 2014, but perhaps 2015 which would obviously be a major disappointment for those expecting a new Black Ops 3 zombies experience.

Although we fully suspect that Treyarch are developing Black Ops 3 as we speak, if it isn’t due for release in 2014, then what Call of Duty game will fill the void? It would seem unthinkable for Activision not to release a new COD game in 2014, but that void may actually be filled by the guys over at Sledgehammer Games.

Clues revealed over at CharlieIntel suggest that this may be the case, with Sledgehammer Games taking a step up from their co-developer duties on Modern Warfare 3, to be solely in charge of COD duties for 2014.

Until we see more concrete evidence on these whispers, it looks like Infinity Ward has a big task on their hands to keep everyone busy with COD Ghosts throughout the year. The season pass will fill a big part of that, with the first COD Ghosts DLC map pack Onslaught due out on January 28.

Would you be surprised if Treyarch did not release Call of Duty Black Ops 3 in 2014? Zombie fans may be waiting a long time for a new fix – is Extinction good enough or not? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • Top of Leaderboards since WaW

    Make a Zombies only game! Forget multiplayer and story! JUST ZOMBIES!

  • sue

    I have played most of the games and was very disappointed with Ghost no zombies and looks like mw3 all over again bring bk black ops and the zombies… Extinction was a real big let down for ghost….
    Don’t make zombie fans wait another year for black ops 3


    Zombie fans are going to be very angry if black ops 3 doesn’t release in 2014, especially me!

  • Carlos

    Activision said it themselves that there was definitely a cod coming out in 2014 so it’s coming out 2014


    Black ops 2 should create more zombie maps in the mean time, while black ops 3 is being prepared for 2015, then I would not mind at all. maybe a remake of the zombie maps in black ops 1 with more missions?

  • Clint

    No a game every year is ridiculous every two maybe , but im just getting into ghost, how bout some credible dlc instead of a new game

  • collin

    not black ops 3 But COD: zombie Warfare includin a full zombies campaign with rictophen dempsy takeo and nikolai up to moon ( 1st game to finish where we left off at black ops one but with direct story and not easter eggs)

  • Nicksta51

    Would be a big dissapointment to wait another year for the new Treyarch game but it should be perfect then though, if they take 2 years to create a new game. Guess I’ll be playing Destiny until Black Ops 3 comes out.

  • Bam.

    Zombies is the gayest f*ckin mode ever…the alien one is even worse. That sh*t isn’t what CoD is about.

    • sactown

      bam must be gay

  • Fred

    CODBO3 Zombies Or F U

  • Ghost hater

    I’m only reading this article because I’m over Ghosts. I will not be buying a new xbox until the new black ops comes out. Infinty ward is lazy and overrated. Ghosts Sucks!!! 30,000 people on zombies last night on xbox alone. Please bring it back soon.

    • Carlos

      Ghosts is good on Xbox one

  • Gildor Inglorien

    One word. ZOMBIES, if they do make it great then I could wait.

    • Carlos

      Treyarch’s graphics will be awesome too so zombies will be very nice.

  • charles john

    Ghost is a terrible game and Bo2 is awesome with the exception of the quickscp. patch


    This article is poorly written. English must not be this authors first language.

    • xjkid98


  • CP

    id be perfectly fine if they upgraded black ops 2 for the ps4 system. then I could wait 2years.

    • nate

      my dreams would be true or black ops 3

  • doomed soul

    I see it like this we waited 2 years for bo2 and it was good when it released let them do good work and make the game Badass if they rush it, its gonna be trash and not even worth playing

    • bo2

      i agree thats why ghosts was so bad infinity ward rushed it and the game turned out to be horrible

  • daniel

    i love zombies why next year

  • Miguel Meza

    It is true Call Of Duty Black Ops III is cancel until 2015 Sledgehammer Games are in charge of Call Of Duty 2014. Activision confirm Sledgehammer Games are going to make a new Call Of Duty this year 2014. No Black Ops III until next year 2015.

    • SomeBody

      If it is releasing in 2015, the people who would make Black Ops 3 would be making the game right now ,and they would have a few months of publishing and copy right before it is released.

  • proatzombies

    i love zombies but why 2015 its gonna be a long year

  • knalgerk

    please hurry up treyarch bring zombie cod3

  • bassie

    i hope cod3 zombies is comming real fast i can not wait any longer i am big big big fan of zombie

  • Consti

    I really enjoy extinction, its fast pace and really exciting. Zombies can be slow and boring sometimes, either way cod seems to be the same time and time again.

  • Jmula09

    Wow I was really looking forward for next gen zombies experience. I hope it’s false info

    • Tim

      COD Ghosts is really really good on PS4, the game looks fantastic at full 1080p and run a very smooth 60fps, but I am looking forward to next gen Black Ops 3 on PS4, The multiplayer map designs in Black Ops 2 were some of the best in recent memory, hope they will do the same for Black Ops 3.

      • Carlos

        Okay it runs at 60fps but it ain’t smooth.

    • Carlos

      Activision themselves said that there will be a new call if duty in 2014