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Best rugged iPad Air cases in 2014

For some of us the only reason to buy a new iPad Air was not because of how thin it was, but rather its performance increase, especially for gaming. It is for this very reason why you will find more owners of the 5th-generation iPad looking for a rugged case because it is so much thinner and therefore feels a little too thin to hold comfortably in the hands for long periods of time.

Not only that, but Apple’s newest tablet doesn’t feel as tough and sturdy as previous models, especially when compared to the original. It is for this very reason why we would like to point you in the direction of 4 of the best rugged iPad Air cases to own in 2014.

The first video for you below offers a review of the Slim Tough Case for the iPad Air, as well as the iPad mini. A double layer offers greater protection thanks to one of them being of a hard construction and the other a soft silicone to help absorb shocks. More details can be found by viewing the 2:20 video.

Best rugged iPad Air cases

Next we have the Griffin Survivor Play for the iPad Air, which offers superb protection for you thin, new tablet. What makes this case more special is the fact that it has been designed with kids in mind, meaning it can withstand whatever they subject your iPad Air to, within reason. Find out more about this case in the 3:30 video review below.

We like the third video because it pits the case from above against the Otterbox for the iPad Air. This gives you a greater idea of just how the two compare and allows you to reach your own conclusion as to which is best.

Finally there is the Tylt Ruggd case for the iPad Air, which as you will see in the final video review is not only stylish and durable, but offers a decent amount of protection. This case also comes with a built-in kickstand, which gives you the best of both worlds. If you are not looking for a tough iPad Air case that completely encloses your tablet, then this should certainly be on your list.

We hope these four rugged iPad Air cases meet with your approval, if not then we would like to know which case you have gone for.



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