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Xbox One price drop at UK retailers sends worrying signal

When Microsoft released the Xbox One in the UK there was a fear that its price was going to put potential buyers off, and reports that the PS4 has been outselling it 3-1 might be proof of that, However, there are other factors that have caused this huge gap in sales between the two, but price has to certainly be one of them.

Thankfully some UK retailers have started to respond to this and have started to offer an Xbox One price drop, and although it’s just £20 0ff the RRP, we see this as a sign that others will follow.

From what we can ascertain there are just two online UK retailers offering this Xbox One price cut, and those are The Hut and Zavvi. OXM says that so far Microsoft has not commented as to whether this is all part of a price war between the PS4 and Xbox One, but it would certainly be nice this close after Christmas.

However, this could be bad news for the PS3 and Xbox 360, as it is clear that sales have started to slip, although there are rumors that these consoles could be reduced in price from next month.

Have you seen any other stores offering a price reduction for the Xbox One?



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