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Pokemon X and Y Arceus after Pokebank debate

Nintendo has a big enough problem trying to sort out the Pokebank release date crisis for Pokemon X and Y, but they may face further problems when the service actually goes live in the US and UK. Those with a Japanese 3DS already have access to the Pokebank and we’ve seen evidence that ‘hacked’ Pokemon are already in full circulation online in WiFi battles.

The debate on whether these Pokemon are hacked though is still very much in the air. To give you a reminder of what we talked about in the past – check out some footage of a Shiny Mew that aired shortly after the Pokebank went live in Japan momentarily.

Now, take a look at some new footage that we’ve found courtesy of YouTuber Giancarloparimango11. It shows off an Arceus in Pokemon X and Y, again after the premature release of Pokebank. This Arceus is a little different though – as it has full access to all 17 plates.

This includes the fabled pixie plate which enables Arceus to change into a Fairy type – the type that is brand new in Pokemon X and Y. Many of you may have spotted though, that there is no ‘hexagon’ below the image of Arceus in the image above.

There is a theory going around at the moment, that if there is no hexagon it means that the Pokemon has been ‘hacked’ into Pokemon X and Y. However, you should also know that plenty of users dispute this claim – in actual fact, some say that the lack of hexagon is just a sign that the Pokemon hasn’t been caught in the Kalos region.

Either way, Pokemon such as Shiny Mew, Arceus, Giratina and other exotic types are running wild online thanks to the early release of Pokebank for some users.

Have you started to see these Pokemon pop up in your battles? Let us know your thoughts on how Nintendo may deal with the hacked Pokemon complaints.



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