Pokemon X and Y Arceus after Pokebank debate

By Alan Ng - Jan 20, 2014

Nintendo has a big enough problem trying to sort out the Pokebank release date crisis for Pokemon X and Y, but they may face further problems when the service actually goes live in the US and UK. Those with a Japanese 3DS already have access to the Pokebank and we’ve seen evidence that ‘hacked’ Pokemon are already in full circulation online in WiFi battles.

The debate on whether these Pokemon are hacked though is still very much in the air. To give you a reminder of what we talked about in the past – check out some footage of a Shiny Mew that aired shortly after the Pokebank went live in Japan momentarily.

Now, take a look at some new footage that we’ve found courtesy of YouTuber Giancarloparimango11. It shows off an Arceus in Pokemon X and Y, again after the premature release of Pokebank. This Arceus is a little different though – as it has full access to all 17 plates.

This includes the fabled pixie plate which enables Arceus to change into a Fairy type – the type that is brand new in Pokemon X and Y. Many of you may have spotted though, that there is no ‘hexagon’ below the image of Arceus in the image above.

There is a theory going around at the moment, that if there is no hexagon it means that the Pokemon has been ‘hacked’ into Pokemon X and Y. However, you should also know that plenty of users dispute this claim – in actual fact, some say that the lack of hexagon is just a sign that the Pokemon hasn’t been caught in the Kalos region.

Either way, Pokemon such as Shiny Mew, Arceus, Giratina and other exotic types are running wild online thanks to the early release of Pokebank for some users.

Have you started to see these Pokemon pop up in your battles? Let us know your thoughts on how Nintendo may deal with the hacked Pokemon complaints.

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  • Samir

    I have a Shiny Dustox who used to be in the Hoenn Region and it has no “Hexagon” so pretty much the lack of the “Hexagon” is that it is not in the Kalos Region

  • Endure

    Just let the hacked ones through… People hack them just to catch em all anyway.

  • Darren

    if it’s caught in dppt than technically it would not be illiegal or hacked, just the method istelf to obtaining it would be considered ‘cheating.’ I’ve got an Arceus from the bank into X no problem.

  • Dorpster

    The PENTAGON is seriously old news.
    By the way, that Arceus was given as as a legit event so quit whinging.

  • OP is a moron

    The hexagon means it was caught/hatched in Kalos.

  • Yo mama

    Yes Amon thank you. I obtained a Rayquaza today and instead of a hexagon it had a pokeball by it’s name so

  • Anon

    *deep breath* ………the hexagon is only there IF YOU GOT THE POKEMON IN XY so no matter what- since you cant breed legendaries or CATCH these in XY, they will never have the hexagon unless we have more events for XY to get the ‘In-Game’ like Celebi. The false information on that freaking hexagon is driving me insane, my gosh.

    Now on the topic of hacked pokemon- I don’t really care much at all if someone has a hacked pokemon, as long as that stats are reasonable, movesets are possible, and an ability the pokemon can actually have etc. There are people who hack to cheat. Meaning just to win, high stats, impossible movesets and ‘wth-the-pokemon-doesn’t-have-that’ abilities. And then there are people who hack for shinies and the pokemon to just have, train themselves, movesets and all where it’s almost as if they got it legally. Now as for trading hacked pokemon…..I don’t understand why people do that…I mean if you can hack pokemon, then you can get whatever you want without trading and if you want legitimate pokemon from the start, don’t hack.

  • h

    nintendo should give up, people will always find a way to transfer hacked pokemon.

    and besides, if they arent using them online, who cares! i dont trade my pokemon anyway, i keep them on my game

  • Gofuckyourself Doyourresearch

    Seriously useless article.

  • Dude


  • blah blah

    Trash information

  • Matthew McConnell

    The sites are getting annoying with these news updates as frustrated US/Canada and Europe fans wait for pokebank. By the way, this is a legit legal pokemon, you know why? It’s from a bloody wifi event, seriously do your research.

  • Orgasimprovider

    These guys are just posting vapour news. Its there but no substance. An excuse to write a new article about pokebank so that they can prey on people for more pageviews…

  • @BCCrooky

    Just watched the video mentioned above and he never says that the arceus is hack. He is just unsure of its legitimacy. Seriously these news sites need to check their facts before they post this rubbish. Serebii and bulbapedia is a good start.

    Also I wish to make a change to my last post. There are 17 plates, I just forgot that arceus was normal by default

  • @BCCrooky

    These news sites need to get their facts straight and do their research. This is for the writer of this article. Arceus has an ability called multi type that allows it to change its type dependant on what plate it is holding. All 18 plates are available in the game. This arceus is holding the pixie plate which changes it to fairy type. Simple.

  • Kevin

    They know the hacking devices that are used and the changes that are done to the coding. It’s a simple fix to just exclude those pokes that have this changed code. They did it with the last global wifi tourny. Why is it so hard to just add that programming to the filter for poke bank? And since you have can update the game itself (x-y) from time to time add this filter to the game to stop cheating.

  • Kyle

    Also shiny palkia, dialga, and giratina were all released via events at gamestop leading up to X and Y

  • Kyle

    This was just an event arceus from some movie a few years back.

    • Slickst3r

      It could be the Arceus from the Global link trade a couple years back. You remember when a lot of people were voting which Pokemon would be given as an event?

      • Travis Romano

        No. It’s in a cherish ball and knows moves exclusive to the Movie 12 Arceus. The Global Link Arceus would be in a Dream World Ball.

        • Slickst3r

          Oh ok I really wasn’t looking at the video.

        • Nestor

          You can decide what pokeball u want to use when it comes to dream world pokemon.

        • Travis Romano

          I forgot about that . It still wouldn’t be in a cherish ball.

  • Lex Ryan

    All the plates are in the game as well, including the new fairy plate. And the Pentagon just means it wasn’t caught in Kalos, as people have said. Not to say there aren’t hacked pokemon, because there certainly are.

  • Gdom

    I took out an Arceus with my Sylveon tank. It was a breeze.

  • Name

    Im with silver! Ps I’ve seen many lvl one legendaries.

    • Ben Toros

      The Azure flute Arceus had the ability to “create” one level one Giratina, Dialga, or Palkia. The Palkia I have is one of them (though it is no longer level one.

  • Ross Kyle

    I have that exact arceus its just been brought into x and y then cloned

    • Daniel Lizcano

      You have an azure flute arceus? What game is it from?

  • xy

    an hexagon got 6 edges and vertices … this is a pentagon …

    • Silver

      frick right my bad, the article used hexagon, so it was the power of suggestion working its magic.

  • Silver

    i have a legit suicune and a legit genesect and they both have no hexagon. I can assure you 3000% (lel) that it means that the pokemon are just not native to Kalos.

  • Josue Preciado

    The hexagon means that they were caught within the game you used. I have a legit Rayquaza and it has no Hexagon

  • Vam

    Shiny Palkia, Dialga and Giratina are not hacked pokemon, they where released on events upcoming to the release of pokemon X and pokemon Y