Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Note Pro 12.2 price in UK, US close

By Alan Ng - Jan 20, 2014

If you were keeping a close eye on the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablets at CES 2014, you may have noticed that Samsung decided not to reveal UK and US pricing there and then at the event.

Both tablets are going to be coming with some juicy hardware specs, but consumers may be weary that these specs will also mean that pricing is going to be high. This week, we’re pleased to give you an update on the price situation, as it looks like pricing has been revealed for some European countries at least.

Although Samsung are yet to officially share pricing details for UK and US releases, we can confirm that Samsung Netherlands and Samsung Finland have been a lot more generous. According to Samsung’s press release, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is going to be €749, while the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is €100 cheaper at €649.

We can never truly take into account direct conversion purposes, but just for reference sake – that converts to over $1000 USD and £600. It goes without saying that this will not be even close to the final price in these markets, as Samsung would be out of their mind to ask for near $1000 for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.


Don’t forget that Apple has priced the iPad Air at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model, so we expect Samsung to price the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 12.2 in a similar fashion, albeit slightly higher.

Either way, this is a warning to you that Samsung’s new lineup of 2014 tablets are not going to come cheap. We suspect that US pricing at least will be around the $600-700 mark, so we ask you – Are you ready to part with that kind of cash for a 12-inch tablet or not?

As for a UK price, consumers will still have a very hard time paying over £500 for any tablet so let’s hope Samsung play it smart here.

Are you nervous about the price for these tablets after seeing the price in Euros?

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  • Sam Dickinson

    They had a £500 RPP, 20% markup on US prices, which is why I didn’t buy one. UK RPPs tend to be set high so retailers can ‘discount’, but then we have to wait for discounts to filter down. £600 RRP sees likely to me. As the only difference between the Pro and Note 10.1 2014 is screen, I think, then there really shouldn’t be much price differential by my reckoning.

    The Wacom stylus is what makes Note so worthwhile for me, but Samsung’s ludicrous UK price meant I didn’t bite.

  • ashleyduncanphotography

    Thanks for the heads up. I returned my Samsung 2014 note to the retailer as i wanted to hold out to see the 12.2 then if i never took to it being an extra large tablet i would carry on with the 10.1.

    If the prices end up in the region of high end powerful Win 8 tablets i.e. surface pro/pro 2 ($500+) and like the new Asus 13” TD300 ($499+ depending on cpu) that can run DUAL OS (Android & Win 8) running i5 and i7 haswel processes inside (dell venue pro currents offers from Dell £200 trade in btw) i personally, would end up choosing the premium win tablet to have a full portable descktop machine that i can run full windows programs i.e. photoshop, lightroom, or even have android too with the td300 that would be a better option for me.

    If the 12.2 is a reasonably priced though (undr $500 after all it is just 2.1″ larger than the 10.1 same specs) tablet, i see it as this is one of the few ways that it could be a success and keep current users.

    • NgTurbo

      No problem. Yes, I think Samsung needs to be careful with their 12.2 pricing.. play it wrong and they could face a backlash as it’s not too dissimilar to the 10.1 2014 as you said..