Final Fantasy X HD excitement with preview

Are you looking forward to the Final Fantasy X HD release date this March? It seems like the game has been in development for a very long time, but unlike other remasters, we’re pleased to see that Square-Enix has put a lot of effort into making sure that the game is not just a half-baked attempt at a cash-in.

The game is due out on March 18 and is surely going to be one of the early ‘must buys’ for PS3 and PS Vita users. To give you a taster of what is in store, we have a brief but useful preview for you to watch below courtesy of IGN.

It reminds you that the Final Fantasy X HD remaster is actually the international versions of the originals, meaning that those of you buying this from the US are going to experience brand new content for the first time.

This includes extra mini games, access to dark aeons and of course, the ‘Last Mission’ content that was previously only available on the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X-2. Watch the preview below and you’ll be able to see that this isn’t just a lazy remaster – Square-Enix has put the polish on the game that all fans deserve to see.

We remember the Final Fantasy X campaign being a massive one with all of the included unlockables, but who is ready to do it all again this March? We’ll bring you gameplay and dialogue from the English version of the game soon.



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