Cartoon HD app review for iOS, Android after removal

By Alan Ng - Jan 20, 2014

The dust has now settled after the early excitement involving the Cartoon HD app for Android and iOS users. We told you recently that a popular app had become available, allowing users to download and stream free cartoons.

However, there were some concerns about whether Cartoon HD on iOS or Android was legal or not. Apple soon gave everyone the answer to this question, as Cartoon HD can no longer be found on iTunes.

However, the same app was also removed from the Google Play Store, but has since reappeared under the name ‘free Cartoon HD’. Now, we have uncovered a brief Cartoon HD app review from one user that managed to download the app before it was removed by Apple.

As expected, he too is surprised at the content that is available for free. He suggests that the Cartoon HD app is legal, but was simply a mistake on Apple and Google’s part on why the content became available for users to download for nothing – when in actual fact a £20 fee was required.

Too good to be true master Potter?

Too good to be true master Potter?

Those of you who also downloaded Cartoon HD the moment it released, are still finding out that the app is still working on iPad despite problems that may be happening with the regular Cartoon HD app.

If you read through the comments on the YouTube description, you’ll still see that some users do not believe that the app is safe to use – suggesting that the creator of Cartoon HD may look to make money from those who have downloaded the app.

Here’s one comment from a user on the legality of the app:

“Anyone who installs this deserves their device to be owned by whoever wrote it. If this doesn’t set off your alarm bells I despair.”

Are you worried that karma may catch up with you, considering that all of this content is free to download without restriction?

Watch the video here (creator has disabled embed) and give us your thoughts on the Cartoon HD app – are you still using it regularly or have you stopped?

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  • victor

    I downloaded the app via Play Store in Jan..I still have it and its recently updayed and bow has Gravity, American Hustle and 12 years a slave on it and Imdb top 50 films. Best free app/glitch ever!

    • Felix Gaytan

      Hello can u give me some thing to download it

  • Buck Rogers

    I’ve downloaded the app like many others under the guise it was an AppStore error that it was free. I’ve used it and not encountered any unlawful transactions from my account TD. Obviously this content is not free so I assume the app and content is paid by the advertisements. I’m sure the plan was to go viral, collate masses of users to produce enough ROI for the advertisers. If duties paid to the copyright owners is also factored remains to be seen and the legality of the App unclear

  • Reason

    How can money be taken out of your bank ?
    You do not enter any information when you download the app.
    If you have your bank details or payment info linked with itunes then you are a silly person.

  • Ben

    Is this free app or have to pay for watch?

  • Mike again

    fool (edited for sensitive someone). I have a pay as you go sim with £0 credit and can still watch these videos.

  • Mike

    idiot. I have a pay as you go account with £0 credit and I can still watch these films…

  • Gabriel

    I can’t believe people have not noticed this scam yet! Cartoon HD does in fact charge you !!! This week I’ve checked my bank statement and had £4 something taken from my account. I had no idea what it was it just said “CAMLAS G.APP” I know this is cartoon hd because was the email given on the apps contact us section. I know 4 quid isn’t much but I’m worried now if they’ve got my card details so I’ve just instantly deleted!! There is no way of finding out if my account is safe since it’s been wiped off the store!