Pokemon X and Y Anime with famous theme

As the painful wait for the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date goes on, we bring you some refreshing news regarding the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y Anime with English language. Episode 1 has just finished airing on Cartoon Network, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it confirms one wonderful surprise.

As some of you grew up playing Pokemon Red and Blue on the GameBoy, it was also the period when Season 1 of the Pokemon Anime was showing, featuring the iconic Pokemon theme and song that we have all come to love.

Now, it looks like the Pokemon X and Y Anime is going to provide fans with a trip down memory lane. Below we have a teaser video to show you, which features a new version of the Pokemon theme from Season 1 – but with a new singer that isn’t Jason Paige.

It still sounds good and we could be seeing the Pokemon X and Y Anime with the Season 1 theme and lyrics during the opening intro – no word on if the end credits will differ.

We know that a lot of you are upset about the Pokebank delay, but surely this piece of news will cheer you up right? Give us your thoughts below.



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